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The Mighty by Storz and Bickel is undoubtedly one of the most popular portable hybrid convection vaporizers on the market. German manufacturers Storz and Bickel have an outstanding reputation for creating solid, reliable products. The Mighty was one of the first weed vaporizers they released but their portfolio also includes the phenomenal desktop vaporizer the Volcano and the highly esteemed Crafty portable vaporizer.

The Mighty is the king of durability, reliability and consistency. Furthermore the vapor quality is arguably the very best you will find from any portable vaporizer around.

The immense battery life of this unit makes it the perfect session vaporizer. Add to that, the fact that the Mighty is incredibly easy to pack, use and clean and it is clear to see why it’s the number one choice for so many vaping enthusiasts.

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Mighty Appearance

The Mighty has strong and sturdy appearance. It is a large unit measuring in at a hefty 230 grams with dimensions of 5.5”H x 3.2”L x 1.2”D. In comparison to its counterpart, the Crafty, it is practically double the size. In stature alone the Mighty strikes you as a force to be reckoned with and you can see it is a vaporizer that means business.

This vaporizer has an industrial look and feel to it, something that has become rather synonymous with the German manufacturer Storz and Bickel. The Mighty looks both strong, edgy and powerful – as its name would suggest.

With this in mind it is not the most portable of vaporizers due to its stature and weight alone. It’s not going to fit comfortably into many trouser pockets for example, so not exactly the best for concealment.

The Mighty is definitely more suited to travel via a small backpack or handbag. Made from very durable, high quality plastic the Mighty is very distinguishable by its slatted radiator appearance. These slats are not only a great design feature but they also help the outside of the vaporizer to remain cool to the touch by acting as heat sinks.

Easily recognizable as a Storz and Bickel device, the Mighty carries the signature colours of black and orange. It features a very clear LED display screen, with easy to use buttons either side.

 Mighty Performance

Vapor Quality

The Mighty really utilises the hybrid heating system to its full advantage. This in turn produces a consistent vapor quality that is nothing short of sublime. The convection and conduction heating method combined means no having to stop to stir the herbs round. So once packed and heated you are set.

One of the top 3 reasons this herb vaporizer continues in its popularity among the vaping community is that it simply never falters in the vapor department. Every last morsel of loveliness is extracted, allowing for great flavours and optimum effect.

Vaping at higher temperatures will give you the thick, dense cloud if so desired. Even at lower temperatures you do not skimp on flowery flavours and strong hits. If optimum vapor experience is your bag, the Mighty will consistently provide it. Finely or coarsely grind your herbs; pack it full or micro pack it – you will still receive an incredible vaping experience.

The cooling unit provides the smooth, coolness in the vapor that every vape enthusiast desires. This serves to heighten the potency of the terpenes further. The airflow feels unrestricted and this results in no resistance when pulling the vapor into the lungs. However, should you not find these rips enough, you have the option of pairing your Mighty with a water pipe adapter. Simple enough to purchase the accessories needed and connect this option provides an alternative experience.

The Mighty provides a truly unique and memorable vaping experience and allows the consumer to get the very best out of their herbs.

Long-Lasting Battery

The battery life that comes with the Mighty is renowned to be one of the biggest selling points, particularly for session vapers or camping enthusiasts! If you are going to be passing your vape around, or are somewhere remote with no power source, then this is definitely the device for you.

Already arguably achieving the best average battery life of all portable vaporizers, a recently improved battery life of a further 20% sees the Mighty sky rocketing past other contenders in this category. A fully charged Mighty vaporizer can achieve 8-10 sessions straight, even on medium to high temperatures. That’s at least 90 minutes of continuous vaping which is astonishing!

Understandably with a battery of this size (5800mAh) it will take a lot of power to charge. Hence why the Mighty does not have USB charging and requires a wall plug. It will take around 2 hours to fully charge a completely dead battery but worth it when you’re guaranteed such long life.

Another great feature of the Mighty battery is that there is pass through charging. Many other devices have partial pass through which means you are able to use when charging but are still using the battery’s energy. Full pass through allows the user to charge the device whilst using without taking life from the battery. So even when completely dead, if placed on charge you are able to continue to use your vape.

Heating Element and Temperature Options

This vaporizer uses a combination of convection and conduction heating elements. This is known as a hybrid. Hybrids are known to provide a superior taste and consistent vapor. Conduction alone can give big hits for a while but they will tail off and will require the user to stir the herb partway through a session, to ensure even heating.

This is not an issue when it comes to hybrids, the heat is passed through evenly and as a result the vapor quality benefits.

Temperature-wise the Mighty has a precise control system. The user can select anything between 40-210°C and can fluctuate between temperatures during each session. The option of precise temperature control allows the user total control and customizability. This is essential when wanting to use a variety of herbs and achieve different effects.

Once instructed, the vaporizer takes around 90 seconds to reach the desired temperature. This is not super quick and there are certainly devices that do this faster, however the wait is well worth it for the intense vapor that is produced.  The temperature settings are very easy to use and as such this model is going to suit both experienced vapers and newcomers alike.

Ease of use

The beauty of the Mighty is despite performing at the top of the scale, it is still very user friendly and simple to get to grips with.  Once fully charged simply switch the power on, choose your desired temperature setting, then sit back and chill.

The user need not concern themselves with technique, or smart technology – simply draw on your mouthpiece and the Mighty will do the rest!


● Hybrid heating system – extremely efficient
● Custom built for herbs, oils and concentrates
● Powerful 5800mAh battery
● Unbeatable battery life
● Effective cooling unit
● LED screen with simple temperature controls
● Water pipe adapter
● Precise temperature control – versatile and customizable
● Automatic shut-off timer
● 1 year manufacturer warranty

What’s in the Box

● Mighty Vaporizer
● Power adapter 240 volt
● 1 set spare seal rings
● 3 spare screens
● 1 drip pad
● 1 filling aid
● 1 herb mill
● Dosing capsule
● Micro USB cable
● Cleaning brush
● Instruction manual

Additional Information

We always advise you give your new dry herb vaporizer 2/3 dry burn-offs before use to get rid of any remnants of manufacturing oils used to build the device. Simply leave the chamber empty, set to highest temperature and burn through (keep pressing the power button) to get rid of any plastic smell and taste. Your vaporizer is now sterilised and ready for use.

To clean the cooling unit use some cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol to get rid of residue. We do strongly recommend cleaning the cooling unit regularly to enable maximum efficiency.

We would also recommend giving the q tips a quick clean with isopropyl alcohol. You can use the same solution to clean the chamber after use and to soak the mouthpiece.


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