Senior Stoner

Already a multi-million dollar industry and set to supercede both alcohol and tobacco sales in the very near future, would it surprise you to hear that the over 50s are leading the way in the new found popularity in cannabis consumption?

In the US states, where recreational as well as medical use of marijuana is already legal, it is reported that the senior demographic are responsible for a huge chunk of the substantial revenue received from cannabis sales.

The change in cannabis legislation has brought with it a freedom of choice among seniors. The generation we are talking about were free to indulge and enjoy weed as young, carefree adults in the 60s before it was criminalised. The popularity of pot then was not dissimilar to this new wave we are seeing now and today’s seniors, unlike our parents grandparents, have a very real understanding of the fact that this plant can be enjoyed and will certainly not kill them. In addition to that, the fact that we no longer need to smoke cannabis is a very big plus to the seniors. Dry herb vaporizers mean that they can enjoy using cannabis whilst still avoiding the nasty health issues related to tar and nicotine. Sophisticated looking and stylish weed vaporizers are a big hit with the senior stoners!

Once legislation changed and weed became demonized, purchasing cannabis from the black market would not have been a consideration for most and life without cannabis probably wasn’t that big a deal. With the exclusion of marijuana alcohol became a more popular way to wind down and socialize but with that came health issues of its own.

Decriminalising dope couldn’t have come at a better time for the senior sector. With retirement comes an opportunity to indulge in the recreational activities you had little time for before and with age comes new challenges and health symptoms that are proving to be successfully treated by weed. Cannabis seems to be fulfilling a role for this generation. Senior citizens are happily treating their own symptoms and relaxing into their retirements. In turn, this self medicating is proving to ease a burden on the medical benefits provided by the state; helping to afford seniors prescriptions for treating anxiety and pain. Fascinatingly, a study has found fewer prescriptions are being received.

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