Flowermate UNO Vaporizer Review

Welcome to our Flowermate UNO Vaporier Review. The UNO is the latest addition to the Flowermate series by Smiss.

The burning question we will answer is whether paying a little extra for the UNO is worth considering?

Flowermate have been very transparent with the fact they offer premium style performance for less in today’s vaping world and we are hoping the Uno is no exception. We have been overly satisfied with the other models we have reviewed which are the Flowermate Aura & Flowermate Nano.

Currently we have the UNO in our online store here at KRONICVAPES but within our reviews we are as open and honest as possible and ensure the points made are from an unbiased point of view.

On paper this is a two in one model that allows to vape Herbs & Concentrates with a powerful convection heater. Convection heating is when the actual oven is not in contact with the herbs, which means zero chance of combustion and more consistent cool vapor produced.

It’s fitted with a removable 1800mah battery and comes complete with all your basic accessories. Flowermate have also thrown in a water adaptor which I think is a nice touch.

Designed with precise temperature controls and Haptic feedback Flowermate has promised the UNO will deliver exceptional vaping experience.

The charcoal stained black exterior gives the UNO that solid industrial look like the Crafty or similar convection style vaporizers. It definitely looks like it can handle a knock or two.

First Thoughts

Looking at the vaporizer in the box my first thought was this is a rather chunky vape. I thought maybe Flowermate was generous with the box presentation but when I took the vape in my hands I heard myself saying “definitely bigger than the Nano!”

It’s a fairly weighty model , I appreciated the build quality instantly. I could immediately differentiate the UNO from other models on the market. Whilst the Uno was in my hands and under close inspection I retracted my first initial thought and decided that it’s more solid than chunky and is actually very portable.

The Uno has a decent size screen with the standard three operational buttons and a USB charge port all the same side. The mouthpiece is perfect for the build and feels nice and sturdy just by holding the vape in your hand you can sense why you have paid a little extra than you might for an average vape.

One way to describe this is like comparing some high street clothing brands to high quality designer brand. The look and feel is just simply on another level.

However, as with anything looks is all good but how it works and performs is an entire different matter.

Flowermate UNO Vaporizer

Looking inside the Box

In this competitive market the consumer certainly expects to see all the accessories needed to maintain the vaporizer included. What I find also is that respectable manufacturers normally do this quite well. In the box is all your standard bits and pieces but what really stood out for me was that it comes with an external battery charging dock.

Additionally, I must mention the bonus addition of the water adaptor, however you still need a glass bottle piece to use this feature.

What’s included:

* Flowermate UNO vaporizer
* 1800 mAh removable battery
* Charging dock
* 5 x mouthpiece screens
* 2 x chamber screens
* Concentrate pad
* Brush
* Packing tool and dabber
* Micro USB cable
* Water pipe adapter
* Instruction manual

Flowermate UNO Vaporizer Review

Is it difficult to use the UNO?

The Uno is a very impressive looking vaporizer. However the good news is using the vaporizer is as simple as it should be.

Two options with charging the removable battery you can either place it on the charging dock or fit it into the vape and plug the USB charger in.

Removing the mouthpiece reveals the herb loading chamber which by the looks of it holds a decent amount of herbs probably around half a gram or more. It’s easily fitted and rotates like a straw to fit into the mouth comfortably.

To switch the device on or off you press the power button 5 times. I like the fact that the word Flowermate along with the logo is the first thing you see on the screen before the current temperature is displayed. Using the plus and minus buttons you can select your temperature and then it automatically starts climbing to your selection. The time it took to reach the temperature was fairly quick and was around 30 seconds or less.

The haptic feedback feature works fine and alerts you when the vape is switched on and when its reaches the desired temp setting.

Other features are available such as changing the temperature measure to celsius or fahrenheit which is done by pressing the functional buttons together.

How was the vaping experience?

As per usual when testing the vaping experience I like to evaluate this on on various temperature settings. Adjusting the temperature should have an effect on the clouds and the taste and a quality vaporizer will reflect this.

This is where I round the UNO differentiates itself from some of the cheaper models on the market.

Starting off on a low 150°C and moving up in temperature gradually I found it really kicks and and I blew some really sizable clouds. The convection side of things really shone through after a few sessions as I found the vapor remained cool all throughout, even on the higher temperatures.

The UNO has the ability to keep the vapor clouds consistent literally every hit was a thunderstorm!.

As with all vaporizers after continuous use it became slightly warm but what I noticed was at no point near the mouthpiece did I feel any heat, this is one of the perks using a true convection model. `

What I liked about the Vape


As a real premium convection model the price is very competitive. Considering the quality and the fact it’s equipped with an impressive heating element it’s a real steal.


One of the more powerful vaporizers I have tested. If you’re a big smoker and looking at vaping then this is definitely for you. Plus its consistent with the quality of vape produced.

Build Quality

I just love how this vape feels in your hand it oozes quality.

What I did not like


So the mouthpiece is a good size and even though I liked the taste of the vapor my personal preference is glass when it comes to the perfect mouthpiece. Others may disagree but it’s just my thing.


No reason why a 2500mah battery could not have been used in my opinion, like Flowermate used for the Nano. 1800mah is a little short by today’s standards.


Flowermate have done it again, a true quality model that delivers on all fronts. They have built up a solid reputation with their impressive collection and the UNO is a fantastic option for new and experienced vapers.


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