The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers 2019 – Our Top Picks


We are proud here at KRONICVAPES to reveal the best affordable portable dry herb vaporizers 2019.  Last year saw a huge rise in the popularity of portable vaporizers.  This new surge of interest stemmed not only from smokers who wished to convert to vaping for health reasons but also a distinct improvement in design and build of the vapes.

Consumers all over the world have been critiquing and sharing experiences of the dry herb vaporizers  they have tried. They use public forums and review sites on the web; helping other potential and existing members of the vaping community make informed choices. Unsurprisingly, the manufacturers have been paying very close attention.


With new technology and innovative design we are now seeing a generation of herb vaporizer far superior to many of the original models on the market. Consumers are demanding high quality and performance from their vaporizers and there are certain aspects that they are unwilling to compromise on.

The market has grown considerably over the past year and moved on substantially. There is now a huge variety of choice offering something for everyone. Whilst this is a great situation to be in for any keen vaper, it can also be quite hard to decide which is the best vape for you at times.

Something for Everyone

Whether you’re looking for huge hits, awesome flavour, a smooth and subtle high, maximum efficiency with your herb or an affordable price tag, there really is a vape out there that will satisfy your needs (and occasionally even that special one that will blow your mind!)
However, it is possible to narrow the search down considerably when you are clear about each device’s pros and cons.


2019 is a very exciting year for all things dry herb vape related. We at Kronicvapes wanted to take the opportunity to give you our opinion on which vaporizers are really cutting the mustard and why.


The Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer


To kick us off, a real KING of vapes – the Flowermate V5 Nano. This front runner gives us so many reasons to feel cheerful and here is why:

Portability and discretion

Presented in a smart and sophisticated package, this compact device sits perfectly in your hand.

Taking into consideration portability and discretion, the removable mouthpiece with a compartment with which to contain it in is a real design masterpiece by Flowermate. It then occurred to us that, whilst you have the mouthpiece attached, this hidden space can also double up as the perfect little secure holding for your surplus herb whilst on the move. It can house another couple of oven refills at the very least and this pleased us no end!


Removable battery

A real asset of the Nano V5 is the removable battery. This is a practical feature that many vape enthusiasts will find appealing. Particularly frequent vapers. There’s nothing more frustrating and uneconomical than having to replace the entire device when it is just the battery that has died.
The option of replacing the battery potentially increases the lifespan and power of your vaporizer. It’s incredibly simple to do as well. Spares are very easy to source. Simply remove the plate cover, take out the old Flowermate 18650 2500mAh battery and pop the new one in. (Note the corresponding positive and negative charges).

Water Pipe adapter

For those that enjoy taking a hit from their bong and assume that vaping now renders their glass piece redundant, the Nano V5 comes equipped with the option to slide right into your water pipe.

Although not included in the box, there is the option to purchase a water pipe adapter to attach to the Nano V5. The adapter fits into place at the opening of the heating chamber and then slides directly into your pipe. All the fun of a bong without the nasty carcinogens that are associated with smoking!
You’re assured big hits full of cool vapor. Using the water pipe adapter appeals to those that prefer a larger hit; especially those that struggle with the narrower mouthpieces found on a typical portable vaporizer. The water pipe attachment really does imitate the experience you would get from your bong, allowing unlimited airflow and more sizeable hits.

Precise Temperature Control

Whatever your choice of herb the Flowermate Nano V5 allows you to customise the exact temperature you wish to vape at. Ranging from between 40-230C (104-446F) there is a wide range in which to choose from.
The precise temperature feature puts the customer fully in control of their vaping experience. What one person finds an optimum temperature to vape their herb at can differ entirely from another. Depending upon the flavour, strength of hit and effect desired will dictate the temperature preferred and this option allows for a more personal session.

Undeniable Hits

There are many dry herb vaporizers out there that simply do not come up to parr in this area. They may be all singing and dancing in every other respect but when it comes to the actual hit you’re left feeling somewhat short-changed.
Well fear not with the Nano V5!

Satisfying Cloud

This little vaporizer packs quite a punch! The kind that would see it sit confidently alongside portable vaporizers twice its price and stature.
Our preference is to pack directly into the chamber. (Although there is the option to use the stainless steel pod. Consequently avoiding direct contact with the heat source.) We choose to vape our herb at 220C. A combination of the even heat, the isolated airpath and the borosilicate glass mouthpiece made for the sweetest tasting vapor. Each draw expelling a satisfying cloud.
Restricted airflow is not an issue with this vaporizer. The hits come thick and fast. As vapers who are looking for a significant thc high we get exactly what we are after from the Nano V5.

This King will remain a favourite throughout 2019!


The Nereus Nova Dry Herb Vaporizer


A hidden gem in the portable vaporizer world, the Nova wowed us from the very start and here is why …

Precise Temperature Control and versatility

The Nereus Nova vaporizer surprised us from the word go. It is rare to find a portable vaporizer at such a low cost perform so well on so many levels. The one thing you quite often compromise on with vapes in this price bracket is the temperature control feature. It is almost accepted by the vaping community that a device under a certain value will come with preset temperature controls. At most, a budget device gives you the option of 4 or 5 different levels to choose from.

