How Legalization of Cannabis Will Affect The World?

Currently, as legislation stands, there are very few people who can buy or grow cannabis legally. That is not to say it is not going to happen and we are already seeing many governments relax or change their laws regarding medical marijuana. Many of the these governments are also in talks about legalizing the recreational use of marijuana as currently most don’t have access to the actual cannabis plant as a whole and it’s illegal to grow cannabis at home. Edible products are also not legal yet. With legalisation, there is a real hope that people, who do not meet the current criteria for prescribed medical marijuana, will be able to use cannabis at their own leisure. They can use it to cope with their pain, digestive issues and anxiety as well as purely for recreational use.


Health Benefits

Cannabis sativa seeds are rich in protein and are used by athletes and fitness professionals. It is an excellent plant-based protein supplement. It’s a vegan, low-carb and low-fat meal. Thus, legalising cannabis will promote people to include cannabis as a healthy diet routine.
After legalisation, cannabis shall help treat people suffering from many conditions, some of them are enlisted below:

• Chronic Pain

Studies have found that CBD oil can be used to treat joint pain, arthritis, back pain, muscle pain, spinal cord injuries etc and is an excellent pain reliever. It impacts the endocannabinoid receptors, thus helping reduce chronic pain and inflammation. It gives the user a happy and relaxing effect. Legalising of marijuana cultivation will make this analgesic readily available to the common masses.

• Relieves Anxiety

Legalising Cannabis will allow for a safe and side-effect free treatment for people suffering from anxiety and chronic stress issues. Physical signs of anxiety include high blood pressure, temperature and increased heart rate. Studies have proven that a 600mg dose of CBD helps people in public speaking anxiety. It relieves anxiety by inducing sleep for patients, enhancing the moods and the nervous system. Cannabis is effective in treating insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

• Cancer Treatment:

The legalisation of cannabis will help in treating Cancer. According to Studies cannabis has the ability to fight tumor cells like prostate, breast, and leukaemia. Scientific studies prove that cannabis usage kills abnormal cells and change how cells reproduce.

• Diabetes:

According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF), about 371 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide. Diabetes occurs due to the body’s resistance to producing insulin. According to research, cannabis has shown positive effects in treating insulin resistance. CBD users have lower fasting insulin rates. Legalising Cannabis can help control this epidemic growth of diabetes globally.

• Alzheimer’s disease:

Inflammation and death of the neurons is the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s disease, leading to the loss of cognition and memory. CBD prevents the neurodegenerative process occurring in the disease by interacting with the endocannabinoid system of our body. The senior citizens’ population is expected to get more than double by 2050, according to World Population Prospects. Alzheimer’s can be an alarming situation for senior citizens. Hence, legalising cannabis can bring relief to the older generation globally in battling Alzheimer’s.

• Reduces Symptoms of PMS and Menopause

Vaping cannabis using herbal vaporizers can give some serious benefits to women around the world in relieving PMS and Menopause-related symptoms. According to Studies, prolactin is dangerous for treating PMS. Prolactin can be replaced by Cannabis. Studies suggest that GLA, present in cannabis, helps in regulating the symptoms of menopause like hormonal imbalances and inflammation. Cannabis also contains essential fatty acids that fight hormonal imbalances and inflammation.

Cannabis vs Alcohol

As a recreational use, legalising cannabis can be very effective to battle alcohol abuse among the millennials. A recent comparison of cannabis use and alcohol use in the United States revealed that people are now replacing alcohol with cannabis for reasons such as fewer side effects like no hangover, low calories, low crime rates, and perceived health benefits, thus, increasing the popularity of using cannabis as a recreational substitute for alcohol. One such recreational cannabis seeds are the feminized cannabis seeds that are known to give a strong relaxing and clear-headed effect.

The growth of small online retail businesses

Legalising cannabis will promote small business owners and producers of marijuana to sell their products through e-commerce platforms and small retail stores which will boost local businesses and add to the growth of the economy. Consumers will also be able to buy weed online at their convenience. Cannabis vaping has also become popular

Increase in Real Estate business

With the legalisation of cannabis, it is possible that the houses situated close to legal marijuana stores will see a rise in their home values. A study shows that some homes, in states such as Colorado where cannabis has been legalized, the value rose by as much as $33000 because of a nearby marijuana store. Even demand for commercial spaces to store and retail marijuana products will increase after legalisation, thus, providing lucrative opportunities in real estate.

Increase revenue and jobs

Legalizing cannabis will allow the government to provide more jobs like selling marijuana in a store or working in the marijuana producing zones. Also, sales of cannabis will add revenue to the government in the form of direct and indirect taxation of marijuana products.

Therefore, legalising cannabis can be a boom for people worldwide. However,  the supply of cannabis should be controlled so that it does not overshoot the demand, killing interests of small businesses. Cannabis stocks can also take a hit in the stock market if the supply of cannabis exceeds demand. We look forward to a bright future for cannabis globally.


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