Introducing the Black Widow Dry Herb Vaporizer

Manufactured by Kingstons Technology Co (who also produce the Black Mamba), the Black Widow has sustained a great degree of popularity within the budget dry herb vaporizer market.  Having done some research on its performance ability, we noted the positive feedback related to this vape, and we were confident it was one we would like to stock.

Only really able to judge its appearance and capabilities from images and reviews at this stage, we received a sample to try out for ourselves. Not until then could we decide whether to believe the hype surrounding the Black Widow or not. With various styles of weed vaporizers available on the market within the affordable price bracket, we had to be sure we were selective in our choices. It is clear that no one vape suits all but we soon determined that, just like its counterpart the Black Mamba, the Black Widow is in fact quite an all rounder.

Black Widow dry herb vaporizer

The Design

The Black Widow is a solid, sturdy piece of kit which has a high quality finish. Looking rather like an enlarged PAX (but at a fraction of the price) the exterior is both stylish and robust. Although on the larger size, the Black Widow remains compact enough to fit comfortably in most pockets.

Its anodized aluminium covering comes in both a black and silver finish. You definitely get the feeling you could drop this model a few times and it would happily withstand the knocks.

The mouthpiece attaches on to the body of the vape securely with a strong magnet. Simple to remove but stays completely in tact when in use. The only drawback with it is that it does heat up substantially after around 10 mins continuous use. With this in mind, the manufacturer has included a silicon pipe that simply attaches to the opening to avoid your lips making contact with the hot mouthpiece. It is not ideal but is certainly something that can be lived with considering
the low price tag.

There are no frills with this device, no groundbreaking technology or mind-blowing innovation. It is very much a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin kind of vape. This in itself makes it an attractive choice to the masses.

The Performance

To achieve thicker cloud and optimum taste the Black Widow definitely performs better at the higher temperature settings. Whilst within the lower range, the vapor is there but is subtle as is the flavour and can be a touch dissatisfying. This of course would suit some people better, it’s very much dependent on the effect you are aiming for. At the 410 degree fahrenheit mark the Black Widow produces thicker cloud and really flavoursome vapor. The vapor is consistently satisfying with each pull. The taste is surprisingly sweet and pure, similar to that which you’d expect from a mouthpiece made from inert materials such as glass.

If I’m honest, I was expecting my herb vapor to be slightly distorted with a metallic or equally unpleasant taste as is the case with many cheaper vapes. However, the ceramic chamber complimented my vapor perfectly and I cannot complain about the sweet notes the Black Widow hit.  With its internal battery rated at 2200mah, its life is pretty impressive. You can easily get a good few sessions in before having to charge it again. This is again noteworthy for a vaporizer of this price.

All in all, you are getting all of the most important features that make an dry herb vaporizer good, plus it gives you the option of using concentrates. All for under £40!

The Black Widow vaporizer has a one button interface which is so easy to use, so a great starter vape or for someone who simply isn’t bothered about gadgets and tech. There are really only two options, to turn on and off, press the button five times and to change heat settings, hold it for three seconds. It’s also worth noting that this one button has a great ‘click score’ in that it is not almost flush to the surface of the vape body and that it doesn’t stick when clicked. Agai a
common flaw in other cheaper units.

What Comes in the Box

Black Widow Dry Herb Vaporizer
Mouth Cover Cap
Cleaning brush
Set of tweezers
Chamber packing tool
Concentrate capsule
2 spare screens
USB lead
Instruction manual

Why We Choose to Sell the Black Widow Vaporizer

The Black Widow is an all-rounder vaporizer. Without any real mod cons or technological advancements it is still a firm favourite. Both loyal and dependable, this unit will serve its owner effectively and efficiently. The Black Widow has already sustained several years popularity despite the new kids on the block. This, for us, speaks volumes.

It is a vape that does what it says on the box, no more no less but you know exactly where you stand with it. For its price of under £40 there’s very little to complain about and its solid, sturdy design makes it a perfect outdoors companion.

.The Black Widow dry herb vaporizer performs well and is neither flimsy enough to break into pieces, nor will it break the bank. A no brainer really.

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