Black Mamba Dry Herb Vaporizer – 5 Reasons Why it is Still Considered One of the Best in 2019

The Black Mamba Vaporizer has been around for a few years now. Manufactured in China, by a company called Kingtons (who also produce the reputed Black Widow), the Black Mamba remains very much at the forefront in the ‘budget vape’ category. 2019 sees an influx of brand new and innovative dry herb vaporizers. The industry is buzzing with state of the art technology, smart features and streamline designs. Yet, still bossing it with the big boys, is the boasty Black Mamba – the best budget herb vaporizer.

We want to find out, exactly what it is that makes this old skool favourite remain relevant in 2019.

1. Chamber Size and Efficiency

Colossal Chamber

One of the biggest attractions still drawing new and old vapers to the Black Mamba is the substantial chamber size. Forget about the price for a second, even dry herb vaporizers at the top end of the budget line struggle to compete with the Black Mamba in this category.

For a weed vaporizer that is pocketable in size, the chamber capacity is truly off the scale. The body of the vape is so slender, it really does come as a wonderful surprise when removing the mouthpiece reveals this deep and substantial bowl. The Black Mamba can accommodate a whopping 0.65 grams of herb to be precise.

Black Mamba Oven


Session Vaporizer

Where other vaporizers can fall short and require premature refills, the Black Mamba is truly optimised for session vaping. The sheer magnitude of the Black Mamba’s bowl is certainly not going to suit everyone of course. However, if you are on the greedy side when it comes to your green, or enjoy a good session with mates, then this vaporizer will surely satisfy your appetite. The conduction heating system in the Mamba is incredibly efficient and ensures all the herb meets the heat, leaving no green cold spots in the centre.

In order to really get the best out of such a great chamber, the user must consider a couple of other factors:

Firstly, temperature. The five preset temperatures are incredibly accurate and offer a broad spectrum. The Mamba’s highest temperature setting is best avoided as the herb does tend to catch and singe a little.  At the lower end of the spectrum the terpenes and intensity are much more subtle. The low settings work better for some herbs than for others and are definitely far less intoxicating. The optimum temperatures are definitely three and four. Beginning in the middle and working up to 220ºC is on point. The Black Mamba’s chamber behaves fantastically at this temperature, especially considering this a budget, conduction vaporizer.

Secondly, for the best results, it’s all about finding a happy medium when it comes to the Black Mamba. When preparing your herb a medium grind seems to secure the best tasting vapor. The chamber needs to be filled and packed neither loosely nor too tight to maximise flavour. Basically, if the flower is ground too fine, under-packed, packed too tight or loosely then the intensity of flavour will be compromised.

Thirdly and probably most importantly is the quality of the herb itself. The Black Mamba is no miracle worker and is not about to transform water into wine. If your herb is under parr then that will be reflected in your vaping experience.

Session Vapers


In an ideal world, vapers wishing to microdose will use an on demand vaporizer that will cool down quickly after each hit. Unfortunately, these vapes tend to be significantly higher in price and certainly not in the budget vaporizer category.

For many vapers the Black Mamba is the go-to device for lengthy, hard hitting sessions. However, in contrast to that, the Black Mamba is also highly respected and revered for medical use and micro-dosing.

This may seem contradictory given the previous subheading, and yet, the Black Mamba is proven to also suit those modulating their herbal intake.

Most session vaporizers are designed to be used in a single session, meaning you need to vape all the herb in the oven. For example vaping a little of the herb, putting it down, and coming back to it later is not advised. The reason being, session vapes take a while to cool down. Even once turned off, the chambers will continue heating for some time, resulting in burnt herb which is a definite no-no.

As such, people using the Black Mamba for microdosing do not want to fill the chamber as it would be a complete waste of their herbs. Some vaporizers come with a special lid that reduces the size of the oven. Less herb is then needed but without affecting the optimum vaping experience. Other vaporizers, such as the Mighty Vaporizer, come with handy dosing pods. These pods are packed with the ground herb and sit comfortably, filling up the capacity of the chamber.

