5 Helpful Tips for Getting the Most Out of your Mighty Vaporizer

The creme de al creme of portable dry herb vaporizers, Storz & Bickel’s Mighty vaporizer reigns supreme for very good reasons. This device sets the standard for others to follow and is one of the finest vaping investments a person can make.

Having said that, a high end vaporizer such as the Mighty, is only as good as the person who is operating it; much like a workman and his tools.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a vaping virgin, it is essential to get to grips with exactly how your vaporizer of choice operates. This knowledge will subsequently optimise the vaping experience.

We have gathered together the most helpful insider information, resulting in a list of 5 tips and tricks you really ought to know about when using the Mighty Vaporizer.

1 Maintain the Cooling Unit

The cooling unit is an integral part of what makes the Mighty vapor production so on point. The coolness of the vapor not only ensures it is more pleasant to inhale, it significantly influences the taste, terpenes and consistency.

As with the Crafty vaporizer, the Mighty’s cooling unit separates the chamber and the mouthpiece. This forces the hot vapor down another path where it cools before exiting the mouthpiece.

Whilst it is good practise to regularly clean all parts of a weed vaporizer, human nature is such that we are a tad lazy; always putting it off for another day. However, we cannot emphasise enough, the importance of regularly maintaining the cooling unit in the Mighty.

It is not the easiest part to access and is a bit fiddly, but make the effort. If there is one part of this vaporizer that will benefit from care and attention, it is the cooler.

Neglect it at your peril – an unloved cooling unit will dramatically alter the vapor quality. The very feature that sold the Mighty to you in the first place!

2 Dosing Capsules

An intuitive and practical additional extra included with the Mighty is the dosing capsules.
Storz & Bickel provide 8 little capsules, all conveniently stored in a small plastic container.

These dosing capsules fit neatly and securely into the chamber, remaining in position whilst vaping. Rest assured, there is no difference to the vaping experience when using them.

Each capsule can be pre-filled with ground herb and sealed inside the container. This is perfect for those wishing to take a few hits from their vape whilst out and about, or, simply for those more organised vapers amongst us.

The convenience of being able to grind your herb just once and pre-pack multiple capsules is a great feature of the Mighty. It also saves time and effort – the capsules mean there is no need to clear out the AVB before beginning a new session.

Furthermore, dosing capsules offer fantastic versatility – 8 capsules offers the choice of vaping a variety of herbs at different times. A real pick ‘n mix selection for those with more eclectic taste buds. They also give true customization with minimal effort, as each capsule can consist of a dosage of your choice with no waste.

Additional Tip

The Mighty Vaporizer comes with a liquid pad for use with wax concentrates. As well as making it incredibly easy to switch back and forth from herb to concentrates, the liquid pad has another handy use.

In order to get the best flow from a dry herb vaporizer it is usually recommended to fully back the bowl. However, if you are looking to only half fill, and do not have your dosage capsules to hand, then the liquid pad can be placed inside the chamber. This acts as a spacer and the herb is then just packed tightly around it. The chamber remains full, which ensures optimal airflow and no wastage of your precious herb!

3 Glass Water Tool

Many true fans of the Mighty vaporizer will tell you, the real hidden gem is the option of adding a glass tool.

Traditionally water tools are used with smoking. They act as a filter for the harmful carcinogens and provide a cleaner hit, retaining all the cannabinoids. This is not a concern when using a vaporizer, as the whole point of vaping is to avoid combustion. However, the water tool still serves a purpose.

The Mighty is already revered for its top notch vapor quality and needs no improvement. However, if you really want to push this vaporizer to its optimum vapor capability, the addition of a glass water tool is the perfect addition.

The vapor derived from passing it through water is even cooler and smoother, providing the freshest draws imaginable. As mentioned previously – the cooler the vapor, the sweeter and more fragrant tasting it is. Using the water tool aerates your herb, heightening your senses to another level.

Although Storz & Bickel do not include the adaptor in the box, they are extremely easy to source. Vaporizer whips and adaptors are inexpensive and certainly worth the investment. Not only will they enhance your vapor experience, using a water adaptor can be great fun to use with mates during a session. A water tool really does add a whole new dimension to this, already awesome, weed vaporizer.

4 Customize the Terpene Temperatures

The Mighty is the perfect vaporizer to accommodate a whole host of herbs and terpenes. Due to its incredibly accurate precise temperature system, the user is able to fully exploit all the delicious terpenes their chosen herb has to offer.

With countless terpenes contained within each plant and the benefits to health that they are known to provide, you would be crazy not to take advantage of them.

Each terpene boils at a different temperature and the way to experience as many as possible is to begin vaping at low temperatures, gradually building up in small increments.

The Mighty comes with an extensive temperature range of 40º-210ºC (104-410ºF). We advise carrying out a little research into the boiling points of the individual terpenes contained within your favourite herb. You are then set you up nicely for a sensory delight.

Just remember, it is not purely the vapor that you are taking into your lungs that is bringing all the goodness. The aroma from the terpenes help us relax, clear our minds and even treat pain.

5 Packing the Chamber

Every brand of dry herb vaporizer is unique and, although it may seem obvious, it is important to find out how best to pack the chamber.

It often takes several attempts to get this part right when using a new vaporizer. This can result in waste of herb and time – both are equally precious.

If we can help avoid this, then we most certainly will. Advice on how to pack your Mighty Vaporizer is essential.

Some vaporizers function better full and tight, while others prefer something different. Packing it just right will ensure the vapor is consistent, even and unrestricted.

We want all the herb to be cooking at the same time and temperature . When we pull the vapor out through the mouthpiece, we want the density to be the same each time.

Autofill Tool

The general opinion is packing the Mighty fairly loosely with finely ground herb, will provide the best outcome. Too tight and the airflow is restricted. It is also more likely to cause a complete back up which will block the airflow and interrupt the session. This kind of inconvenience can be avoided however.

A really useful accessory, included in the box of the Mighty, is the autofill tool. It may seem slightly unnecessary if you’ve never felt the need to use one in the past. However, as a means to eliminating both waste and mess, the autofill tool begins to serve a purpose.

The tool is simple to use. Fill with finely ground herb and attach to the chamber (where the mouthpiece normally sits). The contents of the tool empties neatly into the bowl.

To Conclude

We are sure you agree, using a dry herb vaporizer is a personal and subjective activity.

Customizing your vaporizer to suit your own particular needs is essential in order to optimize your vaping experience. The quality of your herb, as well as regularly cleaning the Mighty vaporizer will also have an impact.

Finally, many factors will influence vaporizing and we find these out as we go along. However, following our tips and tricks will certainly set you on the right path to reaching your Mighty vaping goals.

Happy vaping!

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