Wax Vaporizers

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Wax vaporizers have become an effective solution for those who enjoy concentrates but are looking for something more convenient.

The vaping industry is seeing a massive surge in the popularity of wax vaporizers, which are also commonly referred to as dab wax pens, hash vaporizer, concentrate pens, weed pens and dab vaporizers.

What is a Wax Vaporizer?

Wax Vaporizers share many similarities with dry herb vaporizers. With regards to basic technology and design nothing much separates the two vaporizers. The most obvious difference is that one is optimised for dry herb whilst the other vaporizes oily concentrates. As such, wax vaporizers contain a heating coil in place of a chamber which you would find in a dry herb vaporizer.

Here we have listed the three main components you can expect to find in a wax vaporizer:

Atomizer / Heating Coil – This is the heart of a wax vaporizer and is a key element of a concentrate pen.
There are many different types of coils inside the chamber of these devices, these are responsible for the heating and vaporizing of the wax or concentrates.we will talk about these more a little later.

Battery / Mod – As with dry herb vaporizers and CBD vaporizers, wax vaporizers are battery operated devices.
The main difference is that the battery on a wax pen is far smaller than that used on a weed vaporizer. The number of mAh required to power a wax pen is far less than would be necessary in a larger vaporizer with more features.

Features contained within a dab pen are minimal. On the whole, they have one preset temperature which rules out the need for an LED screen and run on conduction heating system which needs less battery power. With more advanced wax mods, the user has the ability to control the heating temperature of the atomizer. This will influence the battery capacity.

Mouthpiece – Do not underestimate the importance of a good mouthpiece. This feature can either enhance or detract from the enjoyment of your vapor. Although the mouthpiece is not in any way in control of the mechanics of your vaporizer, it is an integral part of the process. The mouthpiece is the point of exit and is going to strongly influence the quality of the vapor received. This considered, to get the best experience, it is vital that it is made using high grade materials. This ensures good flavour and temperature control. Additionally, the tip must be optimised for good airflow and comfort. A narrow tip will cause resistance and consequently restrict the quality of draw the vaper gets from his/her vape.

How does a Dab Coil Work?

With the help of a dab tool the user places their wax concentrate on top of the coil inside the chamber. When given power from the battery, the coil heats up the wick which comes in many different styles and materials. The wax concentrate requires high temperatures to reach the point of vaporization. Once vaporized the wax leaves little to no residue behind.

How to use a Wax Vaporizer

These instructions give a basic idea on how to use a wax pen, but the user must always check the manufacturers’ guidelines when using their dab pen for the first time.

As opposed to setting up dab rigs, using a wax pen could not be easier. Firstly, scoop a small amount of concentrate onto the dab tool. Next, use the dab tool to place the concentrate into the heating chamber of your device. The concentrate is now ready to vape, simple and quick as that!

Once the user is ready to vaporize the concentrate, depress the power button and inhale deeply. Inhaling directly into the lungs like this is the most effective with wax vape pens.

After the session is complete and the unit has cooled down, open up the heating chamber and all the concentrate should be gone. If there is any residue that needs to be cleaned away do that straight away. This ensures the vaporizer is always ready to be used and also is good practise with regards to maintaining the vaporizer. Failure to regularly clean the hash pen can result in the wax residue drying up and causing issues within the heating chamber.

Find the best Wax or Dab Vaporizer Pen to suit your Needs

The various components, features and functions of a wax vaporizer will determine what is best for the individual user. Wax pens come with many different types of heating chambers and atomizers. As such, there is a wide spectrum of choice. The variants are:-

Types of Atomizers – There are several different types of atomizers or heating chambers. These come with different types of wicks and materials. The atomizers are optimised to provide a different experience with that specific wax vaporizer. The most common types of atomizers are:

Wick – Just like sub ohm vape pens, wicked atomizers have a coil within them with a wicking material. Available with either a single or double wick style, these atomizers are designed for fluid and oily concentrates. The waxy concentrate is soaked into the wick, then vaporized creating a smooth and flavoursome draw from the device.

Wickless – The more common atomizer style for wax vape pens and optimised for thicker concentrates. Wickless atomizers have a ceramic or quartz rod built into them. The rod conducts a significant amount of heat and efficiently vaporizes the concentrate around it. As with the wick, the rods come in singular and dual designs. The more rods, the higher the temperature and heating radius.

Ceramic Dish – Following in the footsteps of the dry herb vaporizer, many wax pens now contain ceramic chambers. The ceramic plate sits above the coil. The coil heats the ceramic dish which heats the concentrate located on top. This is the safest and most effective method used in dab pens. The general consensus is that a ceramic dish provides a more consistent vapor.