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The Black Mamba Vaporizer has been one of the most popular selling dry herb vaporizers offered in the UK for a few years now.  Every aspect of the Black Mamba equates to good quality at a very reasonable price. The design is simply unique and the performance is on par with vaporizers twice the price .  One of the best selling vaporizers for 2019 and rightly so! 

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The Black Mamba Vaporizer is certainly designed with portability and individual style in mind.  It sits in the palm of the hand naturally and is light in weight without feeling flimsy or fragile. In addition, the uniqueness of its appearance sets it apart and makes it immediately recognisable. The Black Mamba’s flawless contours and finish gives it that quality look that you come to expect from a more expensive dry herb vaporizer.  If you’re someone who enjoys vaping on the go then this vaporizer is definitely for you.  The slim build means that it can fit into your pocket or bag in a full discrete manner.  


To begin with, the Black Mamba vaporizer is very easy to use. It is simple to programme, yet does not compromise on any of the key features expected from a high performing dry herb vaporizer.

Single Button Control

Firstly, it has a single button control system. Not only does this switch the device on and off but it also controls the temperature. The LED lights show you what your settings are. 

Conduction Style Heating

The Black Mamba Vaporizer offers a conduction style heating system meaning that has super quick heat up times. Your dry herb is placed directly into the heating chamber and bakes evenly via contact with the heat source.  You have five temperatures to choose from and the heat up time between each temperature is just 2 seconds.  The choice of temperature settings gives you versatility and choice depending on the experience you prefer. Different effects are gained from heating your herb at certain temperatures. Moreover you have the option of producing thicker vapor clouds when set in the higher temperature range.

Medical Grade Mouthpiece

The medical grade glass mouth piece insures no nasty chemicals react with your vapor. Glass ensures you are extracting the cleanest flavour and properties from your herb. Therefore the taste of your herb will be pure and certainly will not compromise your health. Conveniently the glass slots into the outer-casing of the mouthpiece and therefore unlikely to break or crack should it take a knock or two. In addition the glass mouthpiece can be easily removed for cleaning purposes and can also be replaced if wear and tear make it necessary.

Large Ceramic Chamber

The Black Mamba vaporizer boasts a large ceramic chamber capacity. Hence the oven is suited to big sessions as it will allow you to hold up to around 0.65grams of herb.  Equally, you can pack less herb for a mini sesh! The ceramic material ensures that the heat reaches the herb evenly and thoroughly.  The even heating provided by the ceramic style oven and preset temperatures ensures that the Black Mamba vaporizer will not over cook your herbs avoiding combustion.

Easy to Clean

Finally, keeping your Black Mamba Vaporizer clean and maintained is very simple. No fancy cleaning solutions required, just thoroughly brush out after use. The cleaning brush is provided with the vaporizer. The mouthpiece is easily removed. Therefore you are able to simply soak in hot water for any stubborn residue. As long as you maintain the Black Mamba you will have an efficient and high performing vaporizer that will last you a long time.

For tips on how to maintain your Black Mambaplease read here.

Battery Life

The Black Mamba Vaporizer comes with a powerful 1600mah battery.  It takes roughly 2 hours to fully charge and will give you an impressive 60mins of usage time. The battery is undoubtedly the feature that is most compromised in an affordable vaporizer. Unsurprisingly, this is a huge burden to most vapers who want a decent life span from their vaporizer. The battery in the Black Mamba cannot be replaced, however it holds a reputation for being long lasting. Conveniently this Vaporizer charges via standard USB so can plug in wherever you go.


  • Good size ceramic chamber that holds up to 0.65g of herbs
  • A conduction style vape putting your herbs in immediate contact with the heating element = super fast heat up time of 2 seconds
  • Food grade glass mouthpiece – Glass is the best conductor for vapor, providing great tasting herbs
  • Slick design that’s totally unique in style. Compact and slim size whilst still providing a large chamber
  • Dimensions : 14.5 cm long, 4.6cm wide and 2.7cm high. It weighs just under 200 grams

 Temperature settings 

Offers five preset temperature settings we have listed all in Fahrenheit and Celsius below

428°F (220°C),

410°F (210°C),

392°F (200°C),

374°F (190°C),

356°F (180°C).

In Summary

To summarize, the Black Mamba Vaporizer is perfect for both the novice and experienced vaper. In addition to a very affordable price tag it also retains fantastic features. These qualities place it alongside more expensive vaporizers on the market. Moreover, its simplicity of use and smooth flavour make it worth every penny. This vaporizer is definitely in our top pick. The Black Mamba is a high quality model. This is clearly why it is one of the best budget dry herb vaporizers in the UK.

What our customers have been saying

Above all, our customer reviews for the Black Mamba tell you all you need to know. Comments include ‘Great tasting vapour’, ‘Robust, slick, great design’, ‘Better than higher priced dry herb vaporizers‘ and ‘Awesome for carrying when out and about’.

You can read our review here

What’s in the box

  • Black Mamba Vaporizer
  • Glass Mouthpieces with Metal Filters x 2
  • Packing Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Tweezer
  • USB Charger Cable
  • User Guide


5 reviews for Black Mamba Vaporizer

  1. Andrew Hylton

    First vape every bought very happy with how it works easy to use

  2. Clarise

    Excellent service and amazing product, I’m really happy with my purchase. I’ll definitely order again , quick delivery , I highly recommend

  3. Danielle

    So good highly recommend x

  4. Tommy

    Really helpful advice from these guys. I’m a bit of a novice and this is perfect. Very happy. Thanks.

  5. Laura

    Good quality service and fabulous vape Good quality I’ll definitely order again

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