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What is a Dry Herb Vape Pen?

In the UK, dry herb vape pens are fast becoming the most favoured way for people to consume their herb. Whether for medical or recreational purposes, a herbal vape pen allows you to bake your herb at high temperatures and whilst on the go. Adapting the technology already seen with the hugely popular E-liquid pens, dry herb vape pens provide a healthier alternative for people looking to switch from smoking their herb to vaping.
A vape pen will cook your herb at high temperatures without burning the material. This ensures the recipient receives an equally great hit and all the beneficial terpenes that they would from smoking their herb. At the same time heating your herb in a vape pen avoids combustion and all the harmful toxins that burning your matter creates. Vaporizing also provides a far more efficient use of your herbs. As opposed to smoking, which actually burns away 20-30% of the active ingredients in your weed, when you use a herb vaporizer pen there is no waste!


How does a Dry Herb Vape Pen Work?

A herb vape pen works in much the same way other dry herb vaporizers do whilst retaining the look and design of an elegant vaporizer pen.
The heating chamber in a dry herb pen is built like a convection oven. The chamber heats the dry cannabis flower at an optimum temperature without coming into direct contact with the herb. For many people this is the most favoured method of cooking in a vaporizer as it completely avoids combustion and gives out a very pure vapor.
Unlike the coil in a regular e-liquid pen, the heating chamber in a dry herb vape pen will last just as long as the pen itself. In contrast to vaporizing oils and wax there is absolutely no damaging gunk and residue left in a dry herb vape pen. As long as the chamber is cleaned regularly (we recommend after each use), then your pen should live a long life.
The adapted battery in a dry herb vape pen allows for the higher heating levels needed for cooking herb. The ceramic chambers vary in size (something to consider when purchasing) but always ensure a fast and even cooking time at very high temperatures as well as a smooth, flavoursome vapor.

Why Choose a Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen?

The simplicity of using an affordable dry herb vape pen is a great plus. For people brand new to vaping or wanting to try vaping their herb over smoking it for the first time you cannot find a better option. Firstly, our range of vape pens will not break the bank, secondly it will take next to no time to get to grips with using any of our vape pens at their optimum performance.

The ease of portability and discretion of a vape pen also makes it a great choice for more experienced vapers who require an additional vape for on the go. A vape pen can be pre-packed with herb and take less than a minute to fire up and heat. The pen gives off minimal odour unlike when smoking and the vapor volume is subtle and discreet. These features make it the perfect vaping companion when you’re on the go. Simply charge, pack, heat and vape!

A Must for Any Vape Enthusiast

Many keen vaping enthusiasts simply need more than one device.  Some models are a must and pathe the way when it comes to trend and fashion.  A vape pen is a brilliant way to add style to your collection.  The addition of a vape pen that slips easily into your pocket gives you maximum portability as well as a stylish swagger.  Choose from a variety of builds and styles, which all tend to be slick and very easy to use, whilst looking very attractive.

If you are a beginner, a vaporizer pen could be the perfect introduction to the vaping world.  Our Pen Vapes are all high performance yet completely affordable. This gives the user an honest and valuable insight into vaping without breaking the bank.  Choose your perfect model today and enjoy the benefits of using a vaporizer pen.