Is Canavape the best CBD E-liquid?


Trying to find the best CBD e-liquid is an arduous task. If you have ever attempted to find one then you will know exactly what I mean.

It is impossible to crown any single CBD E-Liquid product as the very best of the best. The reason being that individuals all respond to CBD in their own unique way.

Generic question

Asking ‘Which is the best CBD vape juice?’ is rather akin to asking, ‘Where is the best place to go on holiday?’

Both questions are far too generic. Anyone who has been on holiday will have their own valid opinion of what is the best destination. Answers will be based on factors such as personal experience; taste; economic situation and so on.

People’s opinions of CBD is much the same. How CBD makes an individual feel, the side effects and the success or failure stories are all subjective. Consequently, when choosing your CBD E-Liquid it is important not to be swayed in one direction by another’s experience.

Restoring Balance

Restoring Balance

The very point in taking CBD as a supplement to health, is that we are attempting to restore balance in regards to our endocannabinoid system (ES). Equilibrium of this nature provides an individual with an all round feeling of optimum health and wellbeing.

However, consider the fact that humans are individual, made up of their own bespoke genetic motherboard. Then it is easier to understand that the restorative biological process that CBD initiates, needs to take a slightly different direction in each case.
The specific symptoms a person is experiencing will determine which part of the body the CBD sets to work restoring.

Kidding ourselves that we can narrow it down to one CBD E-liquid product in the UK that is best for all is futile.


Instead, the focus can be widened to specific brands and ranges of products. A closer look at the source and authenticity of the CBD; the transparency of the manufacturer; plus the diversity of products on offer is a far more comprehensive way to begin the search.

Canavape’s background

Starting out in 2014, Canavape were the first manufacturer to sell CBD products to the UK and the rest of Europe.
Canavape’s clear intention and determination to produce authentic, high grade CBD Vape liquid has rewarded them great respect and trust with both the consumer and the industry as a whole.

From the early days of small batch production to becoming one of the largest manufacturers of cannabinoid products in Europe:

We’ve always kept quality and reliability at the core of our process.

In fact, this commitment to quality and standard of their CBD products has seen  Canavape grow into one of the leading UK manufacturers of CBD in Europe. Today, Canavape enjoy global success. What is most reassuring is their exponential growth has never seen standards drop.

We’re serious about quality, so all of our CBD products are formulated and produced in a UK based laboratory with care, attention, and precision.

Canavape CBD extraction method

Canavape CBD extraction method

There have been several methods of extracting CBD tried over the years. The most common methods of extracting CBD oil are carbon dioxide, steam distillation, or solvent extraction. Growers and producers decide for their own reasons which method to use.

Canavape choose to use carbon dioxide extraction or supercritical C02 extraction. This method is the most expensive. However it is also the greenest, most efficient, non-toxic method too.

Supercritical C02 Extraction

C02 extraction uses pressurised carbon dioxide to draw out the cannabinoids from the plant.
Also known as supercritical fluid extraction (SFE), this process is carried out to obtain the cleanest cannabinoids. In fact, plant extracts obtained by this method are microbiologically sterile.


Hemp is often contaminated with heavy metals and other dangerous substances. The use of things such as fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural applications increase the abundance of these metals in soils and water. It has been proven that hemp absorbs these substances, accumulating toxic compounds from the soil.

To obtain pure CBD oil, special cleaning techniques are crucial. Supercritical CO2 extraction is the only method that guarantees the complete removal of heavy metals and toxins. The CBD extracted using this method is 100% microbiologically sterile.


As well as cleaning, C02 extraction also allows for the highest purity in the CBD as it does not extract any impurities. Additionally, the process occurs at relatively low temperatures placing no detrimental effect to the important structure of the plants’ components.

Environmentally friendly

Finally, extraction using this method is the greenest. As the process finishes, the gaseous element discharges to atmosphere, leaving no trace and with no need for additional removal. It is clean, safe and places no negative impact on the environment.

Canavape products

Canavape produce an extensive range of CBD e-liquids and additives of the highest grade.

Their products include high strength CBD E-liquids with infused terpenes, CBD E-liquid with dedicated CBG as well as CBD and CBG additives.

As well as this diverse range of vape oils, Canavape offer varying strengths and no less than nine mouth-watering flavours!

Regarding strengths, CBD/CBG E-liquid comes in CBD 200mg:CBG 20mg and CBD 400mg:CBG 40mg.

The terpene infused E-liquids are available in CBD 300mg:CBG 30mg and CBD 600mg:CBG 60mg.

The high strength CBD and CBG additives give the option of adding up to 1200mg of high-grade, high-purity cannabinoids to your favourite e-liquid flavour.

If you are trying CBD E-liquid for the first time Canavape produce a low strength oil with just 100mg CBD. This is great for a starter pack or if there are times of the day when all you need is low strength CBD. These come in 5 different delicious flavours.

Value for money

Value for money

The Canavape range is certainly not the cheapest you will find on offer but if you shop around you will find their product price varies online from store to store. What the consumer gets for their money, however, are certain guarantees:

* Long-standing respected position in the industry
* What they are purchasing has been extracted efficiently
* The CBD contains no toxins and is microbiologically sterile
* Purity of the CBD is at its highest
* Complete transparency – Canavape will happily provide lab reports for all of their CBD products

The best?

Value for money

After consideration of the facts, it does seem that Canavape are definitely in contention of being one of the best manufacturers of CBD E-liquid; certainly in the UK.

If you are searching for a truly green and pure experience, then you cannot go wrong. The only problem you now have is deciding which delicious flavour to choose …

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