Flowermate Aura Vaporizer Review


Flowermate by Smiss are renowned  for producing popular budget vaporizers. The Flowermate’s popularity is largely due to the manufacturer producing a quality product at a very affordable price.  A relatively new addition to the market, the Aura it seems is no exception. Currently a very popular model in California  It has left a marked impression among the UK vaping community. Hence why here at Kronicvapes we were very keen to check out for ourselves how the Flowermate Aura Vaporizer performs in comparison to other affordable dry herb vaporizers.

What’s in the box?

Flowermate AURA vaporizer


Ceramic Heating Chamber

Medium Stainless Steel Pod

Stainless Steel Screens

Packing Tool and Dab Tool

Cleaning Brush

USB Charging Cable

User Manual

Key features/specifications

  • Manufactured by Smiss
  • For use with herbs, wax concentrates and oils
  • 7 airflow jets
  • Isolated air path ensuring a clean vapour
  • Lightning fast convection oven – heats up in less than 60 seconds, so no waiting around!
  • Fully adjustable temperature ranging between  40°C and 230°C
  • Pen shaped
  • Compact size –  weighs just 104grms
  • Portability – perfect for on the go
  • Built-in LG battery (2600 mAh) a non too shabby 2-hour battery life when fully charged
  • Automatic shut-off timer (after 5 minutes)  preserving  the battery life
  • 15cm in height

First Impression


The first thing I noticed when I picked my Aura out of the box was how good it felt to hold. It had both the light weight and slim build of a vape pen. This feature allows fantastic portability. However, it is combined with the sturdiness of a mod that promises durability. Flowermate are known for producing exceptionally reliable products and I was immediately confident that this vape was no different. I like to take my vape with me wherever I go, so a device that can quite obviously withstand that kind of everyday portable use is essential to me.


Smiss provide a useful accessories package. Including a cleaning brush, plenty of replacement screens, interchangeable pods, and a USB cable. Although I’m likely to use the vaporizer for herb I really like having the option of oil and wax pods too.


For me, the next thing I always like to try for size and texture is the mouthpiece. I have to admit, at first, I was dubious with the Aura’s plastic mouthpiece. Ordinarily I would opt for a glass or ceramic mouthpiece over plastic. I usually prefer both the feel and the taste. I also tend to find that plastic mouthpieces often heat up quite quickly during a session. However, first impressions of the Aura’s mouthpiece were that it felt comfortable and odourless. Sill with reservations I was curious to see how it would perform and taste once packed and fired.

Ease of Use

Once charged and powered on, the distinctive OLED screen was easy to read. Simply using the + and – buttons to choose my desired temperature couldn’t have been simpler. Loading the ceramic chamber was also straight forward.

The simplicity of this vape allows it to be ready to use in next to no time. A MASSIVE plus in my book.

flowermate aura vaporizer review


As with most dry herb vaporizers, using the Aura is pretty simple. Remove the mouthpiece, load the ceramic chamber with your herb, and power on the device.

Precise Temperature Control

As I already mentioned choosing your temperature couldn’t be easier. I usually like to vape my herb at around 200 degrees celsius but with all new vaporizers I tend to start at around 170 then gradually work my way up.

7 Air Jets

The added bonus of the Aura’s large ceramic heating chamber features 7 air jets. This technology ensures your herbs are heated evenly and efficiently. Once the temperature is set it takes 30 seconds for your herb to heat.

As with many brand new vaporizers I  found the first  couple of draws pretty strong but this soon settled to a smooth and even vapor. The taste was pleasant enough and the draw surprisingly good from a budget vaporizer. It most definitely provided a decent hit.


The improved battery life allows for up to 2 hours of continuous use. This is very unusual in vapes of this size and price and I was impressed by this feature.

How to use the Flowermate Aura Vaporizer



Overall, for portability, discretion, convenience and value for money I cannot fault the Flowermate Aura. The simplicity and affordability of this vape makes it perfect for beginners and those on a vaping budget. We think taking everything into consideration its one of the vaporizers available for the price today

The plastic mouthpiece will never be my favourite aspect  but as long as you thoroughly clean after each use and do not set your vaping temperature too high it is by no means a deal breaker

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