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The Herbstick Relax Vaporizer by CigGo is the perfect companion for any dry herb enthusiast.  Evolving from its predecessor, the Herbstick, the Relax certainly retains, if not exceeds, all the high grade performance aspects associated with the original model.

Expect this sleek-looking, smart vaporizer to provide you with good cloud and great taste. Its compact and lightweight design make it an easy carry along and the direct temperature control allow it to meet a variety of needs in terms of dry herb vaping.

CigGo have definitely raised the bar with this one, they have included all the extras you will need for a while including an extra mouthpiece and magnetic chamber lid.

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Herbstick Relax Appearance

CigGo design and produce some very aesthetically pleasing portable vaporizers. They have most definitely raised the bar further with the Herbstick Relax. The Relax has a unique, alluring look. The hard aluminum outer-casing gives it a robust, hardy feel which is reassuring for portability purposes. This vaporizer definitely feels like it could take a knock or three. Additionally, the Herbstick relax comes with a high end finish quality that comprises finesse and simplicity.

The foldable, rotating mouthpiece sits flush inside the top of the device. With the mouthpiece folded down the vape feels like a small remote control. With the Relax sat in the palm of your hand the function buttons feel within comfortable reach. The LCD screen is clear and readable.

The stainless steel heating chamber is situated at the base of the vape. This is accessed via a secure, magnetic cover that you simply press on one end to open. The Herbstick Relax is built for practicality. Small enough for a pocket and discreet in appearance. If you love to vape on the go this will tick all your boxes.

Herbstick Relax Performance

The Herbstick Relax keeps it simple when it comes to operating the device. However don’t be fooled into thinking a straightforward device is incapable of packing a punch when it comes to performance

Ease of Use

Firstly, the Herbstick Relax is incredibly easy to use. Fully charged, the Relax can be switched on by clicking the fire up button 5 times. The temperature can be set using the plus and minus buttons situated on the LCD screen. A real plus in a vaporizer with such an affordable price tag. Budget vaporizers  frequently come with preset temperatures stored.

Temperature Control

The temperature rises or falls in increments of 5 degrees celsius which gives the operator plenty of versatility depending upon personal preference and it takes between 30-60 seconds to heat up.

The device then vibrates twice to alert the user it is ready which means no vapor wasted and the LCD screen  displays a vibrate icon to confirm it is good to go.

Smart Technology

This smart vaporizer comes with a superb intelligent and automatic heating function. If the device remains still for over 1 minute it will vibrate to alert you that the temperature is about to automatically fall to 120 degrees celsius. With its fantastic built in movement sensor, the Relax automatically heats back to your set temperature when picked up.  Using the vape for over 8 minutes consistently will automatically shut it off. If you have not finished you simply restart and it will still be at the correct temperature.

Exceed Expectations

With such simplicity and ease of use you’d imagine the vaping experience itself to be rather limited.  However this little vape will exceed all expectations when it comes to cloud, flavour and hit. With the capacity to hold up to 0.4 grams of dry herbs and a built-in motion sensor for rapid automatic heating the Herbstick relax is firing on all cylinders!

At the higher temperature end cloud is less so but in no way non-existent. The taste and power of the hit are exemplary. Packing the chamber full without squeezing it in too tight is key. This allows for satisfactory air flow and a flavoursome, punchy draw.

Battery Life

The Herbstick Relax includes a 2220 mAh battery which is fixed. The Herbstick battery takes two hours to charge. The battery will provide at least 40 minutes vaping time. The Herbstick Relax is compatible with any USB charging port.


  • Designed for dry herbs
  • Precise temperature control
  • Smart Vaporizer – Smart heating system
  • Haptic feedback system – Vibration alerts
  • Rotating & Foldable mouthpiece
  • Stainless steel oven with magnetic cover
  • USB charger port
  • Consistent even heat
  • Quick heat up time
  • Produces great flavour vapor
  • Good battery life

Temperature Settings

The Herbstick relax comes with precise temperature control and ranges between 120 degrees celsius and 225 degrees celsius with a vibrate function that lets the user know the vape is ready.

What’s in the box

  • CigGo Herbstick Relax
  • Extra mouthpiece
  • Extra Magnetic chamber lid
  • 5 pipe cleaners
  • Cleaning brush
  • Metallic stick
  • 3 chamber screens
  • USB charger cable
  • User manual

Who would like the Herbstick Relax?

The Herbstick relax is an all-rounder. With ease of use, great performance, elegant design and portability all scoring highly we’d confidently recommend to both a beginner and a veteran.  With its affordable price tag, the Relax is a great second vaporizer for those looking to add to their collection but equally holds it own as a primary vaporizer to use at home or whilst out and about. It’s also a fantastic replacement or upgrade to vapes that are no longer meeting your
needs or are simply past their best.

Well done to CigGo, definitely a positive addition to our range of dry herb vaporizers.


1 review for Herbstick Relax – Dry Herb Vaporizer

  1. Tyrone

    This is by first dry herb vaporizer and was recommended to me by a friend. I was very pleased with my purchase and
    would definitely recommend the herb stick relax vaporizer to anyone looking for a decent model in the price range.

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