Atomizer Vs. Cartomizer Vs. Clearomizer: Which One is Best for You?


For vaping beginners, some of the e-cigarette terminology can be quite confusing. The confusion is understandable, especially with lots of information available online, and few people seem to be getting it right.
Vaping marijuana comes with plenty of health benefits as opposed to smoking marijuana. As well as dry herb vaporizers, vaping THC concentrate has become increasingly popular in countries where it has been legalised, such as the US. THC delivery stores online mean there is even more demand for the kind of vaporizers optimised for THC. With such an abundance of choice, deciding which device is best and what the differences are is quite tricky.
In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about these top vaping devices. Understanding the difference will allow you to make an informed decision when purchasing.
So, let’s get right into it!

What Is Atomizer, Cartomizer, and Clearomizer?

These are devices that you attach on the power supply or battery to enjoy e-liquid or e-juice in vapour form. Although they are different, they all use the same principle in operation. This means that they serve the same purpose and picking any of them is about priority. You may prefer one of the other since each has its advantages and disadvantages as we will discuss them in detail below.

What Is an Atomizer?

An atomizer is the heating element that forms the e-cigarette. It consists of three parts; wick, mesh bride, and a heating coil. The work of an atomizer is to heat the e-liquid turning it into vapour.
The wick consists of cotton and other materials. The cotton soaks in the e-liquid, and when you start to activate the battery, it provides power to other parts of the vaporizer. When the atomizer starts working, the heating coil heats up, and the juice turns into vapour at the right temperature.
But for the atomizer to work correctly, the heating coil needs to be in a heavily saturated atmosphere or immersed in a liquid to avoid overheating. The e-juice regulates the temperature between 60-70 degrees Celsius, which is the optimum working temperature for the atomizer.

Pros of an Atomizer

* Switching between various flavours of e-liquids is easy and quick making it perfect for dripping
* Easy to refill
* Great for heavy users
* High level of customisation
* Low cost
* Simple design

Cons of an Atomizer

* Frequent refiling for users who vape a lot
* Hard to track the amount of e-liquid inside

What Is A Cartomizer?

The word ‘cartomizer’ comes from ‘cartridge’ and ‘atomizer’. It is a device for vaping that acts as a filter. Cartomizers connect to the battery forming a shape of a cigarette. It uses a wicking material called polyfill wrapped around the coil for soaking the e-juice and allows extended vaping.
Operating a cartomizer is pretty easy since they come prefilled. To use the device, you only need to fix the cartomizer on the battery then press the button as you inhale. Pressing the button activates the battery turning on the coil, which heats the e-liquid, turning it into a vapour that you inhale via the mouthpiece.

Pros of a Cartomizer

* Easy to use
* Little maintenance requirements
* Holds a huge amount of vapour with better flavour
* Variety of designs

Cons of a Cartomizer

* Prone to burning; not suitable for long vaping
* Not refillable hence shorter lifespan

What Is a Clearomizer?

A Clearomizer is the most widely used vaping device. The term, ‘clearomizer’ comes from two words ‘clear’ and ‘atomizer’. The device is made up of a plastic or glass transparent tank, a replaceable coil that attaches on the base of the tanks, a mouthpiece and a chimney linking the coil and the top cap.
With a few basics out of the way, using the device is easy. When you refill the device, the wick absorbs the e-liquid and takes it to the coil. Activating the battery turns on the coil, thus heating the e-liquid, producing vapour that you inhale via the mouthpiece.
You need to be careful when refilling the cartomizer to avoid pouring the e-liquid into the central tube. If this happens, the e-liquid can flood overwhelming the heating coil. This, in turn, reduces the quality of vapour and can result in a bad flavour. You can avoid this by tilting the tank as you refill against the side of the device.

Pros of a Clearomizer

* Transparent tank for monitoring the amount of e-liquid inside
* Large capacity for e-juice
* Longer lifespan than cartomizers
* Some models come with replaceable coil

Cons of a Clearomizer

* Costly than cartomizers and atomizers
* Needs to be held by hand to prevent breaking
* Requires cleaning after ten refills

Which One Is Best; Atomizers, Cartomizers, Or Clearomizers?

When it comes to picking one, it all depends on what you need. Each device has its pros and cons. This means that you’ll have to choose one that has most of the features you need over the drawbacks.
But to make your decision-making process easier, you might want to narrow your choices down between atomizers and clearomizers. Cartomizers are not just hard to find; they are somehow outdated. This is not to say that cartomizers are not good for vaping. If you are the type who likes vaping without constant refills then you can go for a cartomizer. They are affordable, and you can dispose of them after every use.
Atomizers are best for experienced users due to the high maintenance it needs. But any vape enthusiast will love atomizers because of their high flavour intensity. It is also a great choice that allows you to taste various flavours in one sitting.
If the atomizer or cartomizer doesn’t get your attention, then the clearomizer will. This device is popular for good reasons. For starters, both beginners and advanced users prefer this device due to its simplicity. Its customization is also on another level giving users the convenience they desire. It is the best in terms of performance, vapour and flavour production.
Beginners can easily swap out coil heats to try with different resistance. Advanced users, on the other hand, can do unlimited trials rebuilding different coil configurations to get the best flavour and vapour.


Every vaper wants to have a great vaporizer.   While atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers are some of the best products on the market, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one is about sacrificing one for another. Remember, the aim is to get a vaping device that fits your budget and has the features you need.

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