Although the Black Mamba does not arrive with either of these features, it simply requires a little imagination to evolve this vaporizer into one suited for microdosing. Simply sourcing a heat-resistant, non-toxic material that will fit and partly pack the chamber is the answer. The mesh concentrate pads that you can purchase separately are ideal.

Even with half the oven capacity full of herb, the microdoser can still obtain around 12 small pulls or 5-6 long draws. The middle ground temperatures are best for balance and a smooth, clean vapor.

2. Heating Time

Another great reason why the Black Mamba still ticks a lot of peoples’ boxes and be considered as the best budget herb vaporizer is the time it takes to cook the herbs.

Heating times are certainly a top priority for many vapers. The main factor here is convenience. After all, the speedier the heat up time the easier it is to slip out of your daily routine for a quick draw on your vape. This is particularly essential when it is for medical use.

The Black Mamba vaporizer is definitely at the better end of average, with a less than 30 second heat up time. It takes as little as 20 seconds to reach the lower temperature settings.

There’s not a great deal else to say about this feature, it speaks for itself. Suffice to say, the Black Mamba is still much quicker than many newer and more expensive conduction vaporizers that have arrived since.

3. Price tag

Black Mamba is cost effective

The affordability of this weed vaporizer remains such an attractive feature. At just £31.50 (including your 10% discount code if you sign up for our newsletter)  the consumer really is getting awesome value for their hard earned cash.

For people on a very strict budget the Black Mamba is a trustworthy and reliable purchase. It is an old favourite for many and the kind of vape that users are faithful to. The Mamba gives long life if cared for properly, once it does reach the end of its life, many vapers simply purchase the same model again. That speaks volumes in itself.

The Black Mamba also serves as a great ‘second’ vaporizer. Some people like to keep their more expensive devices indoors and for their use only. The Mamba is a great little out and about vape as well as perfect to take round a mates for a session. The affordability and convenience of this vape makes it ideal for this purpose.

4. Easy to Use

Using the Black Mamba vaporizer could not be easier. Five clicks of the power button turns the device on and off. Once powered on, the battery level is revealed according to the colour of the light. Green means full battery, purple is at half power and red symbolises low power.

Depressing the power button for 1-2 seconds enables the user to scroll through the five temperature settings which range between 180ºC-220ºC. Once chose the light remains red until the unit reaches the desired temperature in which the light turns green. That’s pretty much it!

Loading the chamber is self-explanatory. Simply pull off the magnetic mouthpiece and funnel your herb into the chamber.

There is no LCD screen but it really is superfluous to the needs of the Black Mamba and would only serve to drain the battery.

This is a simple to use, affordable and reliable portable vaporizer. The one button operation remains ideal for those who just want an easy life with no bells and whistles! It is also a perfect entry vape for those just making the switch from smoking or those trying herb for the first time.

5. Portability

The compact design and ergonomic shape of the Black Mamba dry herb vaporizer make it truly portable and the best budget herb vaporizer. This vape slides into a trouser pocket with ease and sits comfortably in the palm of a hand. The Mamba combines lightweight with a robust build, so while it does not weigh you down while out and about, you also know it could withstand a drop or two.

The Black Color Black Mamba Vaporizer - The Best Budget Herb Vaporizer in 2019

The magnetic mouthpiece is strong and remains fully in tact with the body of the vape. So even if you have popped this vaporizer into a bag while out and about you need not concern yourself that the contents are about to spill out.

The ability to charge the vaporizer using USB connection is another great portability factor. Either attach it to a portable power bank for more juice, or plug in whilst at work or at friends. There is never a need to find yourself flat out of battery power.

To Conclude

The Black Mamba is a vaporizer that really does do what it says on the box.

It is reliable, cheap, efficient and really very good at what it does. In its own market of budget dry herb vaporizers, it really does reign supreme. This, in a nutshell, is the reason the somewhat iconic Black Mamba continues to fly off the shelves in 2019.

Given below infographics contains the graphical represetation of above reasons along with 2 more points which prove black mamba is the best budget herb vaporizer:

Infographic Proving Why Black Mamba is the Best Budget Vaporizer - Kronicvapes Limited
An infographic illustrating top reasons why Black Mamba is the best budget herb vaporizer



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