Introducing the Flowermate Aura Dry Herb Vaporizer

Manufactured by industry favourites Flowermate the Aura stands equally strong as the other members of the Flowermate family.

Flowermate are renowned for producing quality vaporizers with innovative design, outstanding performance, and ease of use. Using only medical grade materials they never falter in making vapes with exceptional quality and style. They have combined all these aspects and come up with the likes of Flowermate Slick, V5.0S and the Nano to name but a few.

Despite all the fantastic features that they incorporate into their vapes and their unwavering commitment to upgrading and refining their existing models, Flowermate still somehow manage to keep their price tag very affordable.

They have built a solid reputation for their expertise and understanding in what makes a great vaporizer and have led the way in showing the marketplace that it is possible to build a high performing, affordable dry herb vaporizer.

Bearing all this in mind, it was a foregone conclusion that we would include their range in our stock.

Flowermate aura vaporizer

The Design

The Flowermate Aura is best described as an ultra-portable pen style vaporizer and it caters for both herb and oils. The Aura is compact in design measuring at just 6” tall. The black casing of the Aura is made from durable plastic. It has a great non-slip rubber coating over it which makes it very easy to grip.

Three red buttons provide the on/off, fire up and temperature control mechanisms.

It features a small yet perfectly formed OLED display screen which clearly shows temperature setting, battery life and a steam symbol that appears when your herb or oil are ready to be vaped.

Subtlety and ease of use are both combined in a very elegant package, the Flowermate Aura’s design allows you to take it with you, wherever you go. If discretion is high on your list of must haves then the Aura will not disappoint. The Flowermate Aura features an ergonomically designed mouthpiece made using only medical grade materials and this mouthpiece can be removed and cleaned easily. The opening to the mouthpiece is approximately 1cm in width allowing plenty of vapor to travel through and it fits comfortably and naturally in the mouth. (Reminiscent of a recorder mouthpiece if you ever
played one in school!)


The Flowermate Aura comes with an improved ceramic heating system. This has been designed to sit deeper than previous models.

The convection system comes with seven heat jets providing diffused and thorough heating.  This allows your herb to cook quickly and at a consistent temperature. It also guarantees zero combustion, a must for vapers of dry herb.

Due to the air intake hole being placed above the electronics, the air path to your mouthpiece is isolated. This gives incredible potent and great tasting vapor, you really can notice the difference between that and a vape without the isolated airpath when it comes to clean, cool vapor.

The Aura is extremely user friendly. One button, that doesn’t stick incidentally, for powering on and off and for firing up your ceramic heating chamber. Plus another two non-stick buttons for setting temperature. The fact that the Aura comes with precise temperature control is a huge plus for us. Switching the temperature up or down in increments of one allows the user to be in full control and really enhances the entire vaping experience.

A great addition to the Flowermate Aura is that it comes with interchangeable pods, meaning you can vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates in form of waxes and liquids. This gives the option to carry around spares and switch from herb to concentrate when and if you choose.

The fixed 2600 mAh Samsung/LG battery provides up to 2 hours of continuous use if fully charged. Affordable vaporizers often fall at this hurdle and include a much less efficient battery. We envisage that this is something the manufacturer will address when making future tweaks to the Flowermate Aura’s design and technology.

What Comes Included in the Box

Flowermate Aura Dry herb vaporizer
Liquid/Wax Pod (Made with Organic Cotton)
Stainless Steel Pod for Herbs (Convection Heating)
5 x Stainless Steel Screens
Packing Tool and Dabber
Cleaning Brush
USB Charging Cable

Why We Choose to Sell the Flowermate Aura

The Flowermate Aura comes from a family of vaporizers held in very high esteem. We currently stock 3 different Flowermate models for that very reason. They always come out on top in the affordable vaporizer range.
It is a vape that outperforms many other vapes in the same price bracket and indeed those costing twice as much! We have the utmost confidence in Flowermate products and are proud to include them in our shop.

Whatever it is you are hoping to find in your vaporizer the Flowermate Aura will meet your needs. You can happily vape it at both lower and higher temperatures effectively. You can achieve both big hits and subtle relaxants alike.  Great flavours, portability and versatility in a stylish package, the Flowermate Aura is a must have for any discerning vaper.

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