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Our Canavape CBD Vape Oils


At Kronicvapes we are extremely proud to stock the very finest in high grade, organic CBD products which we have selected from the prestigious Canavape range.
Our vape oils contain high concentrations of pure CBD extracted from organically cultivated cannabis plants, as well as dedicated CBG (Cannabigerol).
Our vape oils do not include any THC, nicotine or nasty pesticides and toxins associated with non-organic CBD vape oils.


Canabidiol or CBD is one of over a hundred cannabinoids found naturally occuring in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are known to boost our own endocannabinoid system and help maintain a healthy homeostasis.
We produce cannabinoids naturally ourselves but illnesses, conditions and every day stress result in us needing a boost to our system and that is where CBD comes in to play.

Of all the known cannabinoids that can be extracted from the cannabis plant, research into CBD has shown that this compound in particular is of huge importance healthwise. Either as an isolate or when combined with other cannabinoids CBD is bursting with beneficial properties.

Contrary to common misconception CBD will NOT make you high or stimulate any psychoactive effect whatsoever. It possess none of the mind altering properties associated with its counterpart THC and is perfectly legal to both sell and consume in the UK.


There are many reasons why we are attracted to Canavape products but essentially it is the unique inclusion of the cannabinoid CBG that drew us to this particular CBD e-liquid.

CBG is referred to by scientists as the stem cell of cannabinoids because once extracted from the cannabis plant you know other compounds such as CBD, THC and CBC are right behind it. CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and is known to have significant health benefits including:

• antibacterial properties
• aiding good sleep patterns
• promoting healthy bone growth
• inhibiting cancer cell growth

When CBD is combined with CBG and other naturally derived plant terpenes it is known to greatly increase the effectiveness of the CBD.

The entourage effect

When cannabinoids are used alongside each other it creates what is known as the entourage effect. In other words the cannabinoids, terpenes and other chemical properties extracted from the cannabis plant work together and this combination leads to a greater effect than any of those compounds have alone.

The Canavape multi-cannabinoid e-liquid is the most natural CBD of its kind. With dedicated CBG and 0% THC it is the only pure multi-cannabinoid vape liquid on the market.
In our range of Canavape CBD vape oils we have selected three strengths to suit a variety of needs.

Beginners often prefer to vape a lower strength at first and gradually build up to a higher concentrate. The lower strength also suits the customer who chooses to vape CBD purely for relaxation and enjoyment purposes but who knows the benefits that CBD will bring also.

The middle and high strength vape oils are multi-cannabinoids and certainly better equipped at benefitting general well-being and alleviating symptoms of more chronic health issues.

All come in a variety of mouth watering flavours including Pink Lemonade, Cool Cola and The Grape Escape. The aroma from the vapor is distinctively sublime.

The strengths are as follows:-

200MG CBD + 20MG CBG – 20ML  
200:20 Mid-strength 1.10% CBD
This strength contains the cannabinoids CBD, CBG and CBDv
THC free

400MG CBD = 40MG CBG – 20ML
400:40 High-strength 2.2% CBD
This strength contains the cannabinoids CBD, CBG, CBDv
THC free

600MG CBD = 60MG CBG + naturally derived terpenes 

600:60 High-Strength 2.2 CBD

This strength contains the cannabinoids CBD, CBG, CBDv


Vaping CBD and the effects


Why vape CBD?

CBD is perfect for vaporizing as warming the oil activates the CBD which is what allows us to experience all of its benefits to the very fullest. The optimum temperature to vaporize CBD at is around 180 degrees celsius most people choose to vaporize a between 160-180 degrees celsius . Much higher than that and some of the active components that give us the health benefits will be killed off by combustion. Vaporizing is ideal in that you can set your device to the exact optimum temperature or indeed purchase a CBD oil vaporizer with this optimum temperature preset.
The act of vaping is an excellent relaxation technique itself. The method of long, deep intakes of breath, slowly exhaling to produce soft, fragrant clouds of vapor promotes tranquillity and calm.

