Flowermate Vaporizers

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Flowermate technology specialises in creating portable, dry herb vaporizers that embrace practicality, ease of use, distinctive design and affordability.

Flowermate are famous for developing high quality vaporizers, typicality will be among the first to deliver new features available in terms of vaping technology.

Innovative and committed, Flowermate are dedicated to producing high quality devices that will provide their customers with the very best vaping experience.

With years of experience and many top selling portable vaporizers under their belt, they lead the way in crafting stylish and efficient dry herb and concentrate vaporizers.

Flowermate pride themselves on applying all the latest technology and creating innovative, sleek designs. They pay close attention to the industry and listen to the consumer.
Consistently working on improving and modifying their devices, Flowermate stay current and are often ahead of the game.  All vaporizers in the Flowermate range boast great features, solid build and a high spec finish.

Most importantly of all their vaporizers consistently deliver on performance, more often than not exceeding expectations.  Quality is assured with Flowermate technologies and their customers tend to stay loyal to the brand.

Some of the things you can expect with a Flowermate dry herb vaporizer are:

  • Ease of use 
  • Great taste
  • Fantastic Airflow
  • Quality build
  • Value for money