ATMAN Starlight Vaporizer Dry Herb & Wax


Atman vaporizers are a leading company in the world of vaporizers ad are renowned for their innovation. Atman gives great consideration to the manufacturing of their vaporizers.   The Starlight is very popular in the U.S.  Its popularity is now soaring in the UK. This is more of a portable tank of a vape.  Its solid, sturdy and built to last a lifetime, this vaporizer is for you if your looking for the luxury sweet taste.  The flavour it produces with the vapor is where the Starlight shines the brightest!




ATMAN Starlight Vaporizer – Appearance

The Starlight vaporizer is extremely distinctive. With its rugged, black metallic box and bright green motif it is easily set apart from most other dry herb vaporizers. The transparent, plastic mouthpiece that attaches magnetically on the top is also a unique and recognisable feature.  Like most other dry herb vaporizers it uses a multi-function button on the side to power it on and off, as well as to toggle through the heat settings. Since it’s mostly metallic, it is weightier than a lot of other dry herb vapes.  This is the model that you will most likely keep at home rather than slip in your pocket.

ATMAN Starlight Vaporizer– Performance

The Starlight really begins to dazzle when it comes to performance. Specifically, due to its large vapor path it produces some awesome tasting vapor and packs a real blast.  Furthermore this substantial, airy pathway keeps every hit smooth and cool.
If you place flavour and the quality of the actual hit over the cloud however this vape will surpass expectations for the price being asked.

The vape is very user friendly. From taking it apart to pack the bowl (the packing tool provided is a great little asset and more effective than those that come with more high end vaporizers) to switching on and setting your desired temperature. It really couldn‘t be simpler.
The ceramic basin can accommodate a decent amount of your dry herbs or waxes. Plus cleaning your vape with the tool provided couldn’t be more self-explanatory.

The magnetic mouthpiece is a pleasing addition and it snaps on and the four little perfectly every time. The chamber lid for your herbs is also magnetically enhanced. Located at the top of the chamber, once you’ve completed packing your herb it snaps right into place. The magnets then hold it firmly in place.

The mouthpiece is a clear plastic and this lets you see the vapor coming out of the herb chamber. We loved this feature.  It has a small chamber where the vapor cools as you watch it travel through the mouthpiece.  It’s truly a work of art, you will vape in style with this vaporizer.

Temperature Settings

The Starlight vaporizer comes with 4 temperature settings we have listed in both fahrenheit and celsius below :

  • 230F – 121CC
  • 320F – 160C
  • 410F – 210C
  • 500F – 260C (wax)

Battery Life

As you’d expect from its size and weight, the Starlight boasts a large 2800mah rechargeable battery. This provides a more than adequate lifespan (about 3-4 decent sessions) before having to charge it with the micro USB cable provided.


• On/Off – five clicks
• Temperature control
• Change Temperature – three clicks (can only change temps while heater is off)
• Turn heater On/Off – hold the button for 2 seconds
• The Starlight flashes the current battery status on the front LEDs every time it’s turned on or off.
• Each of the four lights represents 25% battery life.
• The button on the front glows red when the Starlight is heating up and green when it’s at the set temperature.
• Heat-up time – 15 seconds.
• 5 Minute Shut Off – After being on continuously for five minutes the Starlight turns off.
• 1.5ml heating chamber
• 2800mAh Li-ion Battery
• Magnetic clear mouthpiece

In summary

If your looking for something sturdy and solid then the Atman Starlight fits the profile.  The design was built around providing good airflow and flavour and succeeds on all fronts.

What’s in the box

• Atman Starlight vaporizer
• Micro USB charger
• Extra heating chamber
• Cleaning brush
• Packing tool
• User Manual
• Gift box


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