Introducing The Flowermate V5 Nano vaporizer

Designed and Manufactured by Smiss the Flowermate V5 Nano comes in as the top of the range model for the Flowermate V5 series.

Flowermate are renowned for manufacturing best of breed dry herb vaporizers.  Utilising only medical grade materials they are still able to place their products in the affordable price range.  Providing excellent customer support and complete transparency, it’s no wonder they have become recognised and trusted industry leaders.

Some of the other models they have in the range include the Flowermate Aura and V5.0S; both of which provide users with exceptional vaping experience.  Based on our own experiences and customer feedback with the Flowermate vaporizer range, we were excited to obtain a V5 Nano and put it through the paces.

The Nano has been blessed with a range of exciting features. Improvements and adjustments to this model set it apart from others in the V5 range. Included is a hybrid conduction/convection heating system, a very impressive airflow, along with a removable battery. Additionally, the V5 prides itself on its ultra portability.

Based on our research of the V5 Nano, it is clear that Flowermate intend it to be the flagship model of the V5 series.

As keen vape enthusiasts we were excited and interested to learn why.

Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer

The Design

Firstly, the Nano is primarily a dry herb vaporizer.  However, with the inclusion of pod inserts it allows liquids and concentrates to be vaped also.  We do advise, if your intention is to vape liquids only, then there are vaporizers far more suited to the job. If you are someone who appreciates versatilty and choice when it comes to vaping matter, then this is perfect.

Designed small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and with a compartment to hide away the  borosilicate glass mouthpiece when not in use, the V5 truly earns the title ultra portable.

Equipped with a powerful 2500mAh battery and a bright OLED screen, Flowermate clearly had high quality in mind with the V5 Nano.   It comes with a three button design. These control the temperature as well at the multi functional use of the power button.

Either end of the vaporizer reveals a compartment. At the base sits the removable battery, plus the storage for the glass mouthpiece when not in use.  At the top, the ceramic style oven sits below the mouthpiece and has a slide along shutter. It is black in colour and is very easy to both access and clean.


Having a multifunctional power button means that the V5 Nano is very easy to use.  Aside from the + and – buttons, the multifunctional power does everything else.

The haptic vibration feature comes into play at various times and is certainly a handy addition.

Vaping waxes and liquids is pretty straightforward with the V5.  Simply fill and insert the pods supplied into the oven chamber. I will stress however, that this is definitely a vaporizer more suited for dry herbs.

The V5 Nano’s convection/conduction heating system is very unique. It also boasts a fully isolated airpath.

Having tried and tested countless vaporizers we can confirm that it’s up there with the best of them. This diamond offers the user raw, gritty power; especially when at the higher end temperature-wise.  In fact, as a comparison, the hit achieved is just as powerful as some of the lower end desktop vaporizers we have tried.

Adding the removable battery to the V5 Nano  in our opinion really was a nice addition to the V5 range.  Having a vaporizer as powerful as this being portable with the ability to carry a spare fully charged battery adds a whole new meaning to the word performance.

What Comes Included In The Box

FlowerMate V5 Nano
Borosilicate glass mouthpiece
FlowerMate Lithium-ion 18650 2500mAh battery
Loading cap
USB rapid charger cable
Liquid/wax pod
Medium stainless steel pod
Maintenance kit
Mouthpiece and chamber screens

Why we chose to sell the Flowermate V5 Nano

Out of all the V5 series the Nano is definitely leading the way in terms of features and performance. It is a clear step up from the other models in the range.  Both the technology and the user experience is up there with the best of them in terms of dry herb vaporizing experiences.

The device has power, style, true portability and discretion. The V5 Nano has it all in fact. Yet it still retains the affordable price bracket. This made it a dead cert for us here at Kronicvapes  and we are proud to introduce this model into our range.

The V5 cannot fail to impress and we are confident that this purchase will exceed expectations.

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