Cannabis Vaporization Being Used In University Hospital To Treat Pain

In a world where the cannabis plant continues to evoke so much controversy, it seems the Czech Republic are light years ahead.
Here in the UK, the latter end of 2018 saw the breakthrough of certain medical professionals being granted permission to prescribe cannabis for patients meeting specific criteria. In the Czech Republic, medical cannabis has been prescribed by the Center for Pain Management in Brno since 2016. This began as cannabis being administering for pain relief and
cancer patients orally in the form of a capsule.

However this posed an issue itself. Oral consumption gives the patient the first effects of the cannabis in the first 30-60 minutes yet its full effect does not wear off for at least 4-8 hours.  This makes it virtually impossible to judge the correct dosage which prompted the Center for Pain Management to research alternative methods in a view to optimizing the relief experienced by their patients.

That is when they began looking at vaporizers. Just like a portable device such as the Flowermate Aura will be considered by the Center for Pain would provide the most efficient dosage with the absolute guarantee that no harmful toxins would be released into the body (as would be the case with smoking). The inhalation of vapor enters the lungs directly where it is quickly absorbed and distributed around the body. The cannabinoids present in the cannabis then locate their receptor giving the patient immediate relief. These effects gradually disappear within 3-4 hours and this short time cycle allows for much more effective dosage.

These vaporizers are now utilized in two hospitals in the Czech Republic. Both the Sint Anna University Hospital and the Masaryk Cancer Institute in Bryno currently have specific wards for this revolutionary vaporizing treatment. Patients are taught by experts how to operate and dose the vaporizer themselves.

It is proving to be both a huge success in the treatment of patients pain and in giving the patient the control in their own treatment.

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