Dry herb vaporizing – the ‘root’ to a healthier lifestyle?

What is dry herb vaporizing?

When you think of herbs and how they might assist in relieving ailments you most probably picture the age old practise of aromatherapy.   This practise heats the plant at a very high temperature causing it to combust and the healing properties are released as an aroma. In order to consume these beneficial properties the smoke that derives from the combustion is inhaled. However, as the years have passed and more about the negative health connotations of inhaling any kind of smoke into our lungs are understood, technology has allowed us a way in which we can consume all the same benefits of aromatherapy without the pitfalls of smoking.

A dry herb vaporizer (commonly referred to as a weed vaporizer  or a cannabis vaporizer)   is the perfect device in which to procure all the goodness from your herb of choice, whilst avoiding combustion of the plant. Using convection to heat the plant, the compound naturally releases its healthy particles through a smooth, pleasant, harmless vapor that is inhaled and enters directly into the bloodstream.

Although more often than not associated with the cannabis plant; a dry herb vaporizer can be packed with whatever herb you prefer. When we consider and understand the potential of each herb we can begin to fully digest just how much nature can assist us in our pursuit of wellbeing.

To kick this off we are paying homage to the somewhat lesser known properties of a few common, and every day plants that exude goodness when vaporized. Let’s really explore and appreciate these botanicals and the depth of beneficial medicinal components that they contain.

Which herbs to try (other than weed)?

No.1 – Rosemary

Rosemary - KronicVapes

If, like me, you thought you already had a sound grasp of the celebrated benefits of rosemary then prepare to be astonished at the depth of healing value this seemingly simple herb actually possesses.  

A member of the mint family Lamiaceae, rosemary is an evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean and has been hailed for its medicinal properties since ancient times. Traditionally associated with alleviating muscle pain, improving memory and boosting hair growth rosemary has more recently become the focus of scientific research regarding its antimicrobial, antioxidant and carnosic acid properties.

Close observation of the compounds within rosemary have shown several different benefits can be achieved.  

Respiratory function – Rosemary is antimicrobial and has been shown to completely stop growth in multiple bacteria strains. Research has revealed when absorbed, these antimicrobials can target bacterial infections, alongside which rosemary helps to release mucus and saliva both aiding and alleviating the healing of nasty, persistent coughs.

Brain – It is widely agreed and understood already that the aroma given off by rosemary has a direct impact on improving memory, relieving headaches and sharpening mental focus. Even more interesting however, is the vast array of exciting data surrounding the carnosic acid found in this herb. Carnosic acid protects part of the brain from tissue damage by neutralizing harmful particles called free radicals which are otherwise harmful to cells. This reduction in cell death and the build-up of more protective cells in the brain, form the basis of ongoing research into the therapeutic ability of rosemary with regard to health issues such as Alzheimers and brain damage caused by stroke.

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant – a rich source of both of these compounds rosemary is shown to help boost the immune system and positively impact blood circulation.

No.2 – Green Tea

Green Tea - KronicVapes Widely used and popular in Chinese medicine with strong ties to detoxing and fat loss, green tea is traditionally brewed and drank as part of a healthy regime. However inhaling green tea through a dry herb vaporizer maximises consumption of the most important compounds of this plant, some of which are lost using other methods of preparation.

Brain- Full of antioxidants and nutrients this herb is said to improve brain function and lower risk of cancer. There are bioactive compounds in green tea that have positive neurological effects by protecting neurons in our brain. This may reduce the risk of degenerative brain disorders and help protect our brains in old age.

Teeth- Helping in the prevention of tooth decay catechins which are found in green tea can inhibit the growth of the harmful bacteria that grows in our mouth. This results in less infections and healthier smelling breath!

Heart – Green tea has been shown in studies to reduce some of the main risks with regards to cardiovascular disease by reducing cholesterol levels and increasing the antioxidants in the blood.

No.3 – Lavender

Lavender - KronicVapes Another from the mint family, lavender is easily recognised for its distinctive, sweet aroma. For many years people have used it as an aid to sleep and relaxation, adding lavender oil to baths and sleeping with the dried flowers under their pillows but there is so much more to this plant.

Natural pain remedy – Lavender’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic components can act as a great pain relief for arthritis and rheumatism. Inhaling via your dry herb vaporizer can have a sedating effect which relaxes some muscles and this in turn can give relief from certain areas of chronic pain.

Anxiety – When vaporized, lavender is a great mood elevator. The floral aroma is known to have a calming effect which eases stress and uplifts, reducing nervousness and promoting natural sleep.

No.4 – Chamomile

Camomile - KronicVapes Suited perfectly to vaporizing for its subtle taste and sweet aroma , the nutrients found in chamomile play a significant part in its medicinal benefits

Anxiety and insomnia – chamomile’s sedating effects can benefit us greatly in the pursuit of de-stressing and relaxation; inducing better sleep patterns.

No.5 – Valerian Root

A favourite for centuries, reportedly used since ancient Greek times, valerian root has long been associated as a treatment for many ailments.

Digestion – through its natural components valerian root can help to ease bloating and intestinal cramps.

Valarian Root - KronicVapes Insomnia – as with so many herbs valerian root seems to possess some wonderful element that assists in relaxation and sleep. Far gentler and more subtle in strength than pharmaceutical products used to induce sleep, vaporized valerian root in the correct dosage provides a natural remedy for an inability to sleep.

Anxiety – there is a chemical present in valerian root and when vaporized seems to calm nerves by regulating the cells in the brain. Dry herb vaporizing increases this chemical in the brain at a steady pace and provides an organic means of relaxing anxiety.


So, we’ve just about the scratched the surface and begin to understand a little more as to how vast the dry herb vaporizer potential goes. After visiting just a handful of herbs and unearthing only a few of their properties we start to comprehend that Mother Nature truly has so much to offer us.


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