As someone who is not an avid smoker this was an experiment for me and the customer service and manner in which I was treated made the experience worth pursuing. A very professional company which understands the customer should be at the heart of any sales exchange. A company I would recommend.


Fantastic communication and advice. Fast delivery. Thank you.


Would highly recommend. I have just received my first CBD vape oil. I’m not one to smoke or smoke joints but I love to vape and heard about this from a friend. Apart from the fact it tastes amazing (I went for Grape Escape) and it gives me a lovely chilled feeling without any of the downsides, their customer service was second to none. Really good prices also. These guys seem like a really cool company and I would highly recommend to anyone! I am now a massive CBD oil convert! Will definitely be going back for more.


I received my vaporizer the next day and I am verry happy with the service 🙂
I definitely recommend..


Amazing service, Lots of info on how to use.
Highly recommend 👍