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Cannabis and marijuana products are more popular than ever before.   Consumers are now more interested in learning about the differences in CBD and THC in order to select the right products to suit them.  If you did not know already (CBD) Cannabidiol and THC Tetrahydrocannabinol are both compounds found in the Cannabis plant. The relationship of these compounds are very close but both affect the body differently.

The relationship of these compounds are so close that their chemical makeup is exactly the same; 2 Oxygen Atoms, 21 Carbon Atoms and 30 hydrogen atoms. So just by reading this it’s easy to see why most think  they affect the body in the same way but the fact is that the arrangement of a single atom makes all the difference.

THC over the years has been the most desired compound from the Cannabis plant in the UK, but then up until now the knowledge around CBD was not so widely available.  Studies have shown that with introduction of the all the different type of CBD products on the market this statistic may change

THC Tetrahydrocannabinol the dominant psychoactive compound found in Cannabis Marijuana is known to be consumed by inhaling, whether by smoking or by using a dry herb vaporizer it has mind altering properties.

The unique thing about CBD and THC is that both are comparable to the endocannabinoids in the human body which allows them to naturally interact with the brain and release neurotransmitters.

Legality of CBD and THC in the UK

CBD (Cannabidiol) is extracted from hemp and found in all sorts of products such as CBD vape oil, oils, extracts, drinks and much more.  This is perfectly legal to sell and to use in the UK.

Cannabis can now be prescribed by specialist doctors in the UK but is a controlled substance drug that sits on the Misuse of drugs act 1971 and falls under the class B category .  It’s slightly confusing as there are some exceptions to this in the makeup of the plant.

Cannabis is made up of 100 different Cannabinoids which are found in different areas of the plant, they can affect the body in different ways.  The two dominant Cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

THC is the Cannabinoid that is used by recreational users to get high by either inhaling or by eating edibles commonly.  THC is not legal in the UK

So here’s where it gets tricky. Most Cannabinoids fall under the  Misuse of drugs act 1971 but CBD is exempt, so now we are able to utilize the health properties of this compound with the introduction of CBD infused products.

Products such as Cannabis oil made up with CBD is legally sold as long as they contain less than 0.2 THC.  There are many potential health properties of CBD but this cannot be a selling factor as they are not licensed medically to be offered that way.

THC and CBD – Potential Medical benefits

Just to be clear, under no circumstances are we saying that CBD is a cure for any of these conditions I am about to list.  If you suffer with any of the following it’s best to consult a medical professional for advice on treatments.

As both THC and CBD are similar in their makeup so they provide relief for some of the same conditions- the real difference is that THC comes with the euphoric effects.

THC may be used to help provide relief of :

• Pain

• Muscle Contraction
• Lack of appetite
• Difficulty sleeping or insomnia

CBD  can be used to provide relief of:

• Anxiety
• Epilepsy Seizures
• Pain
• Depression
• Nausea
• Inflammation

Some studies show that the healing properties are at their best when both compounds are used at the same time. However may countries where both cannabinoids are legal prefer focus on CBD as THC has the psychoactive mind altering effects. The CBD compound is more the desired option as it is non-psychoactive.

Even though both will have great potential medical benefits there are some known side effects when abusing the THC cannabinoid.  These can include memory lost, increased heart rate, redden eyes and coordination problems. CBD on the other hand has no known side effects other than clash with another medication the user may be using.  When we look at this in more details it’s clear to see why CBD is exempt from the Misuse of drugs act 1971

How does THC and CBD Affect the body

Both compounds will bind to the CB2 receptor but they will interact with the CB1 receptors in totally different ways.

Research has show that CBD does not actually bond with the CB1 receptor directly and with it being present it can also affect how THC bonds with the CB1 receptor. On the other hand THC naturally bonds with the CB1 receptor due to its molecular structure.

Due to the bond thats formed with THC and the CB1 receptor the signals are sent to the brain, the  result is euphoria this is called know being “high”

We absorb this information without forgetting that THC is not legal in the UK but as discovered CBD in itself brings tremendous benefits.  If you choose to use THC whilst in the UK please take in consideration the law around this and respect the fact that not everyone will be comfortable with the knowledge that its been inhaled in their presence

So in simple terms THC reacts with the part of the brain responsible for things like concentration and decision making. The level of how it affects the brain depends on the person.

Conclusion with THC and CBD

So in closing neither THC or CBD is better than the other, they both have amazing potential health properties its purely to do with what your requirements are.

The good thing is that today both compounds can be used and consumed them without having to smoke. With CBD there are many products to choose from including Edibles and more applicable to KronicVapes is CBD Vape oil.

When speaking of THC you now have the option of using a dry herb vaporizer, which again is totally healthy method to enjoy the benefits of this awesome compound.

Thanks for reading.

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