Herbstick Relax Review

At present there seems to be a lot of noise around the vaping world regarding the Herbstick Relax by CigGo. We have it in our store and it happens to be one of our Top Picks for 2019!

The idea here is to give you a very open and honest review of this device, keeping no stone unturned. A major question asked here is will the Herbstick make you relax or will it be a huge disappointment and give you a massive headache?

Firstly, the Herbstick Relax is an aromatherapy device or a dry herb vaporizer that, on paper, potentially offers great value for money and also looks very cool. It’s packed with a 2200Mah Battery and through its LED screen offers adjustable temperature controls.

The shell of  is made of hard-cast aluminium alloy and has a stainless steel herb loading chamber. The mouthpiece when folded down (It rotates up and down) gives the herbstick an appearance of a fashionable remote control.

The specifications say the temperature is adjustable from 120° to 225° which is on par with the best of them by today’s standards.

Looking at this vaporizer you can’t help but get the feeling that it’s a quality model but of course looks aren’t everything.


Herbstick Relax

First Thoughts

The vape itself is offered in a few colours Black, Pink and Blue but as blue is my favourite colour I opted for that version.

Opening the box for the first time revealed what looked like a rich sky blue coloured remote control, approximately four inches long. It sat in its black mold holding and straight away I spotted the CigGo Herbstick Relax logo in the white at the very bottom of the device.

On the right side of the vaporizer I noticed a long looking screen which runs down to nearly three quarters of the full length of the herbstick in black tinted plastic. On the screen are three buttons, a slightly larger power button and two plus and minus buttons (up and down controls). Right next to the buttons on the screen is a handy USB charge port.

The mouthpiece at the top of the herb stick is hard plastic and was tucked away neatly so it’s almost hidden and rotates out of its slot effortlessly without a hitch.

Holding the Herbstick in my hand, I appreciated the aluminium coating which gave it a premium feel and also how it looked as clearly Ciggo put some thought into it’s easy on the eye design.

Looking inside the box

When purchasing all things electrical nowadays, you expect basic accessories included in the box. After all you want to maintain your vaporizer the best way you can and I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw:

* CigGo Herbstick Relax
* Extra mouthpiece
* Extra Magnetic chamber lid
* 5 pipe cleaners
* Cleaning brush
* Cleaning Knife
* Metallic stick
* 3 chamber screens
* USB charger cable
* User manual

Herbstick Relax


Lets take a real look

Is it hard to use the Herbstick Relax?

I found the vape fairly simple to use; even though it’s packed with lots of features. Using the standard 5 presses of the power button to power the vaporizer was to be expected.

The mouthpiece flipped out easily and stayed up and felt comfortable in my mouth.

Loading my herbs was not awkward like some models as the oven cover is held on via magnet and pressing one side flips the other side up. I packed a decent amount of herb into the oven; I would say you can fit around half a gram in total.

The up and down buttons sort out the temperature settings. So you choose the temperature you desire, press the power button and watch the temperature climb. Takes between 30-40 seconds to climb and was greeted by a Haptic Vibration alert once it was ready.

Aside from the basics, operating the additional features of the Herbtstick is simple. Holding down the plus or minus buttons will switch the haptic feedback mode on or off and change the temperate mode to either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

How was the vaping experience?

When testing the vaping experience the only way to really achieve this is to evaluate on various settings. Adjusting the temperature should have an effect on the clouds and the taste. A vaporizer with true adjustable temperature options will reflect this.

I decided to start off with a low 150°C – the vape taste and the amount of cloud produced was good. Moving the temperature up in increments of 5°C (that’s the only option) I found there was a good level of consistency with the change in taste and the vapor.

Whilst using the Herstick on its max temperature 225°C I did notice some heat coming into my hands but surprisingly the vapor remained cool. The heat produced was not worrying and I continued to push on max settings – the vapor temperature did not change. I put this down to the isolated air path as, by the time the vaper travels up the path, any heat fades away.

What I like about the vape


I have tried many many vapes around this price range and the Herbstick Relax is one of the few models that delivers on all fronts. For a vape under £60 it packs a punch.


Happy with the variations of cloud sizes produced and vapor taste . There was also a level of consistency between the temperature adjustments.


The Herbstick Relax is a very sexy little machine. It feels nice in the hands and even though Blue is my colour I think the other colours are very attractive.


Coming in at just over 4inchs long it’s truly portable (which you may think an obvious thing to say about something that describes itself as a portable vape!) The fact remains, many vapes clam that title but unless I have a man bag with me taking it out won’t happen. The Herbstick on the other hand fits everywhere!

What I don’t like about the vape

Temperature options

I would of prefered to have full adjustable temperature controls, not increments of five. ‘What’s the point in this?!’ I found myself saying.

Plastic Mouthpiece

Even though the vapor tasted flavoursome I prefer glass mouthpieces, this is just my personal preference.


I was definitely impressed with this little beauty, with it’s looks, price tag and performance we feel its created a league of its own. One of the better vaporizers available on the market for under £100.

Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the production with this vaporizer and has been given the thumbs up by myself.

Overall – 8/10

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