Davinci IQ Vaporizer

The DAVINCI IQ is a game changer and is one of the smartest vapes in the world as its been designed and crafted to offer a truly unique vaping experience. Coming in with new technologies such as Smart PathTM temperature settings and a zirconia Ceramic Airpath, the IQ offers one of the one of the most precise and purest vaping experiences available today.



What is so great about the Davinci IQ

One of the best vaporizers in the world today!

Combine smart/intelligent features to enjoy the very best vaping experience.

Uses the finest materials to bring real quality!


The Davinci IQ is a small portable vaporizer that is 9cm x 4,2cm x 2,4cm is size which makes it super pocket friendly. The curved edges and its brushed metal exterior design means that its real cool to look at but feels extremely well in the hand.
To compliment the excellent build the IQ has chosen to go with 51 light LED grid as its display rather than the traditional LED you see on most vaporizers.

First initial thoughts was that it is different but then you soon realise it works extremely well and it gives the user more sophisticated feel whilst vaping.

With its excellent pocket friendly design it certainly rivals the Pax family with its super appearance and comes in a variety of colours.


Great tasting Vapor

The IQ is only vaporizer to have a full 100% zirconia air path, made with the finest materials you can expect to taste some of the finest vapor on offer in the vape world.

If you’re looking for a vaporizer built for delivering a higher quality taste then you cannot go wrong with the IQ. The high quality ceramic chamber ensures that the vapor is pure and often tastes as sweet as the herbs smell.

Precise temperature Control

The IQ offers the user a fully customisable vaping experience and temperatures between 250-430° F

Smart Path Technology

Using the Smart Path Technology this devices allows you to select 4 different precise temperature settings and it cleverly chooses the best temperature for your current vaping session or simply pick a temperature and vape.

  • Smart Path 1 : 170C – 190C
  • Smart Path 2 : 190C – 200C
  • Smart Path 3 : 200C – 210C
  • Smart Path 4 : 210C – 220C

The IQ is also super smart as It’s the only vaporizer to combine 3 different functions in one – Boost Mode, Smart Mode, Precision Model. Using this smart combo the user gets a real tailored vaping experience which was unheard of before the Davinci IQ was released.

Bluetooth App

Get the very best out of your Davinci vaporizer by using the free mobile app. Manage various aspects of your vaporizer including :

  • Power – Turn on Off
  • Customise your temperature controls using smart paths
  • Access the Davinci store
  • View how to tutorials
  • Plus More

Replaceable Battery

Having a the option to replace the battery is a very handle option to consider when thinking about the performance it means you can go hard and not have to worry about preserving the battery life.  Even though you will get a solid hour or so with it fully charged having the option to have a replacement is absolutely huge!

Battery Life

Charging time           120 minutes

Battery Life                60 – 80 minutes

Battery Capacity       3,500mAH

Whats in the box

  • 3500 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Micro – USB cable
  • Flavour Chamber
  • 10mm water Adaptor
  • 2x Davinci Chamber Tool
  • Davinci Keychain Tool
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Additional rings & gaskets
  • Cleaning Brush

Additional information


Stealth Black, Blue, Gunmetal


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