Temperature Range

The Nereus Nova however comes with an extensive temperature range of 100-260C or 212-500F. This can be moved up and down in just 1 degree increments. Sensitive control like this allows the user to customise their vaping experience.
This gives such a wide variety of choice; both in the way in which you wish to vape your herb and which herb you wish to vape. Some dry herb vaporizers are truly only optimized for one particular herb but the Nova certainly offers the opportunity to experiment with a variety of herbs at a variety of temperatures.

Nereus Nova Dry Herb Vaporizer

Sweet tasting vapor

What we absolutely love about this vape is that it truly performs as it should at each temperature. It doesn’t have one optimum setting and then simply underperform at any other. If it’s subtle and smooth you are after it will give you just that. If it is ballsy and brash hits you are after it will certainly give you that too. Whilst it doesn’t produce huge clouds it does produce some cloud. The Nova really does give us some of the best tasting vapor we have found in any vape; let alone one so affordably priced.

Does Not Get Hot

The Nova is one of the few portable dry herb vaporizers that does not get hot to the touch. It is an accepted flaw that vaporizers, will get too hot to handle during usage. Inevitably the session has to be paused to allow the device to cool. The Nova is an exception to this rule. This is another perfect example of a budget vaporizer behaving as a higher end device.

Large Oven Capacity

For those that enjoy a lengthy session the Nova boasts a huge 0.75 gram ceramic heating chamber. Not a feature suited to the micro vaper perhaps. The bowl does need to be packed fully to optimise the vapor production. However, for a decent session with mates or just as someone who enjoys a lengthier blast this will satisfy you no end.

Affordable Price Tag

We cannot overlook all the features the Nova has to offer at such little cost. Often when a vaporizer is priced at the affordable range (under £100) presumptions are made about its likely performance and limited features.

To come in such an all-round impressive package and tick so many boxes we believe this to be a real steal for 2019.


CigGo Herbstick Relax Dry Herb Vaporizer


The Cig-Go Herbstick Relax is our portable vaporizer of choice for on-the-go herb enjoyment. Here is why we have chosen it:


The Herbstick Relax is designed in a neat, subtle package and oozes appeal. With the mouthpiece down, the Relax measures no longer than the palm of my hand (10.5cm in length to be precise.) The mouthpiece folds down flush into the top of the device and it is reminiscent of a small remote control or battery pack.
Nothing about the Relax’s outer-casing screams dry herb vaporizer. In fact, it is the perfect companion for a cheeky vape whilst you’re on the go or out in public.
The other feature of discretion, is unlike many other vapes, the logo is not splashed all across the device and sits almost unnoticed at the base of the vape. This is a style plus for me. I can confidently produce my Herbstick relax from my bag without anyone being any the wiser as to what it even is!


The vape gives off hardly any telltale smells at all, probably the least I’ve experienced. You can relax. The Relax is true to its word and really is the soul of discretion.

Herbstick Relax Dry Herb Vaporizer

Ease of Use

5 clicks of the power button will turn your device on. Plus and minus buttons for controlling the temperature settings. The Relax really is as straightforward to use as they come.


It is a self-explanatory little device and takes no time to get used to. The stainless steel chamber sits at the bottom of the unit and is ample for a decent session. The lid to the chamber is secured on with magnets. It is simple to get on and off just by pressing one end down.

Haptic Feedback

The haptic feedback system feature on the Relax is fantastic. The technology ensures no waste of herb or battery life. The vibration allows you to know when the vaporizer is ready to use. Haptic feedback also informs you when it is going into standby mode.


The thing we love about this nifty little vape is however you choose to vape it will provide a consistently good experience. The chamber can be half filled (certainly no less than) or fully filled but needs to packed quite tightly for best results. Once filled and fired the vapor and flavour from this herbstick just doesn’t quit.
You can work through a whole range of temperatures and this vaporizer just never dips in its delivery. In both cloud, flavour and hit the Herbstick relax is a constant, a vape you know exactly where you are with.

Convection Heating

The Herbstick Relax uses a convection method to cook your herb; rather than conduction which is much more commonly found in vaporizers within this price range.

Convection heating means the herb you pack into the chamber never actually comes into direct contact with the heating element. It therefore avoids the possibility of combustion. The heating element simply passes hot air into the chamber and heats your herb gently and evenly. Conduction heating, whereby the element is in direct contact with the herb, achieves a faster heat up time. This often gives a big hit to begin with, much like a bong or a pipe. However, the intensity of the hit will not be sustained and combustion is still possible using this method.


Baking your herb using convection provides a more consistent vapor and intensity. It takes slightly longer to reach your optimum temperature using convection. We advise giving your vape a touch longer to thoroughly heat your herb when using convection technology.  The end result however, is well worth it. Especially if you are looking for a more harmonious vaping experience. We recommend you work through the temperature settings to find the optimum heat for you. Different terpenes and cannabinoids are released at different heats; have a play until you find the perfect setting for you.

It is the convection heating that also provides the Herbstick Relax with its awesome flavour and subtle odour.

The CigGo Herbstick Relax impresses all round. Consistency is key with this fantastic dry herb vaporizer. A must have for 2019.

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