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Kronicvapes retails the best dry herb vaporizers available today. We are a UK based, online head shop, focussed on delivering quality vaporizers at affordable prices. As vapers ourselves, we know there is no need to spend a fortune in order to find a high performance, dry herb vaporizer. Therefore, we promise you will find only the best portable dry herb vaporizers on our site. Without needing to break the bank. All of our models have been tested fully and will provide the perfect vaping experience.

Furthermore, Kronicvapes are proud to bring you the hugely popular Canavape high grade CBD E-liquid. This comes with both dedicated CBG and carefully selected terpenes.

Our selection of Canavape vape oils includes a variety of delicious flavours and strengths at the very best prices.

2019 Time To Keep It Kronic!

dry herb vaporizer uk


Discover our fantastic selection of portable dry herb vaporizers! With a varied range of styles and price we have something to suit everyone. Kronicvapes have hand-picked our vaporizers from leading, reputable brands.

You will find a diverse collection of stylish, high performance devices that deliver both on quality and value for money. Included are vaporizers optimised for dry herb, CBD oils and wax concentrates. We also stock vaporizers that are designed to be used for all three! We are extremely proud to deliver to you, vaporizers that incorporate the latest technology features and style. All at an affordable cost.

Conduction or Convection

Conduction is the more traditional method of cooking your herb in a vaporizer and is still the preferred method for many. The herb comes into direct contact with the heat source, providing quick heat up times.

Convection uses thermal transfer which provides thorough, even baking and completely avoids any combustion of your herb. Convection vaporizers have a longer heat up time than conduction and tend to be slightly more expensive.


We supply devices with both glass and plastic mouthpieces. A borosilicate glass mouthpiece produces a sweeter, cooler vapor. Glass mouthpieces remain at a cool temperature even when vaping at very high ones. Plastic on the other hand is easier to clean and maintain. They are often more durable.


Amongst our range of dry herb vaporizers you will find models with isolated air paths. These seclude the journey in which the air travels inside the device. The isolation of this path ensures the purest vapor and the fullest tasting herb.

Batteries & Maintenance

The size and durability of a battery is an important feature to consider. We sell vaporizers with a varied range of battery size. A larger battery capacity will deliver uninterrupted sessions with your vape. In addition we also stock vaporizers with a removable battery. This allows the option to carry a spare and replace the battery when it dies. Many of our vaporizers have fitted batteries. This is more convenient for some. A decent battery will give your vape a long life.

Removable Parts

All of our vapes are fitted with removable parts. This allows you to thoroughly clean and maintain your device. Regular cleaning is important and increases the life span of your vape. In addition to hygiene, a dry herb vaporizer with removable parts allows you to customize your vape to suit your needs.


All of the vaporizers we stock are classed as portable. The degree of portability and discretion of herb vaporizers varies a great deal. Some vaporizers are truly built with this aspect in mind and carry design features that allow for optimum portability.

Whatever you consider important, Kronicvapes has the perfect model for you.

Friendly Customer Service

If you are new to vaping and need some help with your decision, our friendly customer service team are always on hand to offer their experience and expert guidance. They will happily answer any of your questions or concerns and help find the perfect vape to suit you.

Best Prices in the UK

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Why we only sell Canavape CBD E- Liquid

After thorough research, we discovered that Canavape were the very first to introduce CBD Vape oil to the UK market in 2014.  Since then they have been committed to further developing the product. As a result they now offer the only true high-grade CBD/CBG E-Liquid.  Canavape CBD products are free from prohibited substances, heavy metals and pesticides. The CBD oils we stock are made using a number of cannabinoids (active cannabis ingredients). These formulate a totally unique CBD Vape Oil and are unlike any other on the market.  Finally, Canavape manufacture and test all their products in the UK. Equally important, all their lab test reports are available upon request. Canavape CBD/CBG oil is a truly certified and highly regarded product.

Available in a selection of flavours and strengths. You can now enjoy CBD Vape oil at its finest!


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