The best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers UK

Using a vaporizer for your herbs is not only a healthier option, it will also save you money as the amount of herbs you consume will decrease and it will certainly enhance the user experience. These are facts well known to the vaping community.

Buying a dry herb vaporizer can be a daunting experience, there are many brands and models all coming in at at different price points. So you may find yourself thinking where shall I start, however through an extensive testing phase we have included in our store some of the very best cheap dry herb vaporizers available in the UK today.

Why should we take your advice?

What you can learn from us being an online vaporizer shop in the UK is that most people will aim to start with a good performing low priced model as an introduction to the vaping world.

One of our mission statements was to bring real quality dry herb vaporizers to the UK markets at all price points including models for those with a lower budge  we have tested many many models and can recommend quality vaporizers speaking from experience.

We have decided to make this daunting process an easy one and compiled a list of cheaper models that provide excellent value for money placing them in the following categories.

Best dry herb vaporizers under £50
Best vaporizer for dry herb & Wax under £50
Best dry herb vaporizers under £100

Are cheap dry herb vaporizers any good?

One of the more common questions asked when it comes to a search for good vaporizers on a low budget.  As with all things just because a model carries a cheap price does not mean it’s performance is poor or it’s designed badly, so the answer YES THEY ARE GOOD it just depends on the model you choose.

Some respectable manufactures aim to provide  quality or premium style models at a cheaper price point. Lucky for you we have done all the hard work and bring you the best models for the above categories

Best Cheap UK Dry Herb Vaporizers (Under £50)

Black Mamba Vaporizer

Black Mamba Vaporizer


Brought to you by Kingtons the Black Mamba vaporizer is a conduction style vaporizer bringing super quality at a very affordable price point. It has been one of the most popular selling budget vaporizers in the UK for a number of years now and it’s no surprise why.

Perfect for beginners, this model comes with 5 preset temperatures ranging from 180c- 220c. The range of presets gives you some flexibility to customise the taste and strength of your herbal consumption.

Build quality is excellent with a unique design that fits into the hand perfectly.  Complete with a ceramic chamber and a 1600mah battery you can enjoy 60 minutes quality vaping time. The mouthpiece is made of food grade glass and is externally covered in hard plastic matching the rest of the outer chamber.

Vapor produced due to the quality of the mouth piece is high and great for medicinal or for those who are looking for a real blast!

The Nereus Nova Dry herb vaporizer AKA Atman Starlight V2

Nereus nova dry herb vaporizer

The Nova dry herb vaporizer brought to you by Atman is conduction style vaporizer and is definitely up there as one of the best cheap UK dry herb vaporizers available . It’s certainly not as popular or well known as the Black Mamba but offers great value for the price range.

The design is not the most creative but it’s fitted with a ceramic chamber, heat resistant glass mouthpiece and a solid outer casing. Where it lacks creativity it certainly makes up for it with features included that are normally associated with more expensive models and offering a good vaping performance.

Functionality wise it includes precise temperature controls giving you full control of the strength and taste of your herbs which is rare for vapes in this price range. Also added is a handy haptic vibration feature which alerts you when your herbs are ready to be vaped.

Performance wise of the Nova is shockingly good. One can expect some big clouds produced when on higher temperatures and the quality of vapor produced is certainly on point as heats up the herbs evenly.

Atman Pretty Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer

Atman Pretty Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen

Created and manufactured by Atman the Pretty plus is a great choice for someone new to vaping or for those who like to have a session on the go. It’s a cheap and cheerful model that provides solid a performance for a price tag of under £50. Being fairly popular in the UK with its slick design and cool features the pretty plus certainly carries the banner as being one of the Best cheap dry herb vaporizers in the UK.

Design wise it’s beautifully crafted with a deep ceramic chamber and fitted with a Powerful high drain lithium battery. Size wise 14mm diameter x 153mm length which means it can slip into most inside pockets with ease and boosts a High Tech 360° heating structure chamber.

Under the bonnet Atman have included some handy features including a heat sensitive colour alert system – showing you the optimum time to vape.and automatic shut-off after two minutes of inactivity which provides added safety and maximises battery life..

Vaping performance again is shockingly good as it produces good quality sweet tasting vapor. The Pretty Plus vape pen is unrivalled for its price tag.

Black Widow Dry Herb vaporizer

black widow Vaporizer

The Black Widow is basically the cousin of the Black Mamba as it has also been designed and manufactured by Kingtons. Being extremely popular in the UK for beginner vapers it has earned the right to be considered one of the best cheap dry herb vaporizers available in the UK.

It has a very stylish design. Plus a sturdy build and carries 5 preset vaping temperatures which is the same as the Black Mamba 180c to 220c, giving you a decent level of customisation with your herbal intake. Fitted with a ceramic chamber and a 2200mah Lithium Battery it provides a massive 90 minutes vaping time!

Feature wise this model carries nothing overly spectacular but has a 5 minute cut off function to further preserve battery life and is supplied with stainless steel pods for vaping oils or waxes.

Vapor produced is powerful  but my only gripe is that they could have designed the mouthpiece better.

Best vaporizer for dry herb & Wax under £50

Flowermate Aura Vaporizer

FlowerMate Aura

If your looking specifically looking for a vaporizer to vape herbs & Wax not wanting to spend over £50 then you might want to take a look at the Flowermate Aura

Officially we would say the Flowermate Aura is one of the Best Vaporizers for dry herb & Wax under £50 hands and manufactured by Smiss who are renown to bring quality products to the vaping world at reasonable prices.

Stylish in the shape of a thick compact Pen the Aura is a conduction style model and provides a solid vaping experience weather it’s herbs concentrates or wax.

For the price tag Flowermate have put a lot of great tech into this model including ,7 Airflow Jets to ensure heat extraction efficiency, Improved Ceramic Chamber as well as precise temperature controls.

Best dry herb vaporizer under £100

Flowermate V5 Nano

Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer

When you think of the far more expensive dry herb vaporizer models such as the mighty or Crafty, picking a vaporizer for under a under a hundred pounds is still relatively cheap in the dry herb vaping world.

The flowermate V5 Nano is a conduction/Convection hybrid style model that offers outstanding value for money, arguably the best dry herb vaporizer under £100 period!

Having a totally discreet appearance it Resembles a power bank in shape and size with strong anodised casing. The glass mouthpiece can be placed in its compartment tucked away neatly when not in use or in transit.

Using a conduction/convection hybrid heating method the V5 Nano is a very powerful vaporizer. Measured against other models we have found this vaporizer to be as powerful as some of the lower end Desktop Vaporizers. Complete with Haptic feature vibration alerts the Nano offers an exceptional vaping experience partially due to a fully isolated air-path.


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