5 Top Tips & Tricks For The Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer

Considering the immense popularity and demand for dry herb vaporizers, it is unsurprising that today’s market offers such a wide choice when purchasing your vape. Whilst this extensive variety ensures there is something for everyone, it is also making it harder to decide which is the best vape for you.

What can definitely set a vape apart from another is a better understanding of the features that make it unique and how they will enhance your entire vaping experience.

The Flowermate range by Smiss is definitely a force to be reckoned within the world of dry herb vaporizers.  They have managed to continuously produce high performing devices, whilst still keeping an affordable price tag. The introduction of the V5 Nano is certainly no exception.

Packed with some very good value features such as precise temperature control and hybrid conduction/convection heating technology, it’s no wonder why the V5 Nano is growing in popularity. The Nano is also featured in our 2019 Top Picks

Here are our Top 5 Tricks & Tips to get the most out of The Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer.

1. Carry a Spare Battery

With longer working days, a full 17 hours of daylight during the summer months and busy social lives many of us tend to be out and about a lot more.  Having your vaporizer running out of power whilst out is a total nightmare.

One of the key features of ensuring you use the Nano to its full potential is simply carrying a spare battery!

This beast of a device is equipped with a powerful Flowermate 2500.mAh battery that offers just under 2 whole hours of consistent vaping time.

The smart vaper who needs something truly portable will utilize this option and carry a spare. The Nano offers a true marathon session experience.

Flowermate Battery


2. Vape whilst on charge

If you’re someone that knows very little about vaporizers or if you’re a first timer you may not know that using a vaporizer whilst it’s charging is not a standard feature.

It can be very frustrating when you really fancy a session but the battery is dead!  Normally one would have to wait at least half an hour or so to begin use.

Flowermate are a brand that has obviously been listening to the vape community. They have overcome this challenge and enabled the V5 Nano to be used whilst the charging cable is plugged in.

Another amazing plus for the Nano.

Flowermate Nano V5 Charger

3. Precise Terpene Temperatures

Vaping herbs is the way to truly taste the herb in its most perfect form.  Research has shown that there are well over 20,000 different terpenes in the plant kingdom. One  individual plant can contain over 200 and each will be released at a different temperature.

With the Nano, you can enjoy terpenes from all plants due to the clever precise temperature control functionality.

Vape your herb at different temperatures until you find the perfect tasting terpene and make your session a more enjoyable experience.

Here are some examples below:-

Terpenes Boiling Temperature
Linalool 388F
Limonene 348F
B-Myrcene 332F
A-Caryophyllene 233C
Guaiol 198F
B-Ocimene 149F
A-Pinene 311F

4. Flowermate V5 Nano Water Adaptor

The Nano is one of the more powerful vaporizers available and the option of a water adaptor makes the experience even more unique.

The inclusion of an attachment for a water adaptor is truly a stroke of genius.

Previously, when many herbal users used a water based bong, it was a good way of sharing herbs in group sessions. The option of attaching a water adaptor to your V5 Nano means you can enjoy a similar experience with the knowledge you are inhaling pure, clean vapor; rather than the poisons released from combustion.

Reasons why you might choose to use the water adaptor:

Fun – Using a water bubbler brings an element of excitement when your vaping whilst hearing the water bubble!

Increased air flow – If you find the V5 Nano vaporizer mouthpiece slightly restrictive, a water adaptor will give you another option. This addition allows you to personalise your vaporizer to suit your own needs. If you prefer substantial airflow and big, hearty draws then this is perfect for you.

Cool Vapor – The cooling technology of the adaptor adds another layer to ensure your vapor received is more smooth and cool.

Bigger Clouds – Water and vapor is the perfect mix at the vapor passes through the adaptor the amount vapor produced increases significantly.


V5 Nano Water Adapter

5. Complete with extra pods

Carrying your herbs around can be awkward for most as it means something else to think about. In addition being mobile/busy can even result in losing your substances.

The Nano Flowermate have been very thoughtful and included carry pods.  So, simply fill your pods before you set out and have them ready to slot into place as and when you’re ready for a vaping session.  It’s as simple as that; fill, carry and go!

V5 Nano Carry Pods



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