Knowing When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Vaporizer

Vaping has become a hugely popular trend over the past few years. Apart from providing heavy smokers a break from their nicotine addiction, they have helped to get rid of the carbon dioxide and tar associated with cigarette smoking.

With vaping in rally mode vaporizers are more popular than ever before. They all promise to give you a delightful vaping experience and all list their own particular features. However much of this technology and specifications are still new to consumers and many are unclear about vaporizer usage. Here are a few ways to know if you need a major vape update:

Your Battery Keeps Dying

A powerful battery backup is at the top of many consumer’s list of must haves. Vape devices usually come with an attached battery that has to be recharged before use. The lifespan of batteries is significantly reduced if batteries are frequently recharged and in constant use. It is thought the backup reduces dramatically after around 300 charges. Overheating is also a problem and it’s best not to use the battery again if frequent overheating occurs. Inconsistency with your vapes battery is really the clearest sign that you’re due a replacement model. It is important to remember not to charge your vaporiser battery with phone or tablet charger, only charge with the adaptor provided with your vape.

You Want A Stronger Hit

So, you know you need a new vape device when your current one doesn’t leave you satisfied after vaping. You still long for stronger throat hits and a more intense vaping experience. It could be that the vaporiser you chose does not reach the optimum temperature you desire for your hits or that the coil needs replacing. However it could also just be a sign of general age. Opt e-juice that has a higher PG ratio as it can give stronger hits, similar to that of tobacco cigarettes. You can get them at any marijuana dispensary or any online dispensary.


You Experience A Weird Vape Taste

A burnt vape taste most common problem caused due to burnt out coils. It is important to replace your coils as vaping with an overburnt coil can damage other parts of your device. Some atomizers can’t handle high-VG juice because it’s so thick. Using a mod with temperature control can help avoid dry and burnt hits. You may also find that the taste your vaporizer gives is not the best due to the design itself and materials used. For example a vaporiser with a glass mouthpiece is far more likely to give out a sweeter, purer flavour than that of a plastic alternative. Glass is known to be the best conductor of vapor but also a glass mouthpiece is easier to clean avoiding a build of unwanted residue. A plastic mouthpiece has a tendency to overheat, even when it doesn’t come into contact with the heating element itself there is the danger if the vaporiser is set to a high temperature then the plastic mouthpiece will too. This can give off  a toxic and unpleasant tasting vapor; not something anyone wants. Having said that there are also very high quality plastic mouthpieces too and they often have a longer life as less prone to cracking.

You Want More Flavourful Vapes
Sometimes, leftover residue causes a buildup in the e-juice tanks. This build-up creates a “gunk” that darkens the color of your fluid and can also alter the flavor of your vape. For more flavourful hits, you ’ll need an e-juice with higher VG ratio. You can try cleaning your e-juice tank or replacing it completely to get robust flavours.

Your Device Is Leaking

Vape devices are extremely sensitive. The e-juice tank may be a plastic container, which can melt or a glass one which is highly prone to breakage. If your device is truly leaking as a result of cracks, there is no quick fix; it’s simply time for a new vaping device. On the other hand, there can also be internal leaks because of which you may get the liquid in your mouth on inhalation. 

Your Device Makes Gurgling Sounds 
Vaping devices often produce a gurgling sound due to a burnt out coil or if the coil is not functioning effectively. Usually, it can be solved by replacing the coil, preferably with a cotton coil. If the problem persists, the gurgling noise maybe because the device has not heated up enough to vaporize all of the liquid, which causes the clearomizer to flood.

You Want Thicker Clouds

One of the biggest joys of vaping is really getting a big puff out and blowing out a beautiful stream of vapor. When it lacks the thickness, for which you’ve experienced in the past, you need a new vaping tank. A stronger VG ratio can give you dense vapors but you’ll need a powerful device to heat up the high-density VG.


Heating Up Your Device Is Difficult

Heating a vaping device is important as a lower temperature produces more flavourful hits with fewer throat hits while higher temperatures can provide a strong hit with thick and dense vapor. It is important that your device heats up properly if you want a satisfying vaping experience. At a certain point, your tank may not heat at all: at this point, it obviously needs to be replaced.

You simply want to upgrade

As hardware advances, modern vapes are getting sleeker, more compact and powerful. If you feel your device looks cheap and chunky and doesn’t give you the desired vaping experience you once had then you know it’s time to move to a more advanced device.  There are constant advancements in vaping technology.  Lets take a look at the Flowermate Aura vaporizer, its a device that allows you to vape herbs and concentrates.  The options available today are much more than it was two years ago.

High quality models become available at affordable prices

Online vape stores are perfect for finding great quality, affordable vapes at discounted rates. Many sites post reviews and youtube videos of what is included in the box and show the vaporizer being used. This is extremely helpful in the selection process. There are a variety of vaping devices belonging to different categories from mini vapes, dry herb vaporizers  types of marijuana, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds, CBD vaporizers, combination vapes to vape pods and vape mods. Whatever type of vape it is you are seeking, you can guarantee there is always a new, more advanced model coming to the market.

To conclude vapes are not meant to last forever. However, regular maintenance and cleaning of your vaporizer will extend both the desired vaping experience and lifespan of your vape. Instructions for cleaning are normally included within the manual and the majority of vaporizers come with cleaning utensils that make life even easier. If at all unsure simply ask for clear instructions upon purchasing your new vaporizer, or contact the manufacturer direct.

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