Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer


The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is the world’s very first vaporizer that offers remote control functionality and is one of the most affordable and functional desktop vaporizer devices on the market today.

Arizer are known in the vaping world for being innovative with bringing cutting edge technology to the vaporizer world with medical grade manufactured parts fitted with there products.  Rich with functionality and design it brings each user powerful and flavoursome vapor quality delivered through a balloon bag or a Silicone whip.

The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer uses the very best in borosilicate glass to offer toxin free smooth vapor. Complete with the exterior finished in stainless steel and chrome the Extreme Q is a fully functional work of art.


Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Appearance

Appearance wise the  Extreme Q is complete in a Midnight blue chrome finish. It has a very attractive, compact design whilst having a clear blue LCD display reflecting the vaping temperature as well as presets stored.  With the additions of the remote control and the choice of a Balloon Bag or a Silcone whip for choice of vaping styles, this device certainly looks the part.

Dimensions approximately 6 x 6 x 7.5 inches and weighing about 0.8 pounds you can find a home for the device in any kitchen, front room or bedroom.

As with all desktop vaporizers this is a stationary unit and not designed like portable to be carried around it’s intended to be kept stationary. However it still remains discreet as the Extreme Q resembles a modern day kitchen appliance of some sort.

As with all Airzer products the Extreme Q looks super stylish and will not disappoint and at first glance you can sense it has been well constructed and built to last..


Vapor Quality

Firstly using a desktop vaporizer the vapor quality will always outshine a portable vaporizer. Its bigger, more powerful and it’s designed to handle more intense vaping sessions.

The Extreme Q vaporizer really does produce good quality vapor for sure. You have two choices whilst vaping with either a balloon bag or the silcone whip and both styles produce sweet tasting vapor

Using a fully convection heating system plus the finest borosilicate glass your certainly in for a toxin free tasting vape session. Considering the price of this device being one of the cheaper desktop models around it certainly punches above its weight.

The Cloud production is very dense and for those vaping CBD Flower or regular cannabis your in for a real treat.


The Arizer Extreme Q Desktop vaporizer has two vaping styles to choose from.

Whip Vaporizing

This is a silcone tube that connects the top of the chamber to the mouthpiece where you inhale.  This method is similar to that of a portable vaporizer.  Once the desired temperature is reached you can begin taking your draw meaning its more ideal for a personal session, most certainly quicker.

Balloon System

A food grade plastic bag attached to the heating chamber which is filled with vapor using an in built fan.  The plastic bag gets filled up with the vapor through forced air convection.  Once the bag is full it can be removed and is ready for vaping.  Vapor can be stored for up to 10 minutes using this method making it ideal for group vaping sessions.

Temperature Flexibility

The Airzer Extreme has complete digital temperature control, allowing you to choose between 50C – 260C. This gives you all the settings you need to play around with to vape a variety pretty much all herbs and flowers available today.

Ease Of Use

With a little practice you should be able to find your optimal settings fairly simple. It’s all very straight forward like a portable model just a lot bigger & powerful.  Group sessions using the the Extreme Q have never been easier as using the balloon system you can have a bag fulled with vapor ready to puff!  However you can swap the balloon for the whip for a more personal experience as with most vapor.

Using a large bowl you can pack a decent amount of herbs so no need to be refilled constantly and select from 3 fan speeds for circulating the vapor production for the ballon system.


Newest Version
Precise temperature control – triple heat sensors
Fast heat ceramic convection heating
Remote Control
Auto Timer
Balloon fill system
Warrant Clear
view LCD Screen

Whats in the box

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer
Food-Grade vinyl tubing
Glass stir tool
Replacement Screens
Detachable ballon system with 2 balloon kits
Potpourri/Oil dish (aromatherapy bowl)
Remote control




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