Atman Hashmate Concentrate Vaporizer Pen


Atman Vaporizers is s a leading innovative company that specializes in manufacturing premium high quality portable electronic vaporizers. The Atman Hashmate is the perfect hash vaporizer or if you are looking for a compact, stealthy, affordable vaporizer for your concentrates that delivers excellent vapor taste. A fantastic, affordable concentrate vaporizer pen for on the go. Featuring a ceramic heater coil and a borosilicate glass mouthpiece that helps to preserve flavour, this pen is a must have.


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Atman Hashmate Appearance

The Atman Hashmate is classic in its pen design. Both sleek and stealthy in appearance as well as extremely portable the Hashmate makes a great travel companion. This pen vaporizer oozes both elegance and a sharp, professional finish. The slim-line appearance resembles a classic e-cigarette.

Therefore if discretion is of importance to you when vaping then this pen has it covered. The Hashmate is light in weight and small in size making it perfect to transport in a pocket. Convenient and stylish, it will not disappoint the vape pen lovers amongst you.  Whilst beaming with style make no mistake the Hashmate is a solid hash vaporizer

Atman Hashmate Performance

Ceramic chamber

The quality of the ceramic heating chamber is superb. With applied, non-burning technology you can be assured your herb will never combust and the efficiency of the oven means your vaping session will be underway in moments. With the way in which this vape pen has been optimised the Hashmate is the perfect hash vaporizer.

Borosilicate glass mouthpiece

The Borosilicate glass mouthpiece is a real asset. Glass is inert and ensures no chemical reaction occurs when your vapor travels through. Therefore no distortion in the taste of your vapor. The medical grade glass enhances your vapor. A noticeably cool and pure herbal taste is derived from your packed concentrate.


Four clear windows in the tank allow you to see when you need re-pack and when the vapor is running low.  This is one of the many reasons its the best vaporizer for hash or wax concentrates

Ease of Use

To use, simply load up the heating coil by unscrewing the mouthpiece counter clockwise. After placing the mouthpiece back on, press the power button five times in a row. The LED light will turn red to indicate that the device has been turned on. Next, the heat-up process will begin. The Hashmate concentrate vaporizer pen has an automatic shut-off feature after 30 seconds of use.To continue your session simply re-press the start up button.


Compatible with waxy concentrates
Ceramic heater coil
1.0ml ceramic chamber
Four clear windows in the tank
Borosilicate glass mouthpiece
Single optimized temperature setting
Automatic shut-off after 30 seconds of use
650mAh battery
Easy to use

What’s in the box

Hashmate vaporizer
Cleaning Brush
Dabbing Tool
Micro USB cable
User manual


The Atman Hashmate is a good choice is your looking for a good quality portable vape pen for your concentrates or Waxes. As with all Atman vaporizers it performs very well and produces fine tasting vapor. If you’re looking for a simple vape pen for the collection or one that you can carry around with you then look no further.


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