8 Plants you never knew could get you high


When it comes to thinking about herbs to use in a dry herb vaporizer most only ever consider cannabis. The thing is, in the UK, this is a very tricky area as Cannabis is of course illegal.  However many individuals in the UK still break the law and purchase cannabis from the black market. So, the question is what do you do if you don’t want to break law? The answer is simple. find legal smoking herbs that get you high instead.

Legal Highs

Kronicvapes have decided to compile a list of alternative legal herbs that get you high when vaped using your dry herb vaporizer.  The great thing about inhaling herbs in general is that they naturally provide other benefits along with the high. More often or not there are additional health properties that go with it.

All of these plants are 100% legal for all UK residents. You may have to search around to find some of them but none of them will see you on the wrong side of the law once in your possession.

Whilst doing my research I found myself thinking… With all these alternatives, honestly what is the big fuss with Cannabis unless you have a condition that you would like to treat!.


Wild Lettuce

Yes lettuce! I certainly had no idea that lettuce would be included in this list!  However Wild lettuce is slightly different to the type you will find in your garden.  In saying that it’s still edible and salad worthy. Lettuce growing in the wild or Wild Lettuce has longer stems.  It is said that the stems themselves when dried and vaped have calming properties much like poppies. The effects do not go much further than this but yes, if you’re looking for a calming sensation – maybe relief from anxiety or a hectic day – why not have a blast on your vape; it’s totally legal and can be purchased in most herbal shops.

Wild Lettuce



Damiana is a wild shrub type of plant that grows in Central America, Mexico and the West Indies. Traditionally the leaf and stem are used to make medicine.  It has been known to treat headache, constipation and treatment of sexual problems. Historically it’s made into a tea form and  has other healing properties as well as the above.

More recently it has been discovered that inhaling Damiana provides a slight high.  When heated, the plant produces aromatic smells like a mild incense, this is what is known to cause the calming effect.



Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum is known as Sage, but not the plant that is used for flavour when cooking. This version is known as sage of the diviners.  Typically it can be found in the Sierra Mazateca of Oaxaca Mexico, growing in the shady moist locations.  The Salvia Divinorum plant is known for its psychoactive properties when either chewed or smoked.

The Mazatec Shamans were a religious group known for using Salvia Divinorum when conducting there spiritual practices.
Fast forward to today and you can purchase Salva Divinorum leaves from most herbal shops to use in your vaporizer for that euphoric effect.

Salvia Div



Nutmeg is a plant that known by most households in the UK and has been around for for quite a number of years.  It’s excellent when used as a tasty ingredient in food but also has euphoric and even hallucinogenic qualities when used in other ways.   Our research has lead us to believe that it’s not the actual plant that gets one high it’s the seeds.

Dry herb vaping the seeds can produce an awesome high. However it’s also known to have less desirable side effects such as extreme tiredness, so it’s maybe not the best choice. This one is probably best of left alone to use when cooking!



Passion Flower

Passion is easily obtainable from most natural herbal stores in the UK.  It’s known as a traditional herbal medicinal product which aids in relaxation.  In more recent years, research has shown that Passion Flower offers more than just relaxation. It can produce various mind-altering effects.

In terms of relaxation, inhaling the dried leaves can relax the mind enough to result in a sleepy state.  However, if one decides to inhale vapor from the roots of the stem, then other types of mind-altering states will be experienced.

Passion Flower

Blue Lotus

This is a very interesting plant as it was known as the Ancient Egyptian Party drug.   It was first discovered along the Nile River and can be found in many other locations in East Africa.  It has been compare to an aphrodisiac with a similar state of mind that is produced by MDMA. Yes you read correctly, MDMA! So for you party-loving crew why not take some along with you?!

Traditionally it was used by the Ancient Egyptians by way of soaking in wine & tea.  Fast forward to present day and inhaling the vapor via your herbal vaporizer from this amazing plant will produce similar awesome, euphoric effects.

Blue Lotus



Kanna also known as “Sceletium Tortuosum” is a herb that works wonders for mind-alteration.  It’s readily available and users mostly enjoy it because of its anxiety-reducing and mood boosting effects.

This plant helps one to relax as it contains a weak sedative. This effect is derived from the hasmesembrine alkaloids.

When Sceletium Tortuosum is dry prepared then it becomes Kanna, which actually means “something to chew”.

Present day, Kanna is prepared in tea, gel caps and guess what???  It can be popped into you Dry herb vaporizer for that calming session!



Wild Dagga

Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus) also known as Lions’s Tail belongs to the mint family.   It was first discovered in South Africa, found growing amongst rock outcrops in the grassland habitats.

It’s very popular within the South African community and is used to treat a wide range of ailments.  It’s also referred to as Wild Cannabis as the effects are fairly similar. It has been said that it produces an euphoric reaction when method of intake is inhalation. Additionally it offers a calming sensation when consumed as tea.

Although very popular in South Africa it also is a favourite among the Chinese & Vietnamese cultures for its mind altering effects.

Wild Dagga


Just goes to show that cannabis is not the be all and end all when one is looking for that euphoric effect.  It will only be a matter of time before cannabis is completely legal in the UK of course. It’s already available on NHS prescription and CBD is totally legal already.  However whilst writing this blog it literally just occurred to me that there are already plenty of kitchen herbs that get you high readily available.


Happy Vaping!

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