How to Maintain Your Dry Herb Vaporizer and Have The Best Experience

Dry Herb Vaporizers are quickly becoming more popular – Are you a fan?

As vaping dry herbs becomes more popular by the day, we think that as a supplier, it’s our duty to inform the vaping community on how to maintain their shiny new dry herb vaporizer. In respect of both your vapes lifespan and of course for the very best vaping experience it is essential that you regularly and thoroughly maintain your vaporizer to ensure it keeps working to its full potential.  If you’re like me, then you’ll be thrilled to have one of these compact, portable devices as they offer a way of receiving the benefits of inhaling your favourite herbs, without having to take in any of the poisonous fumes you would inhale from smoking.

Black Mamba Vaporizer 1
Black Mamba Vaporizer

With vaping dry herbs becoming more common nowadays in the UK, we still need to remember that not all herbs vaped are legal ie cannabis. (So, if you do use cannabis please respect this fact when in a public place and keep vaping your weed in the privacy of your own home or somewhere where it’s unlikely to offend!)

As we talk about maintaining your Dry Herb Vaporizer like models such as the flowermate aura  we are also considering the health aspect of it all, which leads us to our first and most important point.

Safety First

We have all heard about how electrical devices have overheated and caused them to set themselves on fire, more commonly with technology such as mobile phones and laptops but at the end of the day the dry herb vaporizer is another electrical device so we must treat with equal caution.  We strongly recommend that you don’t leave it on charge overnight and do not leave the device whilst on charge on any flammable service such as cotton fibres. There are many instances where something like this has happened, one particular story comes to mind as I write this and you can read about it here.  So we suggest you read the instructions and simply do not forget that the vaporizer is on charge.

Keep Your Dry Herb Vaporizer Clean (Kronicvapes Expert Tip)

To ensure you get the best experience possible when vaping, it’s best to clean your vaporizer straight after a session.  Get rid of all residue from the last use as this will compromise the quality and the taste of your vape for the next session.  Most who are new to dry herb vaping think that having tiny remains from the last session will enhance the flavour; in reality it will add a bitter taste.  Aside from this we cannot forget the fact that a weed vaporizer works like most machinery and needs to be kept with due consideration for optimal performance.Better To Use Fresh Herbs

The process of vaping involves the herbs being heated to a point where the compounds release vapor which is then inhaled as you would with smoking, obviously without all the additional substances that are not good for you.  Moisture plays a big part in the quality of the vapor released so “fresh” is best. We are talking not too wet and not too dry. The best way to go is to feel the herbs and take note; you will them begin to understand the best type of herbs to use.  In our experience your weed should not be too wet to the touch but not dry enough to crumble with your fingers. The golden in-between works best.

Use A Grinder (Kronicvapes Expert Tip)

What’s needed in every instance when your using your vaporizer is the heat needs to penetrate the herb properly to produce a nice thick sweet tasting vapor.  A major factor to influence will be how you grind the herbs. Ideally you want to use a manual or electric grinder, if not then do your best to make sure the herbs are chopped evenly.  It’s also best to chop or grind the amount that you actually need as if you over estimate, the rest will simply dry out and wont qualify as fresh herbs as described above. Don’t become lazy, the quality of your weed is not something you want to compromise.

Do Not Use Water To Clean Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

This maybe an obvious one for some but we have had a few people ask if they they should wash the residue out the vaporizer using water.  The answer is NO. Use the brush that is provided with the device to remove all unwanted remains.  It’s an electrical device and water and electrics do not mix. (This will not apply of course if it states you can in the manufacturers instructions.)

Set The Right Temperature (Kronicvapes Expert Tip)

To get the right temperature is not as easy as you may think as every herb will react differently to different temperatures.  Generally speaking you want to be somewhere between 356-410F or 180-216C. Many of our users have said that higher temperatures produce a stronger euphoria and more of a relaxed way of feeling.  While the lower temperatures produce a more level headed type feeling. This all depends on the type of herbs you’re vaping but if it’s Cannabis then different cannabinoids can produce different effects as some contain more THC than others but this rule will apply to most.

Do Not Fill The Vaporizer With Too Much Herb (Kronicvapes Expert Tip)

Totally understand that most will think that more is better, in this instance your far from best practice with using a dry herb vaporizer.  In order to get the best experience you need to leave room for the vapor to collaborate and breath. It’s the same procedure if you was using a Chalice or a Bong. If you over pack then this will dramatically decrease the amount of vapor travelling from the chamber to the mouthpiece..

Inhale Steady and Slow ( Kronicvapes Expert Tip)

A common error for people new to the dry herb vaping world is thinking that you can inhale the same way as you would do using an oil or wax based vaporizer.  When vaping dry herbs you need to make sure the chamber is preheated, just as you do when using an oven, and only then will you be able to vape. The manner in which you vape should be slow and steady to ensure the vape is inhaled in a slow soothing manner.

To Conclude

Treating your Dry Herb vaporizer will ensure a far better, consistent, quality of vapor and the device will last a lot longer.  We hope you take these tips on board and be happy weed vapers, just like us at Kronicvapes.

Happy Dry Herb Vaping.

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