Cannabis and Fitness: 7 Reasons Why it’s a Thing

It might come off as surprising in the first instance when you hear someone tell you about the relationship between cannabis and fitness. Generations have passed by who looked down upon the use of cannabis and considered it harmful for the body. However, this is a misconception that needs redressal for good. The medical world is continuously researching the uses of cannabis for the well-being and one of them is its ability to enhance the fitness level. Whether it be giving a boost to the workout session or increasing your endurance, cannabis can play a vital role to achieve these. Let us read on to find out the reasons why cannabis and fitness are a thing.

Provides a Runner’s High

One of the compounds found in the cannabis is called the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which can do wonders for a person by increasing the focus and concentration. It does so due to its ability to increase the psychoactivity of the brain upon consumption. Besides, regular users of cannabis also experience an improvement in the psychotic ailments and cognitive abilities, as per the findings of a study. These functions contribute to the maintenance of the fitness of people who regularly indulge in exercising. THC in feminized cannabis seeds is also responsible for promoting the euphoric feeling one generates after a workout session.

Grapefruit Haze provides a cerebral high to the consumers that make them feel alive and lively, besides presenting fruity and spicy flavours.

Combats Anxiety

Whenever we come across a stressful situation or performance pressure, our bodies tend to release the stress hormone, called serotonin. This follows by a shoot up in the insulin levels, which further becomes the reason for the deficiency of sugar in the body. You may thus find yourself craving sugary foods is such instances. In order to tackle such stress and anxiety, you can put cannabis into use. According to a study, it provides the body with an instant relaxation on consumption and brings about a positive overhaul in the confidence of a person. Hence, those suffering from ailments such as depression and anxiety disorders can include cannabis in their routine to lead a content life.

Facilitates the Muscle Recovery

Those who partake in regular exercising tend to undergo the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles quite often. The presence of CBD in cannabis can ensure the removal of the excess lactic acid from the muscles and promoting a good recovery. A study suggests that it can also provide a sense of relief from the muscle spasms, which shall give a boost to your stamina and enable you to reap maximum benefits from the workout. The anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabis further push the process of an efficient recovery and bolster the immune system in the process.

Relieves Pain

Nobody would want bodily pains and cramps to hamper their exercise regimen. Once you suffer from an agony, your fitness goes for a toss due to how you may fall from the track. Thus, cannabis can prove to be a great help here as per the findings of a study. It is known to consist of analgesic properties that enable the body to get rid of stiffness and pain rather quickly. It can also help you speed up the process of healing from an injury you might contract during the performance of high-intensity exercises.

The good news is that you don’t always have to rely on smoking cannabis indica in order to consume it.  Nowadays using a dry herb vaporizer is extreamly common and there are plenty of affordable vaporizer shops around.  There are also other ways to do so, some of them being the inclusion of cannabis seeds or capsules in your schedule. CBD products including CBD vape oil can treat bodily pains on a quicker note and release stress from the body.

Makes You More Aware

Cannabis helps one remain in control of themselves when they train, thereby enabling them to gain higher levels of fitness. According to an article, cannabis smoking recedes negative thinking and betters mental state. Since its consumption brings about relaxation, you can stay affixed on the task at hand more firmly and take your fitness a notch higher. This can also render you in a position from where you can improve your workout skills.

Ensures a Healthy Brain

A strong and healthy body remains so only when the functioning of the brain is efficient. It is imperative to not only give attention to your physical well-being but also to your mental agility. An article suggests that the brain reacts to cannabis similar to how it reacts to serotonin and dopamine, due to the presence of CBD in it. This contributes to your ability to remain active and focus more on staying fit. You shall also witness a push in your motivation levels with a strong brain. This shall do a whole lot of good for your ability to give your 100% while working out.

Improves Metabolism

As we all know, a high metabolism rate translates to less accumulation of unhealthy fats in the body. Consuming cannabis before heading off for your workout shall increase your metabolism rate manifold, which shall enable you to get the maximum out of your workout. A study also suggests the positive correlation between the smoking of marijuana and high metabolism. It is also important to maintain the balance of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in the body. Cannabis is known to lower the presence of bad cholesterol in the body.

It is high time we change our perceptions and shed the negative image we might have formed for cannabis over the years. The medical world embraces cannabis for the positive impact it can have on the fitness of the body. Hence, consume it regularly for a blissful and a healthy lifestyle.

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