Black Widow Vaporizer Review

Black Widow Intro

There is a big misconception that good quality vaporizers don’t come cheap,  we beg to differ here at Kronicvapes. The Black Widow vaporizer only costs a fraction of some of the more pricey dry herb vaporizers on the market so we were very eager to compare
Over the last couple of years we have been testing lots of the best portable vaporizers on the market and the Black Widow holds its own.   The guys who manufacture this model are based in China and they also manufacture a model called the Black Mamba. Both these models are extremely popular in the UK and the demand is very high.

What’s In The Box

Instruction Manual
Black Widow Vaporizer
Set of tweezers
Chamber packing tool
Concentrate insert
2 spare screens
USB connection lead

Black Widow Vaporizer

Key Features/Specifications

Material Dried Herb
Chamber Ceramic
Heat Time 30 seconds
Temperature Settings 5 settings
Vaporization Method Conduction
Oven Capacity 0.5 grams

First impressions


If you want a decent looking dry herb vaporizer without spending a fortune this device is definitely worth considering.  Removing it from the box, the first thing that came to mind is how classy it looks. Instantly you feel confident that it was built with quality in mind.


The mouthpiece feels sturdy and held in place by a strong magnet. It’s not the smallest vaporizer on the market but it fits into most pockets nicely.

Ceramic Chamber

The Black Widow has a very comprehensive air path and ceramic chamber.
The ceramic chamber can hold an impressive 0.5 grams of herb, ample for a good session. It also comes with a separate barrel for wax concentrates. Great if you enjoy vaping alternative materials and require versatility.

Display Screen

The Black Widow is not equipped with a digital screen. However, it has the temperature on display using LED lights which we found both clear to understand and aesthetically pleasing.

The burning question is how well does the Black Widow perform?

Black Widow Vaporizer



I found on that lower temperatures I wasn’t getting the vapor I craved but then I find this to be the case on most portable vaporizers. The flavour tasted incredibly pure and clean however. This would be completely suitable for someone looking for a more subtle hit.

When switching to the higher settings the real bang for your buck kicked in!  Strong enough to make you cough, as the thick vapour hit my throat. This little beauty will give  you all you need from an affordable and portable dry herb vaporizer.


If discretion is important to you the Black Widow’s sleek but simple design is perfect. Plus we found this vaporizer gives off hardly any of the telling smells that make it tricky to vape while out and about. Definitely ticks the box for soul of discretion.

One Button Does All

This device has a one-button interface and very easy to use. There are really only two options, to turn on and off and to change heat settings.


The internal battery is rated at 2200mah and we found it very impressive. You will get a good few sessions out of it before it needed a charge.

How to use the Black Widow Vaporizer:


  • Nice mouthpiece
  • Price
  • Ceramic vapor path
  • Fits nice in the hand
  • Five heat settings


  • No real screen
Metal Mouthpiece gets a little hot after continuous use
  • Fairly chunky to be truly portable


If you are thinking about buying a dry herb vaporizer and want a good quality product for under £50 then this is the model for you.  Fancy digital screens and clever marketing is not this vapes strong point. However raw performance all round is what this little device excels at.

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