The Volcano Classic


Storz and Bickel pioneered the highly esteemed Volcano Classic desktop vaporizer over a decade ago. Remarkably now nearing its third decade, this impressive device remains number 1 on the experts top 10 list of herbal vaporizers.

Design-wise, the volcanic shape and sheer magnitude of the heating chamber sets the Volcano apart from other desktop vaporizers. Additionally, the efficiency and power of the balloon and valve system simply cannot be matched. These features alone have given the Volcano an iconic status within the vaping world.

Despite all the new technology and know how in today’s market, nothing has been able to surpass the incredible vaping experience that Storz & Bickel Volcano desktop vaporizer provides.

Convection heating system, precise temperature control, high quality materials and exceptional build all unite to create an outstanding device that will impress in every possible way. The Volcano is a true medical grade vaporizer you can be confident in.

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Appearance-wise the Volcano has a distinctive design. The iconic volcanic structure of this vaporizer makes it the most recognisable device on the market.

Solid yet sleek, the craftsmanship that went into designing this vaporizer is exceptional.

The desktop vaporizer is a stationary unit and is constructed to meet your vaping requirements from the comfort of your home. Rather than the discretion and portability a handheld unit demands, the desktop concerns itself more with strength of build and vapor power. As such the unit is required to be bigger and far weightier. However an appealing exterior is still important considering it will be part of the furniture.

The Volcano Classic oozes style and modern sophistication. Despite being around for over 10 years, its original stainless steel appearance remains timelessly fashionable. Storz & Bickel have strategically fashioned a vaporizer that blends in and will not look out of place amongst other household appliances.

Standing 18cm tall, 20cm in diameter and weighing in at 1.6kg, the Volcano Classic makes its presence known. The weight and stature of the Volcano make it incredibly stable on any surface. Just bear in mind that if you do decide to take your Volcano to a mate’s then you will require both hands!

Finally, the classic Volcano is referred to as such as it really does have that classic appeal. Rather than LCD readouts with touch button controls, the Volcano retains its analogue interface with dials and switches. Simple enough for anyone to understand how to use.

Storz & Bickel clearly never felt the need to bombard the consumer with high tech gadgets and fantastical design in respect of the Volcano; confident enough to let the performance do all the talking.


Vapor Quality

Using a fully convection heating system, the Volcano is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to vapor production. You will struggle to find another desktop vaporizer on today’s market that can match the flavour, power and purity of vapor that the Volcano achieves.

A key reason for the Volcano’s popularity can be attributed to the full convection heating system that it provides. The convection and forced air system virtually eliminate the risk of combustion; a feature quite hard to find amongst handheld vaporizers.

This factor has a significant positive impact on the vapor quality. Not only does it ensure thick, fragrant and flavoursome vapor, it also avoids any of the harmful bi-products that are produced when combustion occurs.

Furthermore, the vapor consistency and quality achieved by the Volcano is effortless. There is minimal fuss when setting up the unit. A combination of convection heating and bag system guarantee cool, plentiful vapor which requires no effort to draw.
The Volcano quite simply provides the most exceptional vapor quality which cannot be surpassed.


Another added bonus of the Volcano is the versatility that comes with the balloon system. The bag provides true customisation when it comes to vapor production. The user can decide on a full session where at least four balloons can be filled consecutively, or just one flavoursome hit and save the rest for later.

For those who prefer lighter or thinner vapor clouds, the highly effective temperature regulators allows for this. Starting at lower temperatures and working up will achieve the vapor consistency of the users choice.
Using the aromatherapy attachment you can even use the aromatherapy attachment to diffuse the essences of herbs into the air.

Balloon System

There are two options available with the method of inhalation for desktop vaporizers.

Whip vaporizing uses a long plastic or silicone tube connected directly to the top of the chamber. This is where the vapor comes from. The mouthpiece sits at the opposite end where you inhale. Tube lengths vary allowing mobility to the user.

Alternatively, the balloon system uses a polyester plastic tied on one end with a mouthpiece on the other. This is connected to an adapter to access the chamber. The plastic balloon is filled up with vapor through forced air convection. Once full, it can be removed from the adapter ready for vaping. Vapor can be stored for 10 minutes or so in the balloon bag (much longer and the vapor will lose potency due to the condensation build up).

The Volcano uses the latter. The advantages of using bags is predominantly the efficiency and convenience.

The balloon system ensures there’s no waste, since all the vapor goes directly into the bag. The valves don’t leak therefore no vapor escapes. The large heat exchanger and convection air stream deliver precisely measured, on-demand heat so your herbs only cook at the temperatures you want, when you want.

Inhaling from the balloon allows hits that feel effortless. In contrast to portable vaporizers, where the airflow is restricted and there is far more resistance, the balloon provides a more natural breathing experience.

The portability of the bag is another advantage. Even though the unit must remain plugged in, the bag itself can be carried around with the user or passed around in a group session.

Each full bag can provide at least 4 big hits, so minimal effort for maximum output.

Ease of Use

The Volcano’s analog temperature is straightforward and completely user friendly. Once the user finds the temperature that meets their needs they are able to set and forget.

The bag and valve system couldn’t be simpler. The oven sits right on top of the volcano, with a tube that clicks into the mouthpiece, so the bag fills facing straight up.

While the Volcano takes significantly longer to heat up than a portable vaporizer, once there it fills the balloons at lightning pace. Heating is anywhere between 3-6 minutes depending on the temperature set. However once ready it takes just 30 seconds to fill each balloon.

When filled, simply press the mouthpiece to the lips and inhale. Either fill the bag up all the way or as little as needed for smaller sessions. For smaller sessions use the stainless steel extract pad as a spacer or the dosing capsules provided.


Food-safe aluminium heating block
Advanced German Technology
High quality build and design
Full convection heating system – zero combustion
Custom built for herbs and extracts
Indispensable accessories
User friendly
Temperature flexibility

What’s in the Box

Volcano Classic Hot Air Generator
4 x Easy Valve Balloon with Mouthpiece
Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter
Filling Chamber
3 x Filling Chamber Clip
Cap Ring
Normal Screen Set (approx. 30 mm)
Drip Pad (approx. 28 x 4 mm)
Air Filter Set
Herb Mill (approx. 59 mm)
Cleaning Brush
Instructions for Use

Additional Information

Storz & Bickel are second to none in the industry with regards to product testing and certifications. All of their vaporizers use an aluminum heat exchanger and detailed studies have proven that the aluminum does not get released into the vapor.

The Volcano has electrical certifications (DIN EN ISO 60 335) and has been tested and certified in Munich, Germany by TÜV SÜD (the “Southern Technical Inspection Association”). Additionally, in Canada, the Volcano is certified as a medical device.

As the unit is entirely electromechanical, there are no electric circuits that can short or fry, making the Volcano Classic as safe and durable as you could possibly hope.


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