At Kronicvapes you will find a dedicated workforce committed to delivering a first class service, selling quality products and providing topical information relating to dry herb vaporizers and CBD E-liquid.

We ensure only lines of a very high standard ever reach it onto our shelves; trying and testing each product for ourselves before handpicking the ones we consider to be the best to offer to our customers.

As former smokers who have converted to vaporizers ourselves, it  is our collective love of vaping that inspires us and that makes us unique in this field. Between us, our own knowledge and experience of vaping inevitably guide and direct us with our product selections and enable us to advise the customer effectively on which vape or oil may best suit them.

It is not only the products we take time out to try, we also pride ourselves on keeping abreast of all the most topical information surrounding dry herb and CBD vaping and bring that news to our site in a regular blog and newsletter. At Kronicvapes we truly believe in the benefits of vaping over smoking and our business is a reflection of our commitment to assisting others in making that switch, answering questions and informing with related topics.

About Susan

A keen interest in herbal health research and a love of writing has evolved into an online blog feature as well as publishing articles focussed on wellbeing.

She gained her Business Management Degree from Bournemouth University over 20 years ago. Post graduation, she joined an educational publishing house, where she successfully managed a busy and creative office.

Time spent in publishing led her to a digital typesetting environment, where she evolved into editing as well as finance management.

Since having her family, Susan became a freelance writer. She spent several years contributing to a wide variety of business sites, including wellbeing and holistic health genres.

Based on her existing interest and understanding of the holistic field, Susan was inspired to begin her own regular, health blog to the Kronicvapes website.

Her writing aims to inform and inspire others; specifically in regards to the beneficial properties of vaporizing natural herbs. Furthermore, as a natural health activist, she endeavours to bring her audience the latest global news and politics, regarding cannabis law; science; opinion and fact based evidence.

Our Passion

We are incredibly passionate about and have a deep personal interest in the ongoing scientific research and documented health benefits of using a dry herb vaporizer and the specific dry herbs you can vape. This is an area we will scrutinise and give our upmost thought and energy to as we appreciate you, like us, have a hunger to acquire an expansive knowledge in this area. Who doesn’t want to know about how something so relaxing and enjoyable can actually benefit your health right? So undoubtedly through more exposure into this subject area via blogs, newsletters and such we will answer many of the questions you already have and expand your knowledge further respecting how dry herbs and dry herb vaping can complement your health.

Our Guarantee

Kronicvapes guarantee an incomparably consistent, friendly professionalism in all aspects of our business. It is incredibly important to us, as a team, to build a great rapport with our vaping customers and actually hear exactly what your dry herb vaping needs are and deliver them efficiently. You truly can expect a top-tier customer service experience with Kronicvapes from the moment you click on our site right until the moment you sit back and begin enjoying your brand new, stylish dry herb vape from the comfort of your home. Sign up to our newsletter and receive regular updates on the latest products and get your 10% discount while you are at it!