Introducing Desktop Vaporizers

What is so special about a Desktop Vaporizer?

In the UK we are so far been introduced to portable dry herb vaporizers in which we think are great in which they are. Having lots of functionality with models that vary in price and size we have all been blown away with how we can avoid all the poisons from smoking and still get high!.

However what many don’t know is that Desktop vaporizers are the devices that have the latest and greatest technology first. We seem to be hung up on the word convection but again desktop vapes have been using convection style heating for well over a decade now.

Desktop vaporizing offers the “premium experience” for vaping on all levels.

What is a Desktop Vaporizer?

Desktop vaporizers are basically bigger, powerful and more advanced versions of portable vaporizers. They are designed for home use and have been around for over a decade now. Recent years have seen them evolved into really attractive looking devices.

When they first arrived Desktop vaporizers were simply ugly looking wooden boxes that use whips to draw vapor. Fast forward to 2019 where they are getting hugely popular Desktop models have become more versatile units fitted with internal fans offering users the choice between advanced balloon bag vape styles or the standard plastic or silicone whip draw.

Different Types Of Desktop Vaporizers

There are two types of Desktop vaporizers forced air or whip-style. A whip style is when a medical grade plastic or silicone tubing is used to inhale vapor as and when its produced in the heating bowl. Using a forced air vaporizer a fan is used to force the vaping produced into what’s called a balloon bag. Desktop vaporizer using the forced air method tend to be a lot more advanced, Some models we have seen like the Airzer Extreme Q are known as “dual function and can utilize both.

Whip Style Vaporizing

This type of model will use a whip add on as the means to draw the vapor produced. A whip will be made up of three main parts, the mouthpiece which is made of glass, the wand, which is where the herb is packed and the tubing which is made of medical grade plastic or silicone.

Using this style the user will pull hot air over the herbs and inhale a steady amount of vapor we call this convection heating. Whip style desktop will always be the cheaper options

While whip-style units was the first type of vaporization style offered by Desktop models and is still hugely popular in the UK the demand for convection heating style is rising. However in the desktop world its known as old school as the technology has been around for years! With these type of devices you can expect the usual precise temperature controls and your LCD displays.

whip vaporizer

Forced Air Vaporizing

Balloon vaporizers or Forced air is the newest technology in terms of vaporizing in general and it was brought to you first via the desktop vaporizer. This method uses the forced air technique. The heating used is once again convection but this time and internal fan blows the heat over the herbs and can either be used to fill a balloon bag or drawn up using the whip.

With multiple fan speeds the user can control the speed of the airflow which can affect the vapor taste

The forced-air technology in the vaping world is seen as the most healthy and effective way of vaporization full stop.

As with all devices you will find some that even though some use the same method of vaporization units vary in style price and performance. However desktop vaporizers that focus on the Forced Air balloon technology such as the Volcano Vaporizer tend to be better quality than the whip or dual function models.



Forced air Vaping

Temperature Controls

With desktop vaporizers and all its up to date vaporization methods having precise temperature controls is standard. With the digital display you are able to fully adjust the settings in one degree increments and this tends to be a popular feature among users.

A feature that is totally unique with a desktop vaporizer is that it will show two temperatures the current temperate and the one set. This allows the user to see how far you are from your chosen temperature which is very handy feature.

As desktop vaporizers become more popular look out for further exciting models being introduced to the UK.

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