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Portable Vaporizers UK

With everything we do at Kronicvapes we make sure it’s always with done with our very best efforts.  Bringing to you this thought through collection of portable vaporizers is no different.  We have all shapes and sizes,  2 in 1 models that can vape concentrates as well as herb/flower.  We have ensured that all of our models bring the very best in performance and all come in at an affordable price.

What are they used for

So far on our amazing journey with kronicvapes we have spoken to many of our loyal customers and have realised that reasons vary massively from vaper to vaper.   One common denominator is that they all want to stop smoking.  However vaping allows you to focus on just effects of your chosen substance.  So if it’s recreational, medicinal, socially or simply quitting combustion methods (smoking) then vaping is for you.

Why invest in one?

Investing in a portable vaporizer to vape over smoke has become a hugely popular and  a well documented one especially in the UK.  The decision to buy one is probably one of the best decisions you will make in your life.

Vaping is considered a far more healthier alternative to smoking,  not only that it’s a much more pleasant and cleaner experience.  Weather its herbs or concentrates you intend to vape you will find a model that suits you and naturally steer away from smoking like the millions that have made the transition.

Save Hard Earned Cash

One of the well noted reasons why many people are switching over to vaping is how much money you can save.  When you think of the cost of the a packet of cigarettes or Tobacco compared to the cost of vaping over a few months it really is a no brainer.