Flowermate UNO Vaporizer


The Flowermate UNO offers impressive performance at an affordable price.  It’s a nice weighty vaporizer that can be used with herbs, concentrates and oils. Additionally, it comes with a water adaptor if you want to go the extra mile.  The Flowermate UNO offers full convection heating and can produce some mega cool vapor clouds. – this is a device that will bring pleasure to any vaping enthusiast.


Flowermate UNO Appearance

The Flowermate Uno combines both an elegant look with a robust feel. It looks sleek enough, yet you know it’s not going to fall to pieces at the slightest knock.

As with the Flowermate Aura and the crafty the Uno is fitted with a ribbed grip, this also acts as a protector and rest assured that the UNO can handle more than a knock or two!.

Size-wise this vape is slim enough to fit comfortably into the palm of both small and large hands alike! The Uno’s shape and design ensures convenient portability.

A fantastic feature of the Uno is the magnetic, rotating mouthpiece. When not in use the mouthpiece swivels in flush to the body of the vape and remains closed. This a great portability feature. The mouthpiece simply detaches with a firm pull, revealing the stainless steel chamber in which you pack your herb. The magnetic design is a favourite with us; far less chance your herb will spill out when on the move.

The Flowermate Uno features a large, easy to read OLED screen. This displays temperature, remaining battery capacity and heating status. The control buttons sit on the screen and allow you to increase and decrease temperature setting. There is the added bonus of being able to flip the screen should you wish.

Flowermate UNO Performance

Vapor Quality

The Uno boasts a full convection heating system and this provides cool, sweet tasting vapor.

This vape packs a powerful punch without any harshness to the back of your throat. The vapor path is noticeably smooth resulting in clean and consistent vapor. The cooling chamber performs its job well. Even at the higher temperatures vapor retains it cool temperature and herbal aroma.

The Uno mouthpiece is a perfect size allowing you take advantage of a fully isolated air path, rotating with ease and fits into the mouth perfectly.

Even after long sessions, at the highest temperature settings, the mouthpiece remains cool which is remarkable considering it’s affordable price.

In addition to this, the inclusion of a water pipe adapter gives further versatility. Using the pipe allows the user to attach a glass piece (not included) should they prefer. The pipe results in even larger, milky clouds and is a great option and is great fun.

There is no denying that this vaporizer mimics the vapor capabilities of higher end models. Being popular around the glob for the vapor quality you most certainly be disappointed.

Make no mistake the UNO is a perfect example of a high quality  convection vaporizer.  If vapor quality is important to you then you cant go wrong with this beast.

Long-Lasting Battery

The Flowermate Uno comes with a removable 1800 mAh battery which is a handy option.  Firstly, it guarantees your vape longer life; when the battery dies it can simply be replaced. Secondly, it means you are guaranteed you wont go flat as can carry as many spares as you require!

The battery is a lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery. These batteries provide higher specific energy than other lithium battery types. The fact that less energy is wasted results in life equal to that of a 1865 mAh lithium battery. Charging from empty to full will take approximately 2 hours.

The length of time your battery will remain charged depends on the particular usage habits. Vaping at very high temperatures will obviously drain the battery quicker. However, you can expect at least four decent sessions from a full charge on average settings.

Furthermore, you can save even more power with the Uno’s built in automatic shut off. The self-timer is always a bonus for those of us that forget to switch off and a great safety feature to boot.


It’s quite rare to source a vaporizer that can host dry herb, concentrate and oil to equal measures. Many vapes saying that they can, tend to perform at a substandard level in at least one area.

The Flowermate Uno is the exception to this rule as it is equally effective in vaporizing all three. There is no need to compromise on any of the options. The fully controllable temperature range means you can optimise accordingly depending on the matter and hit you are after.  Whether herb, concentrate or oil, this vape continues to provide great flavour and hits.

Simple adaptations allow the user to switch freely between the matters. High performing, multi-purpose vaporizers like this provide true customisability. Moreover, for those keen vapers caught between deciding on concentrate or flower vaporizers, here you can get the best of both worlds!

Finally, the inclusion of the water pipe adaptor means that all the bong enthusiasts out there don’t miss out either! The adapter is really easy to attach, making it an effortless switch, whenever the need arises. If you have never tried the pipe before, it gives you an unique opportunity to try out a new experience.

Ease of use

As with all Flowermate creations, the Uno is extremely user friendly.

Once charged and the choice of what to vape is made, simply hit the power button 5 times to switch the power on.

Choosing your optimum temperature is also a doddle. If already used, the vaporizer will display the last temperature you set. To customise the temperature just press either the increase or decrease button. The range is set between 60 and 230 degrees celsius and you can move up or down in single increments.

The Uno comes with haptic feedback so will vibrate to let you know when it is ready. Once you hear or feel the vibration you are ready to vape!


  • Convection heating system
  • Custom built for herbs, oils and concentrates
  • Powerful – smooth vapor path, effective cooling chamber
  • OLED screen – using the same technology as a smart phone
  • Magnetic rotating mouthpiece
  • 1800 mAh removable Li-Po battery
  • Water pipe adapter fits 10mm, 14.5mm and 18.8mm joint size
  • Precise temperature control
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Automatic shut-off timer
  • Power saving mode
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

What’s in the Box

  • Flowermate UNO vaporizer
  • 1800 mAh removable battery
  • Charging dock
  • 5 x mouthpiece screens
  • 2 x chamber screens
  • Concentrate pad
  • Brush
  • Packing tool and dabber
  • Micro USB cable
  • Water pipe adapter
  • Instruction manual

Additional Information

We always advise you give your new dry herb vaporizer 2/3 dry burnoffs before use. Simply leave the chamber empty, set to highest temperature and burn through to get rid of any plastic smell and taste.

We would also recommend giving the q tips a quick clean with isopropyl alcohol. You can use the same solution to clean the chamber after use and to soak the mouthpiece.



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