6 Reasons Why You Should Switch To A Dry Herb Vaporizer 2019

In this article we look at 6 reasons why you should switch to a dry herb vaporizer 2019!


Dry herb vaporizers have come a long way in the last few years. They now come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, designs, colours and weights!  As with all accessories, the majority of us have our own element of style. I for one love coordinating with colours. So when I take my shiny vaporizer out my pocket I like it to match what I’m wearing!  So, if you’re like me and consider yourself the type of individual to carry a degree of swagger then why not use a dry herb vaporizer to complete your image?

Let’s face it, long gone are the days when the image of someone smoking a cigarette was a good look!  However, taking out a smart, slick vaporizer for your herbs is the total opposite.

Imagine this, it’s a nice bright day with not a cloud in the sky, you’re sporting your favourite blue shorts, summery white shoes and top to match.  You’re thinking it’s time to bless your brain and body with some of your favourite herbs. You reach in your pocket or bag and pull out The Herbstick Relax dry herb vaporizer!

Herbstick Relax Dry Herb Vaporizer

Trends and technology move with the times. Complete your image with one of our slick vaporizers and set your own trend.


It’s Modern

2019 is here and as a society we are fully aware by now that inhaling smoke and all the harmful byproducts associated with combustion is very old school.  The generation of today have been blessed to learn that using a dry herb vaporizer is the modern way. It’s more convenient, it’s far more acceptable in public and of course it’s trendy.

Depending on where you are and what social circles you are in, the sight of someone smoking is frowned upon. Where as the vaporizer will make an interesting talking point; pulling out your rolling papers can be a social nightmare!

Roll with the times, fit in with the now, be that new modern individual. Why pull out that torn packet of raw rizla paper when you can pull out a slick Flowermate Aura?

Flowermate Aura



At one stage, in the not so long past, one had to spend a small fortune to get a solid performing dry herb vaporizer. Features like precise temperature control, ceramic chamber, convection style heating and isolated air paths came with a high price tag.  However, now you can find all of these specs at an affordable price if you shop around. Even in this day you can pay over the odds for a high end model that really has very little more technology-wise than a device half its price.

An affordable model with the features mentioned still gives you complete control over how you inhale your herbs. Whether you require a powerful hit, a long lasting battery or sweet tasting vapor; herb vaporizers within the affordable price bracket will accommodate you.

Take the Nereus Nova Dry Herb vaporizer for example.  It’s priced at just £45 and has all the features and performance of a model much higher in value.  When we talk about power, precise temperature control and taste it certainly combines it all and brings true value for money.   Currently one of the more popular models sold in Europe it’s now taking the same path in the UK.

Nova Dry Herb Vaporizer

No Time Wasting

Considering all the information that is available to us in respect of how awesome natural herbs are for the mind and the body, it’s no wonder that the use of natural remedies are on the rise. The inhaling method of consuming herbs to benefit from its properties appeal to so many. This includes Rosemary, Valerian Root, Chamomile, Cannabis, and many others.

When considering the use of cannabis in the past most people would assume it was enjoyed purely for recreational fun. Fast forward to present day and self-medicating is the buzzword for cannabis use. This can include relief of anxiety, chronic pain, to lift your mood or to simply relax the mind.

Using a dry herb vaporizer means that whether it’s recreational or to self medicate you can have your herbs ready to inhale within 30 seconds.  Taking into consideration how simple to use they are, you can award yourself the healing properties super quick.

All dry herb vaporizers are generally very simple to use. Let’s take the Atman Pretty Plus as an excellent example.  It uses one-button-does-all technology, with a preset temperature of 400F which is perfect for most dry herbs and flowers.

Atman Pretty Plus

Cleaner Experience

Using a dry herb vaporizer hands down offers the cleanest experience with the method of inhaling vapor direct into the lungs. When smoking your herbs you’re taking in many other unwanted substances as well as the properties from your herbs. This will effect the overall experience with how the herbs affect your mind and body and your health.

In this day and age, people are more conscious about what goes into the body. If the idea is to receive the healing properties of a particular herb, why dilute it with harmful chemicals that are not helping you in way you desire?

If we use cannabis as an example the THC will have a far more desired effect on its own without all the poisons associated without all the poisons associated with combustion.  When the body is inhaling multiple substances it can deliver a negative experience just like one when one mixes different alcohol.

A dry herb vaporizer will provide the cleanest experience with your dry herbs.

Less Odor

Many vapers are ex-smokers. The invention of the portable dry herb vaporizer has made the decision to switch from smoking to vaping a no brainer.  Those of us that are ex smokers will I’m sure remember how your clothes and hands would stink after having a smoke? Now my herbs of choice are inhaled without the embarrassment of my clothes and hands giving my activities away to the whole world.

Smoking in itself is a smell that’s hard to disguise. With vaping there is minimal smell, so others around you don’t have be bothered by that in any way.

Dry herb vapor gives out a pleasant, pure and subtle odor without the harsh, potent smell that burning your herb delivers.  Vaporizing your herb offers the discretion that is needed to be able to more or less vape anywhere.

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