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It's 2019 and Kronicvapes retails the best, budget dry herb vaporizers to the UK and European markets. One stop  uk online head shop focusing on quality vaporizers at affordable prices. As vapers ourselves, we absolutely know there is no need to spend a fortune to find a high performance, dry herb vaporizer. So we can assure you that the best portable dry herb vaporizers are here. All of our models have been tested fully and will provide the perfect vaping experience.

Kronicvapes are also proud to bring you the hugely popular Canavape high grade CBD E-liquid with CBG. Our selection of Canavape vape oils includes a variety of delicious flavours and strengths at the very best prices.

2019 Time To Keep It Kronic!

Flowermate Aura dry herb vaporizer
dry herb vaporizer uk

Dry Herb Vaporizer UK

At Kronicvapes we listen to the dry herb vaping community and we cater for all requirements when purchasing a handheld vaporizer.  We have a variety of different style vaporizers, including ones that let you vape dry herb, oils, or concentrates or a combination of all three.  All of our vaporizers are portable and discreet. However we do supply a range of shapes and sizes; from slick vape pens to sturdy and more robust models.

Whatever feature is important to you, whether it's a conduction or convection style heating method or a large oven capacity, Kronicvapes has the model for you. Join the ever so popular vaping community and purchase your dry herb vaporizer today.

Why Is Vaping Dry Herb Better For You?

Dry herb vaporizers work by heating substances to a specific temperature without causing the matter to combust. To extract the desired vapor each individual dry herb needs to be heated at a slightly different temperature and the dry herb vaporizer can be adjusted accordingly depending on the type of herb you wish to vape. Once the heating element  (coil) reaches a specific temperature the active ingredients in the dry weed will vaporize, as oppose to burn, which they do when smoking.

Unlike smoking, dry herb vaporizers do not release harmful toxins into the lungs or into the air, instead the vape gives the user all the advantages of the herbal properties in the form of a pure vapor. As well as receiving the herbal benefits internally, dry herb vaporizers also give out pleasant flavours and aromas, depending on the particular dry herb you are vaporizing. So join the ever growing vaping community and enjoy your herbs the healthy way.



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Our CBD Vape Oils

Why we only sell Canavape CBD E- Liquid ?

After thoroughly researching the market we discovered that Canavape were the very first to introduce CBD Vape oil to the UK market in 2014.  Since then they have been committed to further developing the product and now offer the only true high-grade CBD E-Liquid.  Canavape CBD products are made using a number of cannabinoids (Active Cannabis ingredients) to formulate a totally unique CBD Vape Oil unlike any other on the market.  Manufactured and tested in the UK with all lab test reports available on request its a truly certified product.

Available in a selection of flavours and strengths. You can now enjoy CBD Vape oil at its finest!.


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