Introducing the Herbstick Relax Dry Herb Vaporizer


Manufactured by CigGo the Herbstick Relax Dry Herb vaporizer is a must have for any true vape enthusiast.

The Herbstick Relax vaporizer is brought to you by a leading vaporizer manufacturer in Asia. The company have been designing and developing vaporizers since 2009. As original design manufacturers they have produced many top quality vaporizers for leading USA and European brands. In 2012 they decided to create their own brand CigGo.

A few years ago CigGo launched the dry herb FyHit series. This reputable range includes the hugely successful FyHit Deluxe, which was the world’s first smart vaporizer; the FyHit Herbstick Eco-S (Economic Style) and the FyHit CS Pen.

The Herbstick Relax smart vaporizer followed and was developed using the latest in technology advancements. When developing new devices CigGo always analyse their existing models to ascertain the improvements that can be made. As a result of this analysis, plus some fantastic engineering intuition, they have come up with a formidable vaporizer in the Herbstick Relax.

The Design

The Herbstick Relax Dry Herb Smart Vaporizer is stylish and understated. Aesthetically speaking it says both elegant and high end. The vibrant, shiny blue outer-casing is tasteful and unique. The lines are smooth and sleek.


The Herbstick is an extremely compact design. At just 106mm x 36.5mm x 24mm there is no bulkiness or cumbersome feel about this vape. Yet, at the same time, the hard-cast aluminum alloy outer-casing yields a reassuring robustness. It looks sturdy and stands confident amongst vaporizers much more costly.


When it comes to portability and discretion the Herbstick Relax truly exceeds. Not only do the size dimensions allow it to sit neatly in a pocket or small bag but it also features a fold away mouthpiece. With the mouthpiece tucked away the Relax resembles a small battery pack. So, even if the Herbstick accidentally falls out of your pocket an observer would be hard pressed to recognise it as a dry herb vaporizer! Furthermore, with no bits sticking out of your vape you are far less likely to experience breakages in transit. However, should you damage the mouthpiece it is replaceable, another great feature.


Other features are equally discreet. For example, the stainless steel heating chamber is tucked away at the base of the vaporizer. This is accessed via a magnetic cover which is simply pressed at one end to open.

The spine of the vaporizer features the slim LCD screen, power on/off button, and temperature controls. The black screen is clear to read and shows temperature set in degrees celsius or fahrenheit and a battery life icon. The USB charging port also sits alongside the screen.

Visually everything about this vape is sophisticated and pleasing to the eye.

The Herbstick Relax is smart not only in appearance but also in technology. The haptic feedback system lets you know all you need to with vibration. This vape vibrates when it is turned on, when it has reached its set temperature and even when it is left idle for over a minute! At this point it vibrates to let you know the temperature is about to automatically fall. Amazingly simply picking up the vaporizer will restart the heating process.

All in all a dry herb vaporizer utilising true ingenuity, fantastic job CigGo!

Herbstick Relax Dry Herb Vaporizer



Firstly, the Relax is incredibly simple to operate. The standard five clicks turn the device on. By pressing the plus or minus buttons you can set the vaporizer to your desired temperature. The temperature moves up and down in increments of five and you can choose either celsius or fahrenheit so this feature is certainly customizable. Pressing the power button a further two times then instructs the vape to find the correct temperature. When reached it vibrates twice to let you know it has heated up and is ready to use. This all happens in under 30 seconds.

Incidentally, the vape is always set at the temperature last in use, so, if you like to vape at one particular temperature this is a convenient feature.

The fact the heating chamber is situated at the base of the Herbstick Relax rather than under the mouthpiece was really rather nice. It’s easy to access and no faffing around unscrewing mouthpieces. The stainless steel chamber is impressively sizeable.

Power and Cloud

Packed moderately and set at 200 degrees celsius the cloud was good and the flavour deliciously strong. There was also absolutely no heat register to the mouthpiece and just slight warmth to the body.

Pushing through the temperatures up to the maximum of 225 degrees celsius/437 fahrenheit the Relax continued to perform consistently. Other less capable vapes would falter at this stage. Not the Herbstick Relax, which maintained temperature, cloud and taste. Despite the maximum temperature, the mouthpiece remained cool and the vapor pure and fresh. There is heat to the body of the vape but nowhere near too hot to handle as can be the case with some dry herb vaporizers.

Haptic Feedback

The haptic feedback is a great reminder tool. If you’re distracted mid session and you put your vape down for a moment the vibration alert that lets you know it is about to cool down is bothy handy and efficient battery-wise.

If you’re not a fan of the vibration however, there is an option to disable it by a simple long press on the plus button.

Finally, you can use the Herbstick Relax while in charging mode; I don’t know about you but for me, to be able to continue to use my vape whilst it’s charging is a top feature! As with design and appearance, the performance of the Herbstick Relax is top class. I truly cannot fault this creation from CigGo.

What Comes Included in the Box

Herbstick Relax Vaporizer with 2200mAh battery
Extra mouthpiece
Extra chamber lid
Micro USB Charging Cable
User manual
5 x pipe cleaners
Cleaning knife
Cleaning brush
Metallic stick
3 x mini spacers

Why We Choose to Sell the CigGo Herbstick Relax

Consistent, outstanding performance presented in a classic, modern design is a winning combination.
The Herbstick has a real high end feel and look which is matched equally in performance and portability. The price tag is hugely competitive for a vaporizer of this standard and we 100% know our customers will be delighted with this choice.


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