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German manufacturers, Storz and Bickel, are synonymous with high performing, well built, reliable herb vaporizers. The Crafty vaporizer is no exception to this rule.

All the quality of their famous desktop vaporizer ‘The Volcano,’ brought to you in a compact, portable device!
Storz and Bickel recently released an updated version of The Crafty making this already great portable vaporizer even greater.

This device combines outstanding vapor quality; convenient portability and technical cutting edge that will surpass all expectations.  Weighing in at almost half the size of its Storz & Bickel counterpart the Mighty, the Crafty vaporizer packs just as much punch and is a great choice for any dry herb enthusiast.

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Crafty Appearance

As with the Mighty, the Crafty has a strong and sturdy appearance. It’s fair to say Storz & Bickel definitely place function over the style of their units, in fact, their vaporizers would not look out of place in a Black & Decker toolbox!

That being said, the robust appearance of the Crafty is both unique and highly practical. The design incorporates inclusion of strong steely medical grade materials and omits more fragile materials such as glass and ceramics. The build ensures that this is a vaporizer that can withstand drops and knocks; a noteworthy feature for any truly portable vaporizer.

Easily recognizable as a Storz and Bickel device, the Crafty carries the signature colours of black and orange.The durable design, is coupled with the characteristic fins that we also see in the Mighty. The slatted design feature is instantly recognisable and acts as a heat sink to keep the part of the device that is held at a cool temperature.

The Crafty is smaller in size than the Mighty. The unit weighs 134 grams with dimensions of 4.4”H x 2.3”L x 1.3”D. Far more compact than its big brother, the Mighty and definitely classed a pocket-sized vaporizer.

The size of the unit does not affect the bowl depth which still fits in 0.3 grams of your herbal niceness, just like the Mighty. However, the battery in the Crafty is reflected by the size difference – having just half the capacity of its big brother. As such, heat up times are slower and session times shorter so if these features are the top of your list then the Mighty is probably the vaporizer for you. However, in terms of performance, the Crafty does not falter and waiting that bit longer for it to heat will bare no weight on the quality of the session you will receive once it has.

The Crafty Performance

Vapor Quality

Using a hybrid conduction/convection heating system, the Crafty is way more than adequate in this department.
The vapor is thick, fragrant and flavoursome and remains cool thanks to a highly competent cooling system. This smooth, potent vapor is not a one hit wonder either. The hybrid heating in portable vaporizers began with Storz & Bickel and boy do they get it right.

Firstly, the Crafty gives off big conduction heated hits allowing the convection heat to adequately build up in the oven and finish what the conduction began. Next, the even convection heat sustains the true flavours, terpenes and properties given off by the herb. This is as opposed to pure conduction where the hits come thick at first but then soon taper off.

The vapor consistency and quality achieved by the Crafty is second to none and will last throughout an entire session.
The airpath is completely isolated from the electronics in the Crafty. The open airflow and distinctive lack of resistance when you draw contribute heavily to these big, delicious clouds.

The Crafty provides a truly unique and memorable vaping experience and allows the consumer to get the very best out of their herbs.

Crafty Smartphone App

Once purchased, the buyer has the option to download this rather handy Crafty app to their smartphone. Downloading and connecting are as simple as a, b, c and the functions and use are equally simple.

What this app allows is further versatility and customization of your vaporizer.

The best feature of the app is no doubt the precise temperature control it offers.  Without the application the Crafty comes set at 190°C with a boost setting at 195°C.   While these factory settings may work perfectly for some, for others the option of higher temperature is a must. Cloud density, potency and flavours are all determined by temperature and using the app the user is able to customize their own.

Temperatures can be set and boosted from anywhere between 40°C/104°F and 210°C/410°F. The boost mode will gradually increase temperature in increments of just under 7°C/10°F.

Conveniently, once the settings have been inputted the Crafty remembers them so it is not necessary to go in and alter before every single session.

Using the app, the user can also alter the shutoff timer, which is pre-set at 60 seconds. This can be increased or decreased dependant upon personal preference.
The app can also control the strength of the haptic feedback vibrations; the vibrancy of the led lights, as well as an incredibly handy function that helps you find your Crafty when you misplace it!


Another fantastic aspect of Storz & Bickel products is that they throw in such great accessories alongside your vaporizer.

You can always guarantee these accessories will be practical and efficient and the Crafty package is just that.

As well as the usual spares and USB connection cable, the owner of the Crafty will receive an herb grinder, dosing capsule and a strategically placed filling aid tool to boot!

The addition of a filling aid is particularly considerate for those more meticulous and tidy vapers out there. Attaching this tool means you avoid spillage, mess and wasting even a morsel of your precious herb. The filling aid can also double up as a container to store your herb while out and about.

The filling aid tool to help you pack in your herb is nestled into the unit itself. This is a great piece of design ingenuity and means the tool is far less likely to go astray.

Dosing capsules are always a welcome inclusion in the accessory bundle. This allows the vaper to prepack if out and about and it also allows them to micro-manage their herb should they wish.

These accessories have been well thought through and any vaping enthusiasts will certainly make good use of them. As with the device build, the accessories are all manufactured to a very high standard and are emblazoned in the Storz & Bickel signature colour, orange.

Ease of use

Despite the recent upgrade of the Crafty vaporizer, usability remains as easy as it ever was. Literally anyone could use this vaporizer as well as the Crafty app.
Simply fill the bowl with your herb, being careful not to overpack to avoid that mid session stir. If a small session is all that you require just pop in the stainless steel mesh pad and use as a spacer. Alternatively pop in your pre-filled dosing pod.
Once fully charged simply switch the power on, stick to the factory settings or alter the temperature setting using the app, then sit back and wait for the light to turn green.
Then simply draw on your mouthpiece and let the Crafty do the rest!


Hybrid heating system – extremely efficient
Custom built for herbs, oils and concentrates
Fantastic flavoursome vapor
Isolated airpath
Smartphone app – precise temperature control
Effective cooling unit
User friendly
Adjustable utomatic shut-off timer
1 year manufacturer warranty

What’s in the Box

Crafty Vaporizer
USB Cable
Herb Grinder
Filling Aid
Filling Aid Tool
Dosing Capsule
Cleaning Brush
Spare Screens
Cleaning brush
Spare Seal Rings
Instruction manual

Additional Information

We always advise you give your new dry herb vaporizer 2/3 dry burn-offs before use to get rid of any remnants of manufacturing oils used to build the device. Simply leave the chamber empty, set to highest temperature and burn through (keep pressing the power button) to get rid of any plastic smell and taste. Your vaporizer is now sterilised and ready for use.
To clean the cooling unit use some cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol to get rid of residue. We do strongly recommend cleaning the cooling unit regularly to enable maximum efficiency.

We would also recommend giving the q tips a quick clean with isopropyl alcohol. You can use the same solution to clean the chamber after use and to soak the mouthpiece.


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