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Dry Herb Vaporizer UK

Kronicvapes stock vaporizers optimised for dry herb, CBD oils and wax concentrates. We also stock vaporizers that are designed to be used for all three! We guarantee that all of our dry herb vaporizers incorporate the latest technology, features and style. Most importantly, they are ALL GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY.  Choose from leading brands such as Flowermate, Atman, Storz & Bickel and more!

Things to Consider when Buying a Dry Herb or Weed Vaporizer

1. Heating Technology

Conduction is the more traditional method of cooking your herb in a dry herb vaporizer and is still the preferred method for many. The herb comes into direct contact with the heat source, providing quick heat up times.

Convection uses thermal transfer which provides thorough, even baking and completely avoids combustion of your herb. True convection dry herb vaporizers have a longer heat up time and the technology is more expensive than conduction devices.

2. Mouthpiece 

We supply weed vaporizers with both glass and plastic mouthpieces. A borosilicate glass mouthpiece produces a sweeter, cooler vapor. Glass mouthpieces remain at a cool temperature even when vaping at very high ones. Plastic on the other hand is easier to clean and maintain. They are often more durable.

3. Airpath 

Amongst our range of dry herb vaporizers you will find models with isolated air paths. These seclude the journey in which the air travels inside the device. The isolation of this path ensures the purest vapor and the fullest tasting herb.

4. Batteries & Maintenance

The size and durability of a battery is an important feature to consider. The weed vaporizers we sell come with a varied range of battery capacity. A larger battery will deliver uninterrupted sessions with your vape. In addition, we also stock vaporizers with a removable battery. This allows the option to carry a spare and replace the battery when it dies. Many of our dry herb vaporizers have fitted batteries. This is more convenient for some. A decent battery will give your vape a long life.

5. Removable Parts

All of our vapes are fitted with removable parts. This allows you to thoroughly clean and maintain your device. Regular cleaning is important and increases the life span of your vape. In addition to hygiene, a dry herb vaporizer with removable parts allows you to customize your vape to suit your needs.

6. Portability

Not all of the weed vaporizers we stock are classed as truly portable. The degree of portability and discretion of  vaporizers varies a great deal. We stock pocket-size dry herb vaporizers that are truly built with this aspect in mind. These models carry design features that allow for optimum portability.  However we also stock desk top vaporizers that are typically more powerful and provide a more advanced vaping experience.

7. Temperature Control

One of the things to consider when looking at a dry herb vaporizer is the temperature control options.  Some models come with preset temperatures, while others come with full precise control.  The lower temperatures will bring out more terpenes and ensure a more rich flavour, the higher temperatures bring more of a blast.

Depending on what herbs you are vaping, will depend on the temperature set required for the optimum vaping experience.

Why Choose a Dry Herb or Weed Vaporizer?

The decision to vape over smoke has become a hugely popular and well documented one especially in the UK. Research has shown unequivocally that vaporizing significantly reduces the risks to health that inhaling smoke poses. We find that the majority of people who are considering a dry herb vaporizer are, either looking for a cleaner, healthier alternative to smoking, or are interested in the health benefits associated with vaporizing herbs. Using a dry herb vaporizer is the perfect solution.

Which is the Best Dry Herb or Weed Vaporizer For You?

As the no.1 supplier of top branded dry herb vaporizers in the UK, we at Kronicvapes aim to supply you with a choice of the best herbal vaporizers on the market. Our range offers something for everyone and we source our products from some of the world’s leading vaporizers manufacturers such as Flowermate, Atman, Storz & Bickel and more. We wish to provide you with the best affordable dry herb vaporizers available today. Not only do we try and test every model ourselves, we also provide a description for each vaporizer that we sell. Our reviews and product descriptions always provide clear and factual information, as well as our honest opinions and experience.

How Popular are Dry Herb Vaporizers in the UK?

Over the last few years, the demand for herbal vaporizers has increased dramatically.  Research shows that, there are many herbs being vaped, for all sorts of reasons – not just cannabis.  Also known as weed vaporizers, more and more people in the UK are waking up to the fact that smoking is bad for you. Owning a herbal vape will ensure you are using safest and cleanest way to consume your choice of herb.

Due to the advancement of technology, vapers all over world,  especially in UK, are now able to get top of the line features without having to break the bank. This is thanks to the introduction of affordable vapes.

Whatever feature is important to you in regards to your perfect vape, you’re sure to find it within our collection.

Happy Vaping!