How to Clean Your Mighty Vaporizer

Why Do I Need to Clean My Vaporizer?

Cleaning and maintaining your dry herb vaporizer is often deemed to be a boring job and one that can be put off until tomorrow. The fact remains, if the user wants to get the very best out of their weed vaporizer, the upkeep is essential.

Vapers that have neglected their device in the past, will be the first to warn others of the negative consequences. If you are lucky enough to have found the budget to invest in a Mighty vaporizer, then why would you throw your hard earned cash down the drain through pure laziness?!

Continual build up of residue, even over a short spell of time, will affect overall performance and cut the vaporizer’s life short. When a user complains that his/her dry herb vaporizer is not working properly, nine times out of ten it is related to cleanliness. Sometimes the damage is irreversible and the vaper is saddled with an underperforming or unusable device.

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Good news

The great news is this can all be avoided. There is no doubt that regular cleaning will improve the efficiency, vapor taste and lifespan of any vaporizer. Some portable vapes are definitely more tricky to clean than others due to their construction. However, Storz & Bickel have sympathetically designed the Mighty with cleaning practicality in mind.

If you own a Mighty vaporizer, you can follow this simple guide and preserve the efficiency and optimum performance that this formidable vape was designed for.

Regular Maintenance

How regularly you clean your Mighty vaporizer and the depth of clean is dictated by usage. However, it is recommended, regardless of the amount of activity the vape has seen, that the user clean it at least once a week.

How Often Should I Clean My Vaporizer?

Some users are incredibly disciplined and like to clean their device after every single use. This is the best way to avoid airflow restriction and taste distortion. If you can get into the ritual of consistently wiping the insides down and giving a good brush over, then the prognosis for your vaporizer is favourable. The brush is included in the package so there really is no good excuse not to!

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When Does My Vape Need A Deep Clean?

If, on the contrary, you leave cleaning until the airflow feels restricted or the draw resistance becomes harsh, then you will need to consider a deeper, more thorough clean. A deep clean is also good practise for users who carry out a regular surface clean. There are tucked away places, within the vaporizer’s cavity, that can only be reached once attachments are dismantled.

Cleaning your mighty vape

Follow our step by step guide to perform the best deep clean on your Mighty Vaporizer:-

How Do I Deep Clean My Mighty Vaporizer?

Follow our simple step by step guide to ensure your vaporizer remains efficient and performs to its very best:

1. Gather your tools. You will need the correct ones to properly maintain. For a deep clean, you will need: cotton buds, a bowl of warm water (large enough to contain the attachments), a high quality (90% plus) isopropyl alcohol.
2. With the help of the official Storz & Bickel tools provided within the box, take all the removable parts off of your Mighty vaporizer:-
• Firstly, unscrew and remove the cooling unit from the top of the unit. This shouldn’t take much force.
• Next, rotate the mouthpiece, which is attached to the cooling unit, gently moving side to side until it literally pops off. The blue o-ring can then be removed using the multi-tool provided. Put the o-ring in a safe place, it doesn’t need cleaned but is definitely needed when you piece your Mighty back together.
• Separating the top and bottom halves of the cooling unit can be a bit trickier. Sometimes the cap lock does not want to budge when cold. A top tip is to try while the vaporizer unit is still a little warm. Once separated, a further two blue o-rings are revealed in the lower half of the cooling unit. Use the multi-tool once again to remove and set the seals aside. Pop out the chamber screen.

• After, using the filling chamber tool, poke the lower screen within the chamber until it pops loose. Turn the chamber upside down and the screen will fall out.
vape bits taken apart

3. Using the high percentage isopropyl to soak all the parts you have removed apart from the caps lock. Soaking for up to an hour is more than sufficient and will allow the easy removal of any residue. As little as ten minutes is usually enough.
4. Remove the parts soaking in the alcohol ensuring all the debris has been removed then soak in the warm bowl of water to wash off the alcohol. For any stubborn or more intricate spots, use a cotton bud dipped in the isopropyl then wash again in the warm water.
5. Either while the parts are soaking, or whilst they are drying off use the same isopropyl to remove any build up in the chamber. It is important here not to soak the wipe or cotton bud too heavily. You definitely want to avoid any excess liquid dripping into and ruining the heating elements.The chamber should not require too much attention if you give a wipe over after each use. Turning upside down will bring any residue to the surface and will be easily wiped away.We do not recommend removing the bottom screen, it does not come away easily and removal could damage it. This could consequently damage the vaporizer as a whole.
6. Before reassembling, ensure all the cleaned parts are thoroughly dry. The screen in the filling chamber can be replaced with one of the brand new spares provided. Put your unit back together.
7. Finally, before your next session post deep clean perform a burn off cycle for safety.Turn your Mighty vaporizer on at full power and let it run until any sign of alcohol has disappeared. Let it cool back down and when you are satisfied the burn off is complete, your vape is ready for safe use once more.

Mighty vaporizer pulled apart


To Sum Up

Investing in a Mighty Vaporizer is a great decision in the first place. The decision then, to really look after your Mighty, is an equally great one. There is no doubt that Storz & Bickel build their world class vaporizers to last. However, with regular maintenance and up-keep you guarantee your vaporizer an even longer and healthier life. It’s a no brainer and the least your vape deserves. Be kind to your Mighty Vaporizer and it will repay the favour.

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