Atman Lucky Bear CBD Vaporizer

The Lucky Bear from Atman is best described as a  classic CBD vape pen and a boxed mod all in one!
It completely withholds the discretion and ultra portability of a pen. However the elongated style of a pen usually makes them more prone to damage and leaking around the tank. Hence the box mod design of the Bear gives it fantastic protection from these very issues.The Lucky Bear provides phenomenal vapor hits and effective, consistent heating. This mini mod CBD vaporizer is sure to exceed expectations and impress at all levels.



Atman Lucky Bear Appearance

The Atman Lucky Bear is the most original CBD vaporizer on the market perfect for CBD Vape oil.   Its distinctive and immediately recognisable design make it somewhat of a talking point in itself.

If you consider all the best things about a CBD vape pen and combine those with the pros of a mod device this is what you come up with!

Its originality begins with its packaging. The Lucky Bear comes nestled in a foam insert inside a cylindrical blue container unlike anything we’ve seen before. Included in the box is a handy lanyard making keeping your vape close at hand so easy!
Once out of its packaging you are immediately struck by the Lucky Bear’s ultra portability. It is miniature in size and weight yet still comes with the durability of a box mod this truly is a fascinating little vaporizer.

Designed with both convenience and discretion in mind it’s the perfect vape for those on the go. The Lucky Bear measures just 3 inches tall when assembled with the 510 cartridge and is shaped like a tiny polar bear hugging the tank!
The power and fire up button is located in the polar bear’s eye. When the device is is in use and when charging a vivid blue LED light comes on.

Its simplicity alongside its quirkiness makes it a real design gem from Atman, who never cease to amaze us with their originality and design concepts.

Atman Lucky Bear Performance

550 mAh lithium-ion battery

Do not be fooled into thinking the tiny size of this mini mod vaporizer compromises its performance in any way whatsoever.
The Bear’s  equipped with a 550 mAh lithium-ion battery which strikes a perfect balance between both longevity and performance.

Charging the vaporizer fully takes around 2 hours from empty to full battery. Once fully charged the battery is exceptional and even with regular use will keep going for 2-3 days.

Battery Protection

Low Resistance Protection – Will stop heating when the resistance of heating is under 1.0 ohm

Over Time Protection – Will stop heating automatically to save power

Low voltage protection – Will stop heating when the battery is lower than 3.2v

This feature fully protects the battery and ensures longer life. Durability is a key design feature of the Lucky Bear, preventing strain on the battery that could otherwise shorten the life of the product.


The Lucky Bear really strikes a chord with its vapor capability. While unable to offer the variable voltage that other vaporizers can it still compares favourably to mods with much larger battery capacity and wattage output. The hit is full and the flavour clean. The Bear packs an awesome vapor punch!

510 Cartridge

The Lucky Bear comes with its own removable 510 cartridge. The versatility of this is a real plus as you can choose to refill or fit with any your own CBD cartridges. The cartridge is easy to remove and clean and it is simple and cheap to replace.
The tank’s position of beside the battery rather than on top of it is another great design feature. This protects the tank from the kind of damage you associate with vape pens, namely pocket crushes and leakages.


• 100% pure vapor
• 550 mAh lithium-ion battery
• Long battery life
• Ultra portability
• Simple to use
• Removable and replaceable 510 cartridge
• Protective battery features
• LED light
• Charging time: almost 2 hours
• 12 month manufacturer warranty

In Summary

Ultimately, the Lucky Bear CBD vaporizer is a really solid choice that will not disappoint. While customizability is not a feature it certainly offers a great deal to compensate.
Designed for durability and consistency its performance is optimised and cannot fail to impress, especially at this price!
If you are looking for a device that you can take out and about with you that will still sustain consistent, quality vapor then no look no further. The Lucky Bear vaporizer is a definite hit!

What’s in the box

• Lucky Bear Mini Mod
• 510 Replaceable Cartridge
• Micro USB Lead
• Lanyard

Unboxing & How To Use

Additional information


Black, Grey, White, Pink


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