Introducing The Black Mamba Vaporizer

Black Mamba dry herb vaporizer

The Black Mamba was included in our first line of dry herb vaporizers introduced here at Kronicvapes. It’s manufactured by a company called Kingtons Technology Co.  We sadly don’t know Kingtons. It’s an industry thing as no one seems to know much about them – other than the fact that they have produced a great, affordable dry herb vaporizer in the Black Mamba.

In the UK, there are many popular selling dry herb vaporizers but the Black Mamba  is definitely one of the most popular budget dry herb vaporizer models. Its held this title for the last couple of years and offers a very simple conductive heating system.  When we first obtained one of these vapes for inspection it was very clear to see why it is so popular.


Black Mamba Vaporier

The Design

One of the most unique looking dry herb vaporizers on the market, its design is not the kind you will see from the average vape. The very stylish and unusual appearance it carries certainly make the Black Mamba super discrete and stylish at the same time.

The Black Mamba is a very simple design. It is by no means a bells & whistles vaporizer like some of the more pricey models.

The vaporizer is a good fit for the hand with the dimensions being 145*46*26.5mm. With well thought through high highlights like 5 temperature LCD lights which flick between red and green to tell you when the vaporizer is at the desired temperature. With having just one button the Black Mamba is of the most simple dry herb vaporizers to use.

The Black Mamba has a food grade glass mouthpiece which is concealed in its black coating.  For those who don’t know, glass is the best conductor of vapor and ensures the vapor stays fresh until it reaches your tastebuds.

Considering the price of the device it really does come with a very credible build and is very sturdy.  You certainly will have no reservations taking this out in public as it will only compliment your style.

The Performance

Equipped with a ceramic chamber, the Black Mamba offers first class heating technology. In terms of the vapor taste, the Black Mamba produces some of the best quality flavour you will get from a dry herb vaporizer which is one of the reasons why it’s naturally a first choice for so many. It does not produce the thickest vapor clouds but considering the price range, of under £40, we cannot expect to have total perfection.

The thing that really impressed us about the Black Mamba is the speedy heat up time, just 2 seconds to reach the next temperature setting of which there are 5 in total. So you can expect super quick sessions if time is of the essence!

Choice of temperature settings allows you to customise the taste of your herbs and discover the optimum taste and density of vapor best suited for you.

What Comes Included in the Box

Black Mamba Vaporizer
Glass Mouthpieces with Metal Filters x 2
Packing Tool
Cleaning Brush
USB Charger
User Guide

Why We Chose to Sell the Black Mamba

We were keen to discover for ourselves why the Black Mamba is so popular in the UK.  Whilst putting the vaporizer through the testing phase we reached an important conclusion. It is not just the price that is attractive with this model, in fact far from it.

The Black Mamba puts in a solid performance all areas, its boosts originality with design, performs well we cannot forget that the price tag for such quality is what makes this vaporizer a complete bargain.

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