Atman Lucky Bear CBD Vaporizer Review


Kronicvapes- Atman Lucky Bear CBD Vaporizer Review

The Lucky Bear vaporizer is a CBD/THC oil mini mod. It is manufactured by Atman who have been in the industry for over 10 years.

Atman vaporizers are a leading innovative company that specialize in manufacturing affordable, high quality, portable electronic vaporizers.

Since 2009 Atman have been utilizing the latest technology to create vaporizers that both perform and catch the eye with their uniqueness.

Atman products please us greatly on many levels. There are three clear areas in which they definitely excel however; design, affordability and exceeding customer expectation.  We will highlight and expand on these areas as we continue.

Their inventiveness and attention to detail ensure original, easy to use, high performing vaporizers are offered to their customers.

Kronicvapes already stock two other lines from Atman – The Pretty Plus and Hashmate. These are both hugely popular selling Vape Pens and big favourites on our site.  So, when the Lucky Bear CBD mini mod came to our attention we knew we had to put it through . its paces. Should this vape impress us enough, it would be sure to proudly join its existing . Atman family members on our site.

Atman Luck Bear CBD Vaporizer

First Impression

Firstly, the Lucky Bear vaporizer arrives in a quirky cylindrical, cornflower blue plastic box. I cannot liken the packaging to anything else I have seen, as this is a unique piece of design in itself. The transparent, plastic lid gives you your first glimpse of the contents. Peering up at youis the trademark face of the Lucky Bear followed by comprehensive instructions of use, product features and specifications.

Much like a child with a Kinder egg; I am now desperate to squeeze open this plastic casing and discover what awaits me inside! I’ve seen many images of the Lucky Bear mini mod of course but still I can’t quite comprehend how Atman have produced such a tiny, functioning mini mod. Seeing is believing.

The hype that surrounds this vaporizer based on its minute size and quirky design does the real thing no justice. With the lid popped open and the instructions removed there sits the smallest, simplest mini mod I have ever seen.

Securely encased in a black foam inlay, the subtle characteristics of the Lucky Bear catch my eye. Elegantly carved into the side profile of the vaporizers battery I can clearly define a bear’s eye, nose, mouth and paw. All the while smiling to myself at both the fun and creativity that has clearly gone into the aesthetics of this model.

The bear, it appears to me, is hugging a tree, only in this case the tree is in fact the oil cartridge sitting flush next to the battery.

Next, I remove the mod from the foam casing, desperate to get a feel of this extraordinary vaporizer. It is notably heavier in weight than I imagined. This is a good thing as it feels as though it carries some substance. The last thing I want from a vape is something so flimsy or fragile that it will shatter into pieces after a drop or a knock.

Having said weighty however, let’s get that into perspective. The Lucky Bear weighs just 150 grams! However, standing at only 3” in height with the cartridge intact, you’d expect it to feel lighter. The weight is distributed evenly and for something so small it feels incredibly robust and durable.

The Lucky Bear name sits discreetly near the base of the battery in small type, with the Atman logo on the reverse side.

I’m incredibly impressed by both the look and the feel of this mini mod. Despite the fun nature of the design it retains a sophisticated and sleek outline. Aesthetically speaking I’d happily take this vaporizer out and about with me. Furthermore, I’d be confident it would be able to endure a few bumps and knocks along the way.


I’ve used a mod with 80W output, precise temperature control and 2500mah battery for many years. The Lucky Bear comes in at just a fraction of this size and power so I was obviously very keen to see what this miniature mod was capable of.

The Lucky Bear is fitted with a 550mAh battery with preset output and temperatures optimised for CBD vape oil. To say I was, at the very least, doubtful of the Lucky Bear’s abilities would be a fair statement. However, the reality I was met with exceeded all expectations.  The Lucky Bear arrives with an empty, reusable 510 thread cartridge. It is both simple to remove from the battery and to fill. I filled my cartridge with 1ml of Canavape 200mg CBD/CBG vape oil and reattached to the battery.

To switch the Lucky Bear’s power on is another design highlight. The bear’s left eye also doubles up as the power control!  Situated at the top of the vape, press the eye 5 times. This will cause a blue neon light to flash indicating your vape is now fired up.

From that moment you are completely and utterly good to go. No messing about with custom settings just sit back and enjoy.

From such a tiny oil vaporizer the battery is surprisingly powerful. I was realistic in terms of comparison with my larger mod and guessed the Lucky Bear would probably operate at about 20% capacity. This would be fair based on the difference i battery size and the customized settings available with my Nano Tarot.

Wow! Could I have not been more mistaken! The Lucky Bear outperformed any preconceived notions I had stored.
This mini mod gives hugely satisfying vapor cloud as well as clean, cool flavoursome hits. 1ml of oil gave me around 12 significant pulls and the battery was still charged.

To fully charge the Lucky Bear took around an hour. Depending on usage the battery can last a couple of days if vaping infrequently or 12 hours if vaping frequently throughout the day.

The performance from the Lucky Bear took my breath away quite frankly. Just proving that great things do come in very small packages.

What’s in the Box

Lucky Bear Mini Mod
510 Replaceable Cartridge
Micro USB Lead

Final thoughts on the Lucky Bear Vaporizer

As authorised stockists of Atman, Kronicvapes already gave this manufacturer our stamp of approval. We absolutely love the ingenuity, originality and outstanding performance with these vaporizers.

The Lucky Bear is absolutely no exception. The quirkiness in its bear design; the ease and simplicity of use; the fantastic price tag and superb quality of vapor make it an absolute must have for us. But don’t take our word for it. Purchase one today and you will see for yourself what a hit the Lucky Bear CBD/THC oil mini mod really is!


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