7 reasons why you should vape cannabis and not smoke it

With all the positive media coverage around Cannabis happening right now all over the  world one can on only assume that more and more people will be turning towards Cannabis for its health properties or simply because they want a recreational high.

I write this blog from experience, as I was a smoker at one time in my life and occasionally I smoked cannabis but more often or not I found myself using the herbs to make tea in all honesty. That’s because I love tea and I knew smoking was bad for me. However, I enjoyed smoking too and not just cannabis, I smoked cigarettes also but in terms of inhaling cannabis it was always in the form of smoking. Recently I discovered that smoking/ burning is called combustion.

There are many people using a dry herb vaporizer to inhale cannabis.  Guess what? I’m one of those people and as individuals we all have our reasons to why we do so.  Many of my pals like me now use a vaporizer to consume cannabis. However, interestingly enough when smokers discover the dry herb vaporizer it’s like discovering the amazing herb for the first time all over again.

The cool thing about vaping is that herbal vaporizers are not expensive and there are so many great models to choose from.

So now I have discovered the world of vaping cannabis these are my reasons why I think everyone who smokes cannabis should quit and do the same.

Kind To My Body

Smoking in general is really bad for the body, there is more than enough evidence around nowadays to prove that.

The way a dry herb vaporizer works is that it heats the flower to the point (without burning) that the cannabinoids are released in the form of vapor, which is then inhaled.  So no poisonous fumes from combustion entering your lungs. Just pure, harmless vapor rich with the properties of cannabis entering your body and your mind. Even some hospitals around the world where cannabis treatments are prescribed, the delivery method is vaporization.

Better Taste

One of the first things I noticed when I put my herbs in my Nereus Nova dry herb vaporizer for the first time having a vape I was able to experiment with the temperature with each vaping session.  What I experienced is that vaping at different temperatures made the herbs taste different!

I know right! How cool is that??

So when I vaped on the lower temperatures around 190 C the weed tasted so much sweeter than when I went higher to around 220C.

If you’re a smoker you have no control over this whatsoever and the cannabis strain your smoking will always taste the same when smoked.

Nereus Nova dry herb vaporizer

Nereus Nova Dry Herb Vaporizer

Less Smell

We all know that when someone is smoking Cannabis you can smell it a mile off. With all the super strength strains around nowadays this can be a real problem if you’re trying to be discrete when smoking

The good news is that if you’re using a vaporizer there is hardly any smell at all.  The weed does not have to burn to release the cannabinoids and heating it to the point it produces vapor carries minimal smell. This means you can take and vape your Cannabis much more places than before. On your break at work, in hotels, parked up somewhere in your car, even walking down the street.  The smell is so minimal you can literally do it anywhere. Bare in mind that this is not appropriate but sod it, you can get away with it!

Highly Portable

Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes.  If you’re like me and always on the move you may have different vaporizers for different occasions.  Recently I purchased a flowermate V5 Nano what sold it to me at first was because I read that it was very powerful.  Someone even said it reminded them of an old school bong but with vapor. My eyes widened with interest when I read that so I decided to get one.

However, then I saw that it has a compartment to store the glass mouthpiece when not in use and it slips in all my pockets perfectly.  So this has become my ultimate traveling vape. Again, I can vape anywhere.

Flowermate V5 Nano vaporizer

Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer

Better High

Now that I vape cannabis I notice that the THC is affecting me in ways that I forgot was possible.  The buzz is much more cleaner and more often gives me the giggles. Yes I said it, the giggles!  This only happened when you first started smoking weed then it just stopped!  Now that I’m vaping it puts me back in that place where I find silly little things amusing.

It makes sense though because you’re just inhaling pure cannabinoids and no poisons from the burning tobacco or wrapping paper/leaf mixed with the weed when it’s in a roll up being smoked.

Customise The Experience

Being able to vape at different temperatures not only switches up the taste it also has a big effect on how the cannabis affects the mind.  So if you want a very full on, intense experience then the higher temperatures will ensure you receive it. However, I prefer the more mellow side to it all and I found that vaping on the lower temperatures had put me on that vibe.

To me this is special as some strains have higher THC levels and with this level of customization you can control it rather that it controlling you, if you get my meaning..


With all these amazing benefits dry herb vaping has brought to me one of the greatest things is that for the two models I own . The Nereus Nova Vaporizer and the Flowermate V5 Nano, neither of them cost over a £100, both are designed beautifully and perform well.

I just want to thank the team at kronicvapes for letting me post this and a massive shout out to them for recommending me these two fantastic models.

Happy vaping

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