Set your own dose

Vaporizing allows you to determine the dosage that is preferable to you. It may be that you want to vary the dosage at different times of the day or night, or according to how your symptoms need to be managed.
Faster effects
Vaporizing CBD allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream almost immediately via the lungs. Other methods of consumption are less direct and maybe have to pass through the digestive system first, delaying the effectiveness received from the CBD.
Due to the fact that the benefits of CBD can be felt so quickly when vaporizing, it is the perfect method for many conditions. For example, anxiety and panic attacks can occur very suddenly as can episodes of chronic pain – vaping your CBD can calm these symptoms and give immediate relief.


Vaping is fast becoming the preferred method to consume CBD. Not only are the health benefits of the CBD a factor but also the fact that is a fantastic non-addictive alternative to vaping nicotine e-liquid. Canavape vape liquid can be vaped on its own or diluted with other e-liquids if looking for a lower concentration of CBD.


One of the biggest reasons for choosing to vape CBD over other methods of consumption is that it has proven to be highly bioavailable. This simply means the proportion of the cannabinoid absorbed is greater when vaping. Heavy hemp oil extracts contain a much lower concentrate of CBD and the bioavailability level reflects that. High grade oils like Canavape e-liquid are authentic and pure and therefore the benefits are much more effective.

What kind of vaporizer shall I use for Canavape CBD oil?
Our selection of CBD vape oils can be used with oil vaporizers, vape pens and in 2-in-1 vaporizers that vaporize both dry herb and CBD oil (you can find high quality, affordable 2-in-1s in our dry herb vaporizer category).
Bear in mind that the optimum temperature to vape CBD is 180 degrees celsius and ensure you find a vaporizer that can be set at this temperature or just below.


Just some of the ways in which vaping CBD can compliment your health


Pain relief

Although there needs to be more research in order to verify the pain-relieving benefits of CBD oil, it already shows a great deal of promise as an alternative for people who have chronic pain. Experts think that CBD interacts with receptors in the brain and immune system. These receptors are attached to our cells which in turn receive signals from various stimuli and the receptors help these cells respond. As a result painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects occur which assists with the kind of chronic pain associated with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and back conditions.
Reduction in anxiety and depression
CBD vape oil controls CB2 receptors, which are found in numerous areas of the body. This is why people with varying physical and mental ailments can find benefit in CBD oil. For anxiety disorders, CBD interacts with your neurotransmitters to relieve anxiety, increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine which are our happy neurotransmitters.

Alleviating cancer-related symptoms

CBD oil is also used by some people in managing pain related to cancer and cancer treatment. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has pointed to CBD as a possible option for relieving symptoms caused by chemotherapy.
Whilst we do not claim that our CBD vape oils have medical benefits we do celebrate it as a positive supplement to general health and wellbeing and a huge body of reputable research supports this. Scientific reports and research, as well as testaments from people who have experienced improvements in their lifestyle after vaping CBD are well documented on the internet and available for anyone to read.

Side effects of vaping CBD

There are currently no long-term results available on the negative implications of vaping CBD e liquid. However, it is known that CBD can interfere with other medications and before you decide to start using CBD vape oil, you should always discuss it with your doctor first to ensure your safety and avoid any potential negative side effects.

The law

CBD is totally legal in the UK,  since November 1st 2018 medical cannabis including medicines with THC can be prescribed by doctors on the NHS.

More about Canavape

The Canavape brand has been a leading manufacturer in the UK and European market for the past four years and has now gained huge success globally.
Highly regarded amongst the industry, Canavape have proved themselves to be both innovative and creative. Alongside this they consistently maintain the highest of standards with regards to the quality of their products, gaining huge respect from their peers and customers.

Based here in the UK, Canavape are leading the way in the CBD marketplace, offering the customer the highest quality, organic CBD.

Under the guidance of their in house Ph.D scientist, their production facilities allow them to research, formulate and develop new and exciting products that are free from prohibited substances, heavy metals and pesticides.

They provide high grade CBD products that are organically sourced and then produced within their own ISO certified laboratory.

If you have ever further questions relating to the Canavape range that we stock please feel free to email us and we will be happy